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Journal of Research Volume 69D

Journal of Research of National Bureau of Standards, Section D: Radio Science

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 69D

ISSN: 0502-2568

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Issue 1 January 1965

Corrections, p. ii

Menzel, Donald H. (editor); Smith, Ernest K., Jr. (editor)

Some problems of ionospheric nonlinearities, p. 1
Menzel, Donald H.

Some nonlinear phenomena in the ionosphere, p. 9
Bailey, V. A.

An experimental study of gyro interaction in the ionosphere, at oblique incidence, p. 25
Hibberd, F.H.

On some nonlinear phenomena in the ionospheric plasma, p. 33
Caldirola, P.; De Barbieri, O.

Ionospheric cross modulation - a microscopic theory, p. 59
Layzer, D.; Menzel, D.H.; Hughes, C.J.

VLF noise bands observed by the alouette I satellite, p. 69
Belrose, J.S; Barrington, R.E.

Excitation of optical radiation by high power density radio beams, p. 77
Megill, L.R.

Alteration of electron density of lower ionosphere with ground-based transmitters, p. 83
Lombardini, P.P.

Collision effects in hydromagneto-ionic theory, p. 95
Sen, H.K.; Wyller, A.A.

Electromagnetic wave reflection from an oscillating, collision-free magneto-ionic medium, p. 111
Rydbeck, O.E.H.

An invited abstract - Nonlinear propagation of electromagnetic waves in magnetoplasmas, II, p. 139
Sodha, M.S.; Palumbo, C.J.

Issue 2 February 1965

Preface to "Waves in Plasma" Papers, Preface
Wait, James R. (editor)

Electromagnetic wave penetration of reentry plasma sheaths, p. 147
Bachynski, M.P.

On the use of refractive index diagrams for source-excited anisotropic regions, p. 155
Felsen, L.B.

Surface waves along a perfectly conducting plane covered with semi-infinite magneto-plasma, p. 171
Adachi, S.; Mushiake, Y.

On the point of emergence of a microwave beam entering a linearly graded plasma, p. 177
Cullen, A.L.

Self and mutual admittances of waveguides radiating into plasma layers, p. 179
Galejs, J.

Effect of electron collisions on formulas of magneto-ionic theory, p. 191
Budden, K.G.

Momentum transfer collisions in oxygen for thermal electrons, p. 213
Mentzoni, M.H.

Experimental studies of perturbations in ionospheric plasma, p. 219
Heisler, L.H.

Electromagnetic scattering by gyrotropic cylinders with axial magnetic fields, p. 227
Lee, W.C.Y.; Peters, L.; Walter, C.H.

Radar cross sections of plasma bodies at the plasma frequency, p. 231
Peters, L.

Electroacoustic waves excited by a space vehicle in ionized atmosphere and its effect on radar return, p. 235
Chen, K.M.

Discussion on basic equations with source terms in compressive and incompressive plasmas, p. 243
Chen, K.M.

Scattering of electromagnetic and electroacoustic waves by a cylindrical object in a compressible plasma, p. 247
Wait, J.R.

Multiphase periodic very-low-frequency emissions, p. 257
Brice, N.

Radio studies of the high-latitude ionosphere during solar eclipse of 20 July 1963, p. 267
Hunsucker, R.D.

VLF and LF fields propagating near and into a rough sea, p. 273
Lerner, R.M.; Max, J.

Insulated and loaded loop antenna immersed in a conducting medium, p. 287
Williams, R.H.

Capacitance of biconical antennas in magneto-ionic media; elliptic cone capacitance, p. 291
Pyati, V.P.; Weil, H.

Calculations of the bistatic scattering cross section of a sphere with an impedance boundary condition, p. 299
Wait, J.R.; Jackson, C.M.

Concept of differential reflectivity as applied to the reflection of beam-limited radiation by a convex body, p. 317
Erteza, A.; Doran, J.A.D.; Lenhert, H.

Issue 3 March 1965

Preface to Second Group of "Waves in Plasma" Papers, Preface

Propagation in nonuniform gyrotropic media, p. 333
Gross, S.H.; Felsen, L.B.

Geometrical optics for gyrotropic bodies, p. 349
Lee, W.C.Y.; Peters, L.; Walter, C.H.

Attenuation of hydromagnetic waves in the ionosphere, p. 361
Akasofu, S.-I.

Self distortion of radio signals in d region, p. 367
Megill, L.R.

Atmospheric gravity waves: a new toy for the wave theorist, p. 375
Hines, C.O.

