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Journal of Research Volume 7

Bureau of Standards Journal of Research

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 7

ISSN: 0091-1801

Issue 1

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Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6

Issue 1 July 1931

Corrections (Volume 7), p. ii

Soil-corrosion studies, 1930 - Rates of corrosion and pitting of bare ferrous specimens, p. 1
Logan, KH; Grodsky, V.A.

Automatic volume control for aircraft radio receivers, p. 37
Hinman, W.S.

Appanent and partial molal heat capacities in aqueous solutions of 19 uni-univalent strong electrolytes, p. 47
Rossini, F.D.

Measurement of Lenard rays, p. 57
Taylor, L.S.

A new test for predicting the durability of varnishes - (The photochemical embrittling test), p. 73
Wilson, J.H.

Interpolation of the O.S.A. "excitation" data by the fifth-difference osculatory formula, p. 85
Judd, D.B.

Experiments on the metering of large volumes of air, p. 93
Bean, H.S.; Benesh, M.E.; Buckingham, E.

A course indicator of pointer type for the visual radio range-beacon system, p. 147
Dunmore, F.W.

The visible and ultraviolet absorption spectra of carotin and xanthophyll and the changes accompanying oxidation, p. 171
McNicholas, H.J

Theory of design and calibration of vibrating-reed indicators for radio range beacons, p. 195
Davies, G.L.

Issue 2 August 1931

A new apparatus for preparing RaB+C sources, p. 215
Curtiss, L.F.

The photographic emulsion: After-ripening, p. 219
Carroll, B.H.; Hubbard, D.

A simultaneous radiotelephone and visual range beacon for the airways, p. 261
Kear, F.G.; Wintermute, G.H.

Design of standards of inductance, and the proposed use of model reactors in the design of air-core iron-core reactors, p. 289
Brooks, H.B.

The heat of formation of water and the heats of combustion of methane and carbon monoxide. A correction, p. 329
Rossini, F.D.

Elastic problem of a wire-wound cylinder, p. 331
Snow, C.

The restoration of solarized ultra-violet transmitting glasses by heat treatment, p. 357
Tool, A.Q.; Stair, R

The determination of oxygen and nitrogen in irons and steels by the vacuum fusion method, p. 375
Vacher, H.C.; Jordan, L.

Some electrical properties of foreign and domestic micas and the effect of elevated temperatures on micas, p. 403
Lewis, A.B.; Hall, E.L.; Caldwell, F.R.

Issue 3 September 1931

The resistance to wear of carbon steel, p. 419
Rosenberg, S.J.

Permanence studies of current commercial book papers, p. 429
Burton, J.O.

Thermomagnetic investigation of tempering of quenched 0.75 per cent carbon steel, p. 441
Ellinger, G.A.

Hyperfine structures in the first spectra of krypton and xenon, p. 453
Humphreys, C.J.

Accelerated aging test for paper, p. 465
Rasch, R.H.

Cryoscopic constant,heat of fusion, and heat capacity of camphor, p. 477
Frandsen, M.

The passage of gas through the walls of pyrometer protection tubes at high temperature, p. 485
Roeser, W.F.

An experimental study of several methods of representing photographic sensitivity, p. 495
Davis, R; Neeland, G.K.

Some experimental studies of the vibrations of quartz plates, p. 519
Wright, R.B.; Stuart, D.M.

Aqueous solutions of ethylene glycol, glycerin and sodium silicate as quenching media for steels, p. 555
Hamill, T.E.

Opitcal rotation and atomic dimension - Halogeno-tetra-acetyl-derivatives of mannose. Their configurational peculiarities, p. 573
Brauns, D.H.

Soil-corrosion studies - Nonferrous metals and alloys, metallic coatings and specially prepared ferrous pipes removed in 1930, p. 585
Logan, K.H.

Isolation and determination of the cyclohexane in a midcontinent petroleum, p. 607
Bruun, J.H.; Hicks-Brunn, M.M.

Issue 4 October 1931

Relation between the twist and certain properties of rayon yarns, p. 617
Hamm, H.A.; Cleveland, R.S.

