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Journal of Research Volume 68D

Journal of Research of National Bureau of Standards, Section D: Radio Science

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 68D

ISSN: 0502-2568

Issue 1

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Issue 12

Issue 1 January 1964

Corrections, p. iii

Comparison of observed vlf attenuation rates and excitation factors with theory, p. 1
Watt, A.D.; Croghan, R.D.

Field intensity measurements at 10.2 kc/s over reciprocal paths, p. 11
Hanselman, J.C.; Bickel, J.E.; Casselman, C.J.; Tibbals, M.L.

Propagation of VLF waves over distances between 1000 + 3000 km, p. 15
Burgess, B.

Some experimental results concerning nonreciprocal East-West VLF wave propagation, p. 17
Burgess, B.

An experimental study of phase stability of VLF signals, p. 19
Hampton, D.E.

Some particular observations on diurnal phase variations of VLF transmissions received in Paris, p. 21
Decaux, B.; Gabry, A.

Periodic fading of VLF signals received over long paths during sunrise and sunset, p. 27
Crombie, D.D.

Effects of wall perturbations in multimode waveguides, p. 35
Maley, S.W.; Bahar, E.

VLF utilization at NASA satellite tracking stations, p. 43
Looney, C.H.

Long waves associated with disturbances produced in plasmas, p. 47
Bremmer, H.

Some remarks on the Watson transformation and mode theory, p. 59
Berry, L.A.

Concerning limitations and further corrections to geometric-optical theory for LF, VLF propagation between ionosphere and the ground, p. 67
Johler, J.R.

Some remarks on mode and ray theories of VLF radio propagation, p. 79
Wait, J.R.

Two-dimensional treatment of mode theory of propagation of VLF radio waves, p. 81
Wait, J.R.

Reflection of electromagnetic waves from lossy magnetoplasma, p. 95
Wait, J.R.; Walters, L.C.

Propagation of ELF waves below inhomogeneous anisotropic ionosphere, p. 103
Galejs, J.; Row, R.V.

VLF propagation under ionosphere in the lowest mode of horizontal polarization, p. 105
Wheeler, H.A.

Propagation of VLF waves under disturbed conditions, p. 115
Burgess, B.

VLF disturbances caused by trapped beta-rays from decay of neutrons produced in high-altitude nuclear explosions, p. 117
Zmuda, A.J.; Haave, C.R.; Shaw, B.W.

VLF anomalies observed at State College, PA during U.S. 1962 high-altitude nuclear tests, p. 125
Sechrist, C.F.

Establishment of new facilities for WWVL and WWVB, p. 135
Richardson, J.M.

Issue 2 February 1964

Editorial, p. i
Little, C.G.; Manning, L.A.

Papers presented at symposium on ionospheric propagation of VLF radio waves - Preface, p. iii
Crombie, D.D.
Generation of electromagnetic pulse by expanding plasma in conducting half-space, p. 147
Stogryn, A.P.; Ghose, R.N.

Impedance of a monopole antenna with a radial-wire ground system on an imperfectly conducting half-space, Part 2, p. 157
Maley, S.W.; King, R.J.
Capacitor type biconical antennas, p. 165
Galejs, Janis
Simulated angular response patterns for transhorizon propagation, p. 173
Strohbehn, J.W.; Waterman, A.T.
Radio-star scintillations from ionospheric waves, p. 179
Warwick, J.W.
Ionosonde studies of some chemical releases in ionosphere, p. 189
Wright, J.W.
Diurnal changes of transmission time in arctic propagation of VLF waves, p. 205
Blackband, W.T.
Geometrical optics convergence coefficient for whistler case, p. 211
Crary, J.H.

Comments on a paper "Collisional detachment and the formation of ionospheric" by E. T. Pierce, p. 215
Arnold, H.R.

Quasi-longitudinal approximation in the generalized theory of radio wave absorption, p. 219
Benson, R.F.

Diurnal phase variation of VLF waves at medium distances, p. 225
Volland, H.

Application of diffractions by convex surfaces to irregular terrain situations, p. 239
Dougherty, H.T.; Maloney, L.J.

Effect of lossy earth on antenna gain, p. 251
Coe, R.J.; Curtis, W.L.

Propagation of radio waves with frequency 99.9 mhz as a function of vertical structure of the atmosphere derived from daily radiosonde observations, p. 257
Braam, G.P.A.

Issue 3 March 1964

Interpretation of rapid changes in phase of horizontally polarized VLF waves recorded at night over a short path in the Southwestern United States, p. 265
Gossard, E.E.; Paulson, M.R.

Precise phase and amplitude measurements on VLF signals propagated through the Arctic Zone, p. 275
Reder, F.H.; Winkler, G.M.R.; Abom, C.J.

On the long term phase stability of 19.8 kc/s signal transmitted from Hawaii, and received at Boulder, Colorado, p. 283
Brady, A.H.

Oblique propagation of groundwaves across a coastline - Part 3, p. 291
Wait, J.R.

Impedance of a monopole antenna with a radial-wire ground system on an imperfectly conducting half space - Part 3, p. 297
Maley, S.W.; King, R.J.