Electromagnetic fluctuations in an equilibrium plasma, p. 381
Burgess, R.E.

Hydromagnetic wave in an inhomogeneous cylindrical plasma, p. 389
McLane, C.K.; Tsukishima, T.

Angular dependence of the refractive index in the ionosphere, p. 395
Deschamps, G.A.

Electrodynamics of moving anisotropic media: The first-order theory, p. 401
Tai, C.T.

Study of the phenomenon of whistler echoes, p. 407
Laaspere, T.; Johnson, W.C.; Walkup, J.F.

Multiple-frequency investigations of radio wave absorption during the dawn-breakup phase of auroras, p. 415
Parthasarathy R.; Berkey, F.T.

Sferic excitation of a two-layer conducting medium, p. 423
Kraichman, M.B.

Currents, charges, and near fields of cylindrical antennas, p. 429
King, R.W.P.; Wu, T.T.

A note on the radiation conductance of an axial slot on a cylinder, p. 447
Knop, C.M.; Swift, C.T.

Analytical formulas for radio paths in spherically stratified ionospheres, p. 453
Woyk, E.

Issue 4 April 1965

Preface to the Third Group of "Waves in Plasma" Papers, Preface
Wait, James R. (editor)

Dispersion of waves in a cold magnetoplasma from hydromagnetic to whistler frequencies, p. 463
Booker, H.G.; Dyce, R.B.

Study on the guiding mechanism of whistler radio waves, p. 493
Adachi, S.

Electromagnetic waves along an infinitely long and thin conducting wire in a magneto-ionic medium, p. 503
Mushiake, Y.

Use of the phase-integral method to determine the reflection properties of a stratified ionosphere, p. 511
Altman, C.

E-mode propagation in a plane-stratified plasma, p. 521
Hirsch, P.; Shmoys, J.

Radiation from an infinite axial slot on a circular cylinder clad with magnetoplasma, p. 529
De Marchin, P.; Tyras, G.

Index of refraction surfaces for plasma waves, p. 539
Yeh, T.; Cohen, M.H.

Impedance of a short dipole in a compressible plasma, p. 559
Balmain, K.G.

Waves circulating around a rigid cylindrical obstacle in a compressible plasma, p. 567
Wait, J.R.

Wave propagation in a two component warm plasma, p. 579
Seshadri, S.R.

Harmonic currents excited by an electromagnetic wave in a plasma, p. 599
Wetzel, L.; Tang, T.W.

Excitation of acoustic waves in plasmas, p. 609
Saxton, W.A.

Wave interaction in oxygen magnetoplasmas, p. 617
Rao, K.V.N.

Test of the constancy of the velocity of electromagnetic radiation in high vacuum, p. 623
Beckmann, P.; Mandics, P.

Signal degeneration in laser beams propagated through a turbulent atmosphere, p. 629
Beckmann, P.

High frequency backscatter from the earth measured at 1000 km altitude, p. 641
Chia, R.C.; Fung, A.K.; Moore, R.K.

Observation of NPG VLF transmissions at tracy california during path equinox, p. 651
Carpenter, G.B.; Whitson, A.L.

Small magnetic toroid antenna imbedded in a highly conducting half space, p. 659
Swain, G.R.

Issue 5 May 1965

Preface to the Fourth Group of "Waves in Plasma" Papers, Preface
Wait, James R. (editor)

On electromagnetic radiation from a magnetic dipole with arbitrary orientation embedded in a lossless magneto-ionic medium, p. 671
Motz, H.

A systematic study of the radiation patterns of a dipole in a magnetoplasma based on a classification of the associated dispersion surfaces, p. 681
Mittra, R.; Duff, G.L.

Propagation of vertically polarized electromagnetic waves in a horizontally stratified magnetoplasma, p. 693
Burman, R.; Gould, R.N.

A note concerning the reflection of waves in inhomogeneous layers with asymmetric profiles, p. 701
Burman, R.

On the terrestrial propagation of ELF and VLF waves in the presence of a radial magnetic field, p. 705
Galejs, J.

Electron density profiles in cylindrical plasmas from microwave refraction data, p. 721
Anicin, B.A.

A study of the waves supported by a warm plasma slab, p. 729
Caron, P.R.

Transmission and reflection of electromagnetic waves by a hot plasma, p. 735
Taylor, E.C.

Radiation from electrons in magnetoplasma, p. 741
Liemohn, H.B.

