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Journal of Research Volume 70A

Journal of Research of NBS, Section A: Physics and Chemistry

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 70A

ISSN: 0022-4332

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6

Issue 1 January 1966

Optical and magnetic spectra of bis-n-propylsalicylaldiminato copper (II), p. 1
Reimann, Curt W.; Kokoszka, Gerald F.; Allen, Harry C.

Phase equilibria in the system niobium pentoxide-germanium dioxide, p. 5
Levin, Ernest M.

Phase equilibria in the system niobium pentoxide - boric acid, p. 11
Levin, Ernest M.

The solution to a nonlinear Lamm nist-equation in the Faxén approximation, p. 17
Billick, Irwin H.; Weiss, George H.

A line formula notation system for coordination compounds: III. Deviations from idealized configurations, p. 23
Silverton, E.; Pasternack, R.F.

The spherulitic crystallization of isotactic polypropylene from solution: On the evolution of monoclinic spherulites from dendritic chain-folded crystal precursors, p. 29
Khoury, F.

Wavelengths, intensities, and Zeeman patterns in ytterbium spectra (Yb I, II, III, IV), p. 63
Meggers, William F.; Corliss, Charles H.

Issue 2 March 1966

The mechanism of the depolymerization of polytetrafluoroethylene with pyrolytic and radiolytic initiation, p. 115
Florin, Roland E.; Parker, Midgett S.; Wall, Leo A.

Effect of some halogenated hydrocarbons on the flame speed of methane, p. 133
Halpern, Carl

Rupture-disk ampoule for anhydrous addition of hydrogen fluoride, p. 143
Glasgow, Augustus R.

Further studies in the annealing of a borosilicate glass, p. 147
Spinner, Sam; Napolitano, Albert

Infrared spectra of the hydrated borates, p. 153
Weir, C.E.

Interpretation of the solution absorption spectra of the (PuO2)++ and (NpO2)+ ions, p. 165
Eisenstein, J.C.; Pryce, M.H.L.

Vapor pressure and heat of sublimation of rhenium, p. 175
Plante, E.R.; Szwarc, R.

Steady-state response of silicon radiation detectors of the diffused p-n junction type to x rays. II. Photodiode mode of operation, p. 181
Scharf, Karl; Sparrow, Julian H.

Absolute isotopic abundance ratios and the atomic weight of a reference sample of chromium, p. 193
Shields, William R.; Murphy, Thomas J.; Catanzaro, Edward J.; Garner, Ernest L.

Issue 3 May 1966

Thermal relaxation and brillouin scattering in liquids, p. 207
Mountain, Raymond D.

Density of polyethylene crystals grown from solution, p. 221
Martin, Gordon M.; Passaglia, Elio

Mechanical relaxation in polyethylene crystallized with various degrees of lamellar orientation, p. 225
Crissman, John M.; Passaglia, Elio

Pentafluorophenyl alkyl and vinyl ethers, p. 233
Pummer, Walter J.; Wall, Leo A.

Calibration of germanium resistors at low temperatures (2-20 °Kelvin), p. 243
Cataland, G.; Plumb, H.H.

Dissociation pressure of aluminum carbide using a rotating Knudsen cell, p. 253
Plante, E.R.; Schreyer, C.H.

Determination of intermolecular potential functions from macroscopic measurements, p. 259
Klein, Max

Issue 4 July 1966

Elastic constants of synthetic single crystal corundum, p. 277
Tefft, Wayne E.

Phase equilibria as related to crystal structure in the system niobium pentoxide-tungsten trioxide, p. 281
Roth, R.S.; Waring, J.L.

Properties of aqueous mixtures of pure salts. Thermodynamics of the ternary system: Water-calcium chloride-magnesium chloride at 25 °C, p. 305
Robinson, R.A.; Bower, V.E.

Properties of aqueous mixtures of pure salts. Thermodynamics of the ternary system: Water-sodium chloride-calcium chloride at 25 °C, p. 313
Robinson, R.A.; Bower, V.E.

Use of the consistency check in the vector verification method, p. 319
Mighell, Alan D.; Jacobson, R.A.

Self-reversal in the spectral lines of uranium, p. 323
Laun, Donald D.

Oscillator strengths for ultraviolet lines of Fe I, p. 325
Corliss, Charles H.; Warner, Brian

Issue 5 September 1966

Orientation of calcium molybdate (CaMoO4) and other single crystals having the scheelite structure, p. 379
Farabaugh, E.N.; Peiser, H.S.; Wachtman, J.B.

Crystal structure of BaGe [Ge3 O9] and its relation to benitoite, p. 385
Robbins, C.; Perloff, A.; Block, S.

A rotating cylinder method for measuring normal spectral emittance of ceramic oxide specimens from 1200 to 1600 °K, p. 393
Clark, Howard E.; Moore, Dwight G.

Electron absorption spectrum of cobalt (II)-doped trisphenanthrolinezinc nitrate dihydrate, p. 417
Reimann, Curt W.

Procedures for homogeneous anionic polymerization, p. 421
Fetters, Lewis J.

The configurations 4dn + 4dn-1 5s in doubly-ionized atoms of the palladium group, p. 435
Shadmi, Yehuda

Issue 6 November 1966

Absolute isotopic abundance ratios and atomic weight of magnesium, p. 453
Catanzaro, Edward J.; Murphy, Thomas J.; Garner, Ernest L.; Shields, William R.

Mass spectrometric study of photoionization. V. Water and ammonia, p. 459
Dibeler, Vernon H.; Walker, James A.; Rosenstock, Henry M.

Interpretation of the third spectrum of gold (Au III), p. 465
Iglesias, Laura

A formal solution for slit corrections in small-angle x-ray scattering, p. 467
Mazur, Jacob; Wims, Andrew M.

High-temperature reactions of hexafluorobenzene, p. 473
Antonucci, Joseph M.; Wall, Leo A.

The melting temperatures of the n-paraffins and the convergence temperature for polyethylene, p. 481
Broadhurst, Martin G.

General treatment of the thermogravimetry of polymers, p. 487
Flynn, Joseph H.; Wall, Leo A.

Viscoelastic behavior under large deformations, p. 525
Zapas, Louis J.

Statistical aspects of second and third law heats, p. 533
Horton, William S.

Density-temperature formulae for coexisting liquid and vapor and for freezing liquid parahydrogen, p. 541
Goodwin, Robert D.

Solubility of CaHPO4 · 2H2O and formation of ion pairs in the system Ca(OH)2 - H3PO4 - H2O at 37.5 °C, p. 545
Moreno, Edgard C.; Gregory, Thomas M.; Brown, Walter E.

Dissociation of some substituted phenols in 50-percent aqueous methanol as solvent, p. 553
Robinson, R.A.; Bates, Roger G.

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