A simplified theory of diffraction at an interface separating two dielectrics, p. 303
Kane, J.; Karp, S.N.

Variational solution for the admittance of a long cylindrical antenna, p. 311
Hurd, R.A.

Admittance of annular slot antennas radiating into a plasma layer, p. 317
Galejs, J.

Propagation of plasma waves in a "spoke-wheel" magnetic field, p. 325
Liboff, R.L.

An experimental investigation of signal strength in the area around a transmitter's antipode, p. 333
Pipp, R.M.; Webster, J.B.

Relationship between simultaneous geomagnetic and ionspheric oscillations, p. 339
Rishbeth, H.; Garriott, O.K.

Issue 4 April 1964

Some basic microwave phase shift equations, p. 349
Beatty, R.W.

A light-modulated scattering technique for diffraction field measurements, p. 355
Vural, A.M.; Cheng, D.K.

Radiation from an aperture in a coated plane, p. 363
Knop, C.M.; Cohn, G.I.

Impedance of a cylindrical dipole having a sinusoidal current distribution in a homogeneous anisotropic ionosphere, p. 379
Ament, W.S.; Katzin, J.C.; Katzin, M.; Koo, B.Y.-C.

Propagation of electromagnetic waves through a continuously varying stratified anisotropic medium, p. 407
Price, G.H.

Lunar semi-diurnal tides in h'F and their influence on transequatorial radio propagation, p. 419
Thomas, J.A.

Some statistical parameters related to the Nakagami-rice probability distribution, p. 429
Burns, W.R.

The U.S. National committee Reports for Commission 6 of URSI Subcommission 6.3. Electromagnetics (Introduction and 4 Parts), p. 435
Siegel, K.M.; Rumsey, V.H.; Hansen, R.C.; Ksienski, A.; Ament, W.S.; Hoffman, W.C.; Zucker, F.J.; Wait, J.R.; Tai, C.T.; Collin, R.E.; Oliner, A.A.; Felsen, L.B.; Weston, V.H.; Burke, J.E.; Twersky, V.; Burke, J.R.; Kaiser, J.; Kay, I.

Issue 5 May 1964

Editorial Note, p. i
Little, C.G.; Manning, L.A.

URSI National Committee Report, XIV General Assembly, Tokyo, September 1963: Commission 1. Radio Measurement Methods and Standards (7 sections and Appendix), p. 523
Mockler, R.C.; Engen, G.F.; Larsen, N.T.; Beatty, R.W.; Selby, M.C.; Mumford, W.W.; Fellers, R.G.; Bender, P.L.; White, C.E.

URSI National Committee Report, XIV General Assembly, Tokyo, September 1963: Commission 2. Tropospheric Radio Propagation (7 Sections), p. 547
Bolgiano, R., Jr.; Bean, B.R.; Bigler, S.G.; Hogg, D.C.; Straiton, A.W.; Smyth, J.B.; Chisholm, J.H.; Pettengill, G.H.

URSI National Committee Report, XIV General Assembly, Tokyo, September 1963: Commission 3. Ionospheric Radio (7 Sections), p. 569
Van Zandt, T.E.; Bowhill, S.A.; Matsushita, S.; Knecht, R.W.; Crombie, D.D.; Jean, A.G.; Wright, J.W.; Little, C.G. (editor)

URSI National Committee Report, XIV General Assembly, Tokyo, September 1963: Commission 4. Magnetospheric Radio (8 Sections), p. 597
Bauer, S.J.; Booker, H.G.; Crichlow, W.Q.; Disney, R.T.; Dessler, A.J.; Carpenter, D.L.; Gallet, R.M.; Winckler, J.R.; Arnoldy, R.L.

URSI National Committee Report, XIV General Assembly, Tokyo, September 1963: Commission 5. Radio and Radar Astronomy (22 Sections), p. 631

URSI National Committee Report, XIV General Assembly, Tokyo, September 1963: Commission 7. Radio Electronics (10 sections), p. 655
Feinstein, J.; Peter, R.W.; van der Ziel, A.; Rafuse, R.; Karp, A.; Allison, J.; Bennett, W.R., Jr.; Haus, H. A.; Pershan, P.S.; Cutler, C.C.; Pierce, J.R.; Bers, A.; Chorney, P.

Issue 6 June 1964

Electrical properties of sea ice at 0.1 to 30 Mc/s, p. 681
Wentworth, F.L.; Cohn, M.

ELF and VLF waves below an inhomogeneous anisotropic ionosphere, p. 693
Galejs, J.

The effects of a small local change in phase velocity on the propagation of a VLF radio signal, p. 709
Crombie, D.D.

Auroral-zone absorption effects on an HF arctic propagation path, p. 717
Hunsucker, R.D.

Amplitude-probability distribution of atmospheric radio noise, p. 723
Beckmann, P.

An approximate method for computing diffraction atterns caused by ionospheric irregularities, p. 737
Gagnon, R.

Wave propagation in stratified random media, p. 743
Chen, Y.M.

Radar scattering from coated perfect conductors: application to the semi-infinite cone and use of exact eikonal, p. 749
Uberall, H.