The hydrolysis of chestnut and quebracho tanned leathers by sulphuric acid, p. 621
Wallace, E.L.

Correlation of certain soil characteristics with pipe-line corrosion, p. 631
Denison, I.A.

Further description and analysis of the first spectrum of krypton, p. 643
Meggers, W.F.; deBruin, T.L.; Humphreys, C.J.

A correlated color temperature for illuminants, p. 659
Davis, R.

Quartz plate mountings and temperature control for piezo oscillators, p. 683
Heaton, V.E.; Lapham, E.G.

An improved audio-frequency generator, p. 691
Lapham, E.G.

The porosity of electroplated chromium coatings, p. 697
Blum, W.; Barrows, W.P.; Brenner, A.

The use of saturated ammonium chloride in the elimination of contact potentials, p. 713
Murray, C.N.; Acree, S.F.

A balanced thermocouple and filter method of ultra-violet radiometry, with practical applications, p. 723
Coblentz, W.W.; Stair, R; Hogue, J.M.

Radiation from probe surfaces bombarded by electrons, p. 751
Mohler, F.L.; Boeckner, C.

Issue 5 November 1931

Highly purified wood fibers as paper-making material, p. 765
Rasch, RH; Shaw, M.B.; Bicking, G.W.

Preliminary note on an automatic recorder giving a continuous height record of the Kennelly-Heaviside layer, p. 783
Gilliland, T.R.; Kenrick, G.W.

The relative spectral energy distributed and correlated color temperature of the NPL white-light standard, p. 791
Davis, R; Gibson, K.S.

Isolation and determination of methylcyclopentane in a midcontinent petroleum, p. 799
Hicks-Bruun, M.M.; Bruun, J.H.

The photographic emulsion; the silver ion-gelatin equilibrium, p. 811
Carroll, B.H.; Hubbard, D.

A general formula for the computation of colorimetric purity, p. 827
Judd, D.B.

Variation of photographic sensitivity with different light sources, p. 843
Davis, R; Neeland, G.K.

Laboratory rectifying stills of glass, p. 851
Bruun, J.H.; Schicktanz, S.T.

The use of zinc oxide in determinations of cobalt and manganese, p. 883
Hoffman, J.I.

The decomposition of tricalcium silicate in the temperature range, 1,000 degrees-1,300 degrees C, p. 893
Carlson, E.T.

The determination of the coefficient of cubical expansion of solid benzoic acid by means of a gas-filled dilatometer, p. 903
Smith, E.R.

Isolation of normal nonane from a midcontinent petroleum, p. 907
White, J.D.; Rose, Jr., F.W.

The analysis of cyanide silver-plating solutions, p. 913
Wick, R.M.

Silvering and evacuting Pyrex Dewar flasks, p. 935
Scott, R.B.; Cook, J.W.; Brickwedde, F.G.

The relation of torque to tension for thread-locking devices, p. 945
Whittemore, H.L.; Nusbaum, G.W.; Seaquist, E.O.

Issue 6 December 1931

The life of the sagger as affected by varying certain properties, p. 1017
Heindl, R.A.; Mong, L.E.

Thermal expansion of heat resisting alloys: Nickel-Chromium, iron-chromium, and nickel-chromium-iron alloys, p. 1031
Hidnert, P.

The physical properties of cast stone, p. 1067
Tucker, J.; Walker, G.W.; Swenson, J.A.

Investigations of Kennelly-Heaviside layer heights for frequencies between 1,600 and 8,650 kilocycles per sound, p. 1083
Gilliland, T.R.; Kenrick, G.W.; Norton, KA

Determination of insoluble matter in shellac, p. 1105
Hartman, C.C.

Derivatives of 4-glucosido-mannose, p. 1115
Isbell, H.S.

Thermal expansion of gasolines from 0 degrees to 30 degrees C, p. 1133
Cragoe, C.S.; Hill, E.E.

Tests of integral and surface waterproofings for concrete, p. 1147
Jumper, C.H.

The effect of pH on the photochemical decomposition of silk, p. 1179
Harris, M.; Jessup, D.A.

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