Radiation from a uniformly moving charge in an anisotropic 2 component plasma, p. 767
Seshadri, Sr; Tuan, Hs

Issue 6 June 1965

Preface to the Fifth Group of "Waves in Plasma" Papers, Preface
Wait, James R. (editor)

Cyclotron harmonic waves in warm plasmas, p. 789
Crawford, F.W.

Propagation of waves across a magnetoplasma-vacuum boundary, p. 807
Gallawa, R.L.

Phase velocities and attenuation distances in the ionosphere, p. 819
Croley, D.R.; Tanenbaum, B.S.

Ionospheric effects of electrostatic fields generated in the outer magnetosphere, p. 827
Reid, G.C.

An experimental study of plasma sheath effects on antennas, p. 839
Tyras, G.; Bargeliotes, P.C.; Hamm, J.M.; Schell, R.R.

An approach to improve re-entry communications by suitable orientations of antenna and static magnetic field, p. 851
Samaddar, S.N.

Concerning the mechanism of reflection of electromagnetic waves from an inhomogeneous lossy plasma, p. 865
Wait, J.R.

Angels in focus, p. 871
Atlas, D.

An investigation of clear air stratification with radar and elevated instruments, p. 877
Hay, D.R.; Naito, K.

On inferring the refractive-index structure of the troposphere from electromagnetic scattering experiments, p. 881
Smith, P.L.

The biexponential nature of tropospheric gaseous absorption of radio waves, p. 885
Dutton, E.J.; Bean, B.R.

Complete scattering parameters of polydispersed hydrometeors in lambda0.1 to lambda10 cm range, p. 893
Deirmendjian, D.

Selected abstracts in radio science, p. 899
Wait, J.R.

Issue 7 July 1965

Sir Edward Appleton G.B.E., K.C.B., F.R.S., 1892-1965, Editor's Note

International comparison of atomic frequency standards via VLF radio signals, p. 905
Morgan, A.H.; Crow, E.L.; Blair, B.E.

Control of WWV and WWVH standard frequency broadcasts by VLF and LF signals, p. 915
Blair, B.E.; Morgan, A.H.

Measurements of the total electron content and the equivalent slab thickness of the midlatitude ionosphere, p. 929
Bhonsle, R.V.; da Rosa, A.V.; Garriott, O.K.

D-region absorption at 10 and15 mc/s during the total solar eclipse of July 20, 1963, p. 939
Lerfald, G.M.; Hargreaves, J.K.; Watts, J.M.

Effect of the eclipse of 20 July 1963 on VLF signals propagating over short paths, p. 947
Crary, J.H.; Schneible, D.E.

A comparison of radar auroral reflection data with acoustic wave theory, p. 959
Leadabrand, R.L.

Electromagnetic properties of a plasma covered antenna, p. 965
Jacavanco, D.J.

Influence of an inhomogeneous ground on the propagation of VLF radio waves in the earth-ionosphere waveguide, p. 969
Wait, J.R.

Aspects of the terrestrial ELF noise spectrum when near the source or its antipode, p. 977
Abraham, L.G.

Analysis of linear arrays focused in the Fresnel region, p. 989
Lombardini, P.P.; Doviak, R.; Goldhirsh, J.

Theory of coil antennas, p. 997
Padhi, T.

Small prolate spheroidal antenna in a dissipative medium, p. 1003
Williams, R.H.; Kelly, R.D.; Cowan, W.T.

Calculated curves for groundwave propagation over inhomogeneous earth with pronounced topographical features, p. 1011
Furutsu, K.

Issue 8 August 1965

Preface, p. i
Campbell, Wallace H. (editor); Matsushita, Sadami (editor)

Solar wind and its interaction with the magnetosphere, p. 1033
Sonett, C.P.

Schumann resonances, p. 1043
Galejs, J.

Earth-ionosphere cavity resonances and the propagation of ELF radio waves, p. 1057
Wait, J.R.

Resonances of the earth-ionosphere cavity observed at Cambridge, England, p. 1071
Rycroft, M.J.

Experimental results on the dynamics of the F region, p. 1083
Becker, W.; Ruster, R.; Klostermeyer, J.

Regular oscillations near 1 c/s observed at middle and low latitudes, p. 1089
Tepley, L.

Preliminary results of a micropulsation experiment at conjugate points, p. 1107
Gendrin, R.E.; Troitskaya, V.A.

Some characteristics of geomagnetic pulsations at frequencies near 1 c/s, p. 1117
Campbell, W.H.; Stiltner, E.C.

Propagation of hydromagnetic waves in magnetosphere, p. 1133
Sugiura, M.

Ionospheric perturbation (The roles played by the ionosphere in geomagnetic pulsations), p. 1149
Matsushita, S.

