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Journal of Research Volume 71A

Journal of Research of NBS, Section A: Physics and Chemistry

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 71A

ISSN: 0022-4332

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6

Issue 1 January 1967

Electric fields produced in cubic crystals by point defects, p. 1
Franklin, A.D.; Sparks, D.J.

Heat capacity and thermodynamic properties of beryllium 1:3-aluminate, BeO ⋅ 3Al2O3, from 15 to 390 °K, p. 3
Furukawa, George T.; Saba, William G.

Dissociation constant of m-nitrophenol in 50 wt percent methanol-water solvent from 25 to 40 °C and related medium effects, p. 9
Steel, Barry J.; Robinson, R.A.; Bates, Roger G.

On the calculation of moments of molecular weight distribution from sedimentation equilibrium data, p. 13
Billick, Irwin H.; Schulz, Michael; Weiss, George H.

The far infrared spectrum of vulcanized natural rubber, p. 19
Stewart, James E.; Linnig, Frederic J.

Irradiation of dextran and its aqueous solutions with cobalt-60 gamma rays, p. 25
Flynn, Joseph H.; Wall, Leo A.; Morrow, William L.

Synthesis of poly-p-oxyperfluorobenzylene and related polymers. A novel synthesis of the monomer 2,3,5,6-tetrafluoro-4-trifluoromethylphenol, p. 33
Antonucci, Joseph M.; Wall, Leo A.

Preparation, purity, and homogeneity of NBS standard samples 705 and 706, polystyrene, p. 43
McIntyre, D.

Large-scale, preparative paper chromatography, p. 49
Frush, Harriet L.

Infrared absorption spectra of some aldofuranoid, aldopyranoid, and acyclic 1-acylamido derivatives of sugars, p. 53
Tipson, R.S.; Cerezo, Alberto S.; Deulofeu, Venancio; Cohen, Alex

Issue 2 March 1967

Relative enthalpy of beryllium 1:1-aluminate, BeO ⋅ Al2O3, from 273 to 1173 °K. Thermodynamic properties from 273 to 2150 °K, p. 89
Ditmars, David A.; Douglas, Thomas B.

Relative enthalpy of beryllium 1:3-aluminate, BeO ⋅ 3Al2O3, from 273 to 1173 °K. Thermodynamic properties from 273 to 2150 °K, p. 97
Ditmars, David A.; Douglas, Thomas B.

The heats of combustion of polytetrafluoroethylene (teflon) and graphite in elemental fluorine, p. 105
Domalski, E.S.; Armstrong, G.T.

Phase relations in the systems TiO2-IrO2 and SnO2-IrO2 in air, p. 119
McDaniel, C.L.; Schneider, S.J.

Sample purity and the N.Q.R. of Cl35 in KClO3 at 0° C, p. 125
Utton, D.B.

Techniques for the growth of large single crystals of potassium of high purity, p. 127
Foster, Howard J.; Meijer, Paul H.E.

Synthesis of α-L-fucose-l-14C (6-deoxy-L-galactose-l-14C), p. 133
Isbell, H.S.; Frush, H.L.; Holt, N.B.

Deuterium isotope effects in α - β pyranose and in pyranose-furanose interconversions, p. 137
Isbell, Horace S.; Wade, Clarence W.R.

Calculated transition strengths between the configurations 5d86s and 5d86p in AuIII, p. 149
Mendlowitz, H.

Hartree-Fock multiplet strengths for KI, CaII, and ScIII, p. 157
Weiss, A.W.

Oscillator strengths for the helium isoelectronic sequence, p. 163
Weiss, A.W.

Solvent effects on the ultraviolet absorption of polystyrene, p. 169
Story, V.M.; McIntyre, D.; O'Mara, J.H.

Issue 3 May 1967

Measured relative enthalpy of anhydrous crystalline aluminum trifluoride, AlF3, from 273 to 1173 °K and derived thermodynamic properties from 273 to 1600 °K, p. 185
Douglas, Thomas B.; Ditmars, David A.

The heat of formation of boron trifluoride by direct combination of the elements, p. 195
Domalski, Eugene S.; Armstrong, George T.

An equation of state for fluid parahydrogen from the triple-point to 100 °K at pressures to 350 atmospheres, p. 203
Goodwin, Robert D.

The dissociation constants of some disubstituted anilines and phenols in aqueous solution at 25 °C, p. 213
Robinson, R.A.

Third virial coefficient for air-water vapor mixtures, p. 219
Hyland, R.W.; Mason, E.A.

Recrystallization and melting of partially melted stark rubber, p. 225
Roberts, Donald E.

Effects of a distribution of volume relaxation times in the annealing of bsc glass, p. 231
Macedo, P.B.; Napolitano, A.

Issue 4 July 1967

Kinetics of crystallization in multicomponent systems: I. Binary mixtures of n-paraffins, p. 245
Lauritzen, John I.; Passaglia, Elio; DiMarzio, E.A.

Kinetics of crystallization in multicomponent systems. II. Chain-folded polymer crystals, p. 261
Lauritzen, John I.; Passaglia, Elio

Infrared absorption spectra of 2-oxo-1,3-bis-(phenylhydrazono) derivatives and related bis- and tris-phenylhydrazones, p. 277
Fatiadi, Alexander J.

Dielectric constant of n-hexane as a function of temperature, pressure, and density, p. 287
Mopsik, Frederick I.

Heat capacities and related thermal data for diethyl phthalate crystal, glass, and liquid to 360 °K, p. 293
Chang, S.S.; Horman, J.A.; Bestul, A.B.

Heats of formation of aluminum diboride and α-aluminum dodecaboride, p. 307
Domalski, Eugene S.; Armstrong, George T.

Effect of environment upon the melting point of Al2O3, p. 317
Schneider, S.J.; McDaniel, C.L.

Issue 5 September 1967

Zeeman effect in positronium annihilation at low temperatures, p. 347
Sauder, William C.; Deslattes, Richard D.

Surface-layer relaxation in the dielectric spectrum of CaF2 doped with GdF3, p. 355
Franklin, A.D.; Marzullo, S.; Wachtman, J.B.

Thermal expansion of rutile from 100 to 700 °K, p. 363
Kirby, Richard K.

Mass spectrometric study of photoionization. VII. Nitrogen dioxide and nitrous oxide, p. 371
Dibeler, Vernon H.; Walker, James A.; Liston, Susan K.

Ionization constants of substituted benzoic acids in ethanol-water, p. 379
Brauer, G.M.; Durany, George; Argentar, Harold

Dissociation constants of some substituted nitrophenols in aqueous solution at 25 °C, p. 385
Robinson, R.A.

Issue 6 November 1967

The second spectrum of ytterbium (Yb II), p. 396
Meggers, William F.

An improved description of technetium spectra (Tc I and Tc II), 2000 to 9000 Å , p. 547
Bozman, W.R.; Meggers, W.F.; Corliss, C.H.

Lifetimes of energy levels in neutral iron, p. 567
Corliss, C.H.; Tech, J.L.

Transition probabilities in argon I, p. 575
Corliss, C.H.; Shumaker, J.B.

The fifth spectrum of praseodymium, p. 583
Kaufman, Victor; Sugar, Jack

Fundamental energy levels of neutral promethium (Pm I), p. 587
Reader, Joseph; Davis, Sumner P.

William Frederick Meggers, A tribute, p. II
Kessler, Karl G.

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