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Journal of Research Volume 71C

Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards, Section C: Engineering and Instrumentation

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 71C

ISSN: 0022-4316

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 1 January 1967

Dedication of the New NBS Laboratories, p. i

Symmetrical bending of thin circular elastic plates on equally spaced point supports, p. 1
Kirstein, A.F.; Woolley, R.M.

Ultrasonic measurement of cylinder expansion at pressures to 40 kilobars, p. 11
Heydemann, Peter L.; Houck, James C.

A comparison of absorbed dose determinations in graphite by cavity ionization measurements and by calorimetry, p. 19
Petree, Ben; Lamperti, Paul

Germanium resistance thermometry in the range 2.1 to 5.0 °K, p. 29
Edlow, M.H.; Plumb, H.H.

Least squares technique for the analysis of periodic temperatures of the earth's surface region, p. 43
Kusuda, Tamami

A new near-zone electric-field-strength meter, p. 51
Greene, Frank M.

Inductance and characteristic impedance of a strip-transmission line, p. 59
Brooke, R.L.; Hoer, C.A.; Love, C.H.

Tensor permeability measurements at L-band frequencies using a degenerate mode cavity, p. 69
Schmidt, L.B.; Harrington, R.D.; Case, W.E.

Issue 2 April 1967

An apparatus for measuring thermal expansion at elevated temperatures, p. 85
Rothrock, B.D.; Kirby, R.K.

Determination and smoothing of Fourier coefficients representing piecewise continuous functions, p. 93
Peavy, B.A.

A 2:1 ratio inductive voltage divider with less than 0.1 ppm error to 1 MHz, p. 101
Hoer, Cletus A.; Smith, Walter L.

A dual-load flow calorimeter for rf power measurement to 4 GHz, p. 111
Crawford, M.L.; Hudson, P.A.

Polymeric materials for dielectric reference specimens, p. 119
Scott, Arnold H.; Kinard, Joseph R.

The sensitivity of the Dicke radiometer, p. 127
Wait, David F.

Sensitivity of a correlation radiometer, p. 153
Faris, John J.

Issue 3 July 1967

Procedure for high precision density determinations by hydrostatic weighing, p. 179
Bowman, Horace A.; Schoonover, Randall M.

Study of the storage stability of the barium fluoride film electric hygrometer element, p. 199
Jones, Frank E.

Torsion creep of circular and noncircular tubes, p. 209
Mordfin, Leonard

Digitized low-frequency phasemeter assembled from logic modules, p. 227
McKinney, John E.

Issue 4 October 1967

Measurements of the thermal conductivity and electrical resistivity of platinum from 100 to 900 °C, p. 255
Flynn, D.R.; O'Hagan, M.E.

Thermal conductivity and electrical resistivity of Armco iron, p. 285
Watson, T.W.; Flynn, D.R.; Robinson, H.E.

Heat flow in a right circular cylinder with internal heat generation - applications to the determination of thermal conductivity, p. 293
Flynn, D.R.

Radiation-induced acoustic cavitation; apparatus and some results, p. 299
Greenspan, Martin; Tschiegg, Carl E.

Design of a new Kossel pattern generator, p. 313
Vieth, D.L.; Yakowitz, H.

The near-zone magnetic field of a small circular-loop antenna, p. 319
Greene, Frank M.

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