Effects of induced earth currents on low-frequency electromagnetic oscillations, p. 1161
Price, A.T.

Equatorial effects, p. 1169
Hutton, R.

Interpretation of early magnetic transients caused by high-altitude nuclear detonations, p. 1179
Kahalas, S.L.; Newman, P.

Abstracts of ULF Conference Papers Not Published in This Issue, p. 1185

A note on the application of pulse compression techniques to ionospheric sounding, p. 1191
Coll, D.C.; Storey, J.R.

Comments on a paper measurement of the phase velocity of VLF propagation in the earth ionosphere waveguide by F. K. Steele and C. J. Chilton, p. 1195
Bates, H.F.; Steele, F.K.; Chilton, C.J.

Reply to H.F. Bates', Comments, p. 1196
Steele, F.K.; Chilton, C.J.

Selected Abstracts in Radio Science, p. 1197

Issue 9 September 1965

Ground-based passive probing using the microwave spectrum of oxygen, p. 1201
Westwater, E.R.

Response of NBS microwave refractometer cavities to atmospheric variations, p. 1213
Gilmer, R.O.; McGavin, R.E.; Bean, B.R.

Effects of rocket outgassing on rf experiments, p. 1219
Pfister, W.; Ulwick, J.C.

Further analysis of propagation of plasma waves in a spoke-wheel magnetic field, p. 1227
Gold, R.R.

Measurement of group velocity of 17.8-kc/s VLF radio waves, p. 1235
Westfall, W.D.

On the radio noise level at low and very low frequencies in polar regions, p. 1239
Jorgensen, T.S.

Experimental study on the circular loop antenna immersed shallowly in a conducting medium, p. 1243
Iizuka, K.

Directivity of uniformly spaced optimum endfire arrays with equal sidelobes, p. 1249
Ma, M.T.

Extension of fock theory for currents in the penumbra region, p. 1257
Weston, V.H.

Isometric-circle interpretation of bilinear transformation and its application to VSWR minimization, p. 1271
Rudolph, J.G.; Cheng, D.K.

Magneto-ionic propagation in homogeneous media. Part I. Transverse propagation, p. 1285
Banerjea, B.K.

Magneto-ionic propagation in inhomogeneous media. Part II. Oblique propagation, p. 1297
Banerjea, B.K.

Editorial Comment on the Scientific Papers of Lord Rayleigh (John William Strutt), p. 1307

Issue 10 October 1965

Irreversible power and radiation resistance of antennas in anisotropic ionized gases, p. 1313
Lee, K.S.H.; Papas, C.H.

Scattering resonances of a cylindrical plasma, p. 1321
Leavens, W.M.

Radiation patterns from plasma enclosed cylindrical hypersonic vehicles, p. 1335
Harris, J.H.; Villeneuve, A.T.; Broca, L.A.

The Schumann resonances, p. 1345
Cole, R.K.

Atmospheric radio noise bursts in the LF band at Bangalore, p. 1351
Aiya, S.V.C.; Lakshminarayan, K.N.

Influence of finite ground conductivity on the propagation of VLF radio waves, p. 1359
Wait, J.R.; Spies, K.P.

Model experiments of propagation of groundwaves across an abrupt boundary at perpendicular incidence, p. 1375
King, R.J.; Maley, S.W.

Issue 11 November 1965

Propagation of pulses in dispersive media, p. 1387
Wait, J.R.

An anisotropic electron velocity distribution for the cyclotron absorption of whistlers and VLF emissions, p. 1403
Guthart, H.

Nose whistler dispersion as a measure of magnetosphere electron temperature, p. 1417
Guthart, H.

Interference rejection capability of a switched radiometer, p. 1425
Clapp, R.E.

Atmospheric breakdown limitations to optical maser propagation, p. 1431
Tomlinson, R.G.

Phase steps and amplitude fading of VLF signals at dawn and dusk, p. 1435
Walker, D.

Propagation in a model terrestrial waveguide of nonuniform height - theory and experiment, p. 1445
Bahar, E.; Wait, J.R.

Comments on H. Volland's remarks on Austin's formula, p. 1465
Wait, J.R.

The path integrals of LF/VLF wave hop theory, p. 1469
Berry, L.A.; Chrisman, M.E.

Reactive loading of arbitrarily illuminated cylinders to minimize microwave backscatter, p. 1481
Chen, K.-M.

On statistical theory of electromagnetic waves in a fluctuating medium (II). Mathematical basis of the analogies to quantum field theory (a digest), p. 1503
Furutsu, K.

