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Journal of Research Volume 69C

Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards, Section C: Engineering and Instrumentation

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 69C

ISSN: 0022-4316

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 1 January 1965

Corrections, p. ii

Two picnometers of increased convenience and precision, p. 1
Johnson, Arnold

Construction of a Michelson interferometer for Fourier spectroscopy, p. 5
Rundle, Howard N.

The National Bureau of Standards gas thermometer. II. Measurement of capacitance to a grounded surface with a transformer ratio-arm bridge, p. 13
Guildner, L.A.; Edsinger, R.E.

An adiabatic calorimeter for the range 10 to 360 °K, p. 19
Sterrett, K.F.; Blackburn, D.H.; Bestul, A.B.; Chang, S.S.; Horman, J.

A rugged null-type pressure transducer of high reproducibility for accurate gas phase PVT measurements, p. 27
Waxman, Meyer; Chen, William T.

Detection and damping of thermal-acoustic oscillations in low-temperature measurements, p. 35
Ditmars, David A.; Furukawa, George T.

NBS free-air chamber for measurement of 10 to 60 kV x rays, p. 39
Lamperti, P.J.; Wyckoff, H.O.

A compensated solenoid giving a uniform magnetic field over a large volume, p. 49
Snow, Chester; Driscoll, Raymond L.

Evaluation of a microwave phase measurement system, p. 55
Ellerbruch, Doyle A.

Polarographic analysis of titanium (IV)-EDTA complex: Application to paint pigments, p. 67
Berger, Harvey W.; Cadoff, Barry C.

Soil resistivity as related to underground corrosion and cathodic protection, p. 71
Schwerdtfeger, W.J.

Issue 2 April 1965

Temperatures of thermocouple reference junctions in an ice bath, p. 95
Caldwell, Frank R.

Superimposed birefractory plates, p. 103
Adams, L.H.; Waxler, R.M.

A self-calibrating instrument for measuring conductance at radio frequencies, p. 115
Huntley, Leslie E.

Exact inductance equations for rectangular conductors with applications to more complicated geometries, p. 127
Hoer, Cletus; Love, Carl

Common volume of two intersecting cylinders, p. 139
Hubbell, J.H.

Steady-state heat conduction in an exposed exterior column of rectangular cross section, p. 145
Peavy, B.A.

Issue 3 July 1965

Two-terminal dielectric measurements up to 6 x 108 Hz, p. 165
Broadhurst, Martin G.; Bur, Anthony J.

Improved ten-picofarad fused silica dielectric capacitor, p. 173
Cutkosky, R.D.; Lee, L.H.

Errors in the series-parallel buildup of four-terminal resistors, p. 181
Page, Chester H.

Centerable rotator for measuring properties of crystals, p. 191
Saylor, Charles P.; Lowey, Herbert B.

Equipment for single-crystal growth from the melt suitable for substances with a low melting point, p. 195
Horton, Avery T.; Glasgow, Augustus R.

Phase and amplitude contrast microscopy in partially coherent light, p. 199
De, M.; Mondal, P.K.

Exposure time relations for Kossel microdiffraction photographs, p. 213
Yakowitz, H.; Vieth, D.L.

Cartesian diver as a density comparator, p. 217
Bowman, Horace A.; Schoonover, Randall M.

Cryogenic behavior of selected magnetic materials, p. 225
Gniewek, J.J.; Ploge, E.

Issue 4 October 1965

Some applications of the wave front shearing interferometer, p. 245
Saunders, James B.

Precision method for evaluating primary aberrations of lenses with a Twyman interferometer, p. 251
Saunders, James B.

Comparators for voltage transformer calibrations at NBS, p. 257
Sze, Wilbur C.

Voltage dependence of precision air capacitors, p. 265
Shields, J.Q.

Single-crystal x-ray diffraction at high pressures, p. 275
Weir, C.; Block, S.; Piermarini, G.

The Sondheimer-Wilson-Kohler formula in platinum resistance thermometry, p. 283
Corruccini, R.J.

Stress analysis of tape-wound magnet coils, p. 287
Hord, Jesse

Centerline correction for precision roughness specimens, p. 303
Chamberlin, J.L.

Electric currents and potentials resulting from the flow of charged liquid hydrocarbons through short pipes, p. 307
Shafer, M.R.; Baker, D.W.; Benson, K.R.

A transistor screening procedure using leakage current measurements, p. 319
Conrad, George T.; Shook, Donald C.

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