Issue 12 December 1965

Preface, p. iii
Gordon, W.E.

Jupiter, as observed at long radio waves, the decametric radio emissions of Jupiter, p. 1513
Ellis, G.R.A.

Results of recent investigations of Jupiter's decametric radiation, p. 1530
Carr, T.D.; Gulkis, S; Smith, A.G.; May, J; Lebo, G.R.; Kennedy, D.J.; Bollhagen, H.

Results from CSIRO, Sydney, Australia, p. 1536
Slee, O.B.; Higgins, Cs

Frequency and polarization structure of Jupiter's decametric emission on a 10-millisecond scale, p. 1537
Warwick, James W.; Gordon, Mark A.

Jupiter, as observed at short radio wavelengths, p. 1543
Roberts, J.A.

An interferometric study of Jupiter at 10 and 21 cm, p. 1552
Berge, G.L.

Dependence of Jupiter's decimeter radiation on electron distribution in its Van Allen Belts, p. 1557
Thorne, Kip S.

Observations of Jupiter at 8.6 mm, p. 1560
Gibson, John E.

Simultaneous observations of Jupiter on three frequencies, p. 1561
Kazes, I.

A report of measurements, p. 1563
Barber, D.; Gower, J.F.R.

Passive radio observations of Venus, Saturn, Mercury, Mars, and Uranus, p. 1565
Barrett, Alan H.

Mars and Venus at 70-cm Wavelength, p. 1573
Hardebeck, H.E.

Radio observations of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn and Uranus, p. 1574
Kellerman, Kenneth I.

Observations of radio emission from the planets Mercury, Mars, and Saturn at wavelength of 8 mm, p. 1576
Salomonovich, A.E.

A search for the 1.36-cm water-vapor line in Venus, p. 1577
Drake, F.D.

Radiation of Venus at 13.5-mm water-vapor line, p. 1577
Gibson, J.E.; Corbett, H.H.

On nature of cloud layer of Venus (from radiometric observations at microwaves), p. 1580
Basharinov, A.E.; Kutuza, B.G.

Observations of Mars at 12.5-cm wavelength, p. 1580
Muhleman, D.O.; Sato, T.

Observations of the 1.35-cm water-vapor line in Venus, p. 1580
Welch, W.J.

An analysis of microwave observations of Venus, p. 1583
Sagan, Carl; Pollack, James B.

Passive radio observations of the Moon. Investigation of the surfaces of the moon and planets by the thermal radiation, p. 1585
Troitsky, V.S.

Polarization of thermal radiation of the moon at 14.5 Gc/s, p. 1612
Mezger, P.G.

Linear polarization of lunar emission, p. 1613
Davies, R.D.; Gardner, F.F.

The Effect of roughness on the polarization of thermal emission from a surface, p. 1614
Hagfors, T.; Moriello, J.

Measurements of lunar radio brightness distribution and certain properties of its surface layer, p. 1616
Salomonovich, A.E.

A review of radar studies of planetary surfaces, p. 1617
Pettengill, G.H.

Preliminary Venus radar results, p. 1623
Goldstein, Richard M.

Preliminary Mars radar results, p. 1625
Goldstein, Richard M.

Recent Arecibo observations of Mercury, p. 1627
Pettengill, G.H.

Recent Arecibo observations of Mars and Jupiter, p. 1628
Dyce, R.B.

Radio evidence on structure and composition of Martian surface, p. 1629
Sagan, Carl; Pollack, James B.

Radar scattering from Venus and Mercury at 12.5 cm, p. 1630
Muhleman, Duane

Application of planetary measurements to planetary radius and rotation rate determinations, p. 1632
Shapiro, Irwin I.

Radar observations of Venus in the Soviet Union in 1964, p. 1634
Kotelnikov, V.A.

Radar studies of the Moon, p. 1637
Evans, J.V.

Decameter-wave radar studies of the lunar surface, p. 1659
Davis, J.R.; Rohlfs, D.C.; Skaggs, G.A.; Joss, J.W.

Lunar Mapping by coherent-pulse analysis, p. 1667
Thompson, T.W.

Interpretation of angular dependence of backscattering from the Moon and Venus, p. 1669
Beckmann, Petr; Klempere.W.K.

A note on radio reflectivity of lunar surface, p. 1677
Giraud, A.

Moon distance measurement by laser, p. 1681
Orszag, A.

Some highlights of the URSI symposium on electromagnetic wave theory held in Delft, The Netherlands, September 6-11, 1965, p. 1691
Wait, James R.

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