Issue 7 July 1964

Leader and junction processes in the lightning discharge as a source of VLF atmospherics, p. 771
Arnold, H.R.; Pierce, E.T.

The return stroke of the lightning flash to earth as a source of VLF atmospherics, p. 777
Dennis, A.S.; Pierce, E.T.

VLF propagation in a compressible ionosphere, p. 795
Kieburtz, R.B.

A spectrographic interferometer, p. 807
Lee, R.H.; Warwick, J.W.

Effect of lossy earth on antenna gain, Part 2, p. 813
Curtis, W.L.

Calculation of groundwave attenuation in the far diffraction region, p. 819
Vogler, L.E.

Some numerical results based on the theory of radio wave propagation over inhomogeneous earth, p. 827
Furutsu, K.; Hartmann, R.F.; Wilkerson, R.E.

A note on VHF reflection from a tropospheric layer, p. 847
Wait, J.R.

Some remarks on the use of statistics in radar astronomy, p. 849
Kay, I.

A meteorological parameter for radioclimatological purposes, p. 851
Misme, P.

Issue 8 August 1964

Extension of cosmic noise absorption measurements to lower frequencies, using polarized antennas, p. 859
Little, C.G.; Lerfald, G.M.; Parthasarathy, R.

Broadband radio-star scintillations. Part 1. Observations, p. 867
Singleton, D.G.

F-region irregularities studied by scintillation of signals from satellites, p. 881
Yeh, K.C.; Swenson, G.W., Jr.

Angels, insects, and weather, p. 895
Lagrone, A.H.; Deam, A.P.; Walker, G.B.

Measurement of the attenuation of radio signals by jungles, p. 903
Herbstreit, J.W.; Crichlow, W.Q.

Influence of a circular ionospheric depression on VLF propagation, p. 907
Wait, J.R.

An experimental study of mixed-path groundwave propagation, p. 915
Maley, S.W.; Ottesen, H.

Issue 9 September 1964

Beard, C.I. (editor); Hoffman, W.C. (editor)

Signal statistics, yesterday and today, p. 923
Stumpers, F.L.H.M.

Rayleigh distribution and its generalizations, p. 927
Beckmann, P.

Some nonlinear problems arising in the study of random processes, p. 933
Rosenblatt, M.

Approach to empirical time series analysis, p. 937
Parzen, E.

Effect of linear and nonlinear signal processing on signal statistics, p. 953
Balakrishnan, A.V.

Random volume scattering, p. 967
Bremmer, H.

Phase fluctuation statistics, p. 983
Smyth, J.B.

Current topics in the stochastic theory of radiation, p. 989
Zucker, F.J.

On the intensity distribution 2r/√αβ exp[-r2/2(1/α + 1/β)]i0(r2/2[1/β - 1/α]) and its application to signal statistics, p. 995
Nakagami, M.

Statistical inference for Rayleigh distributions, p. 1005
Siddiqui, M.M.

A probabilistic approach to the problem of large antenna arrays, p. 1011
Lo, Y.T.

Influence of data processing on the design and communication of experiments, p. 1021
Golomb, S.W.

Spectral measurement techniques in planetary radar, p. 1025
Pettengill, G.H.

Quantum statistics and lasers, p. 1031
Gordon, J.P.

Statistics of random surfaces, p. 1035
Kay, I.; Swerling, P.

Modified Gaussian distributions for slightly nonlinear variables, p. 1049
Longuet-Higgins, M.S.

Issue 10 October 1964

Theoretical heights and durations of echoes from large meteors, p. 1067
Manning, L.A.

Experimental determination of meteoric line densities and attachment rates, p. 1079
Manning, L.A.

Broadband radio-star scintillations 2. Interpretation, p. 1095
Singleton, D.G.

A discussion of the theory of ionospheric cross modulation, p. 1109
Benson, R.F.

Electron collision frequency in the ionospheric D region, p. 1123
Benson, R.F.

Theory of a slotted-sphere antenna immersed in compressible plasma, Part 1, p. 1127
Wait, J.R.

Theory of a slotted-sphere antenna immersed in a compressible plasma, Part 2, p. 1137
Wait, J.R.

Electromagnetic scattering coefficients for concentric spheres and the problem of interference free enclosures, p. 1145
Eldred, R.A.; Roberts, J.; Lasitter, H.A.

Ionospheric sounding using coded pulse signals, p. 1155
Coll, D.C.; Storey, J.R.

Measurement of the complex time-frequency channel correlation function, p. 1161
Bello, P.A.

Issue 11 November 1964

Interaction of an antenna with a hot plasma and the theory of resonance probes, p. 1171
Fejer, J.A.

Observations of earth-ionosphere cavity resonances and their interpretation in terms of a two-layer ionosphere model, p. 1177
Chapman, F.W.; Jones, D.L.

On the theory of reflection of electromagnetic waves from the interface between a compressible magnetoplasma and a dielectric, p. 1187
Wait, J.R.

Propagation over plane earth through an exponential atmosphere, p. 1193
Gerks, I.H.; Anderson, R.M.

Propagation in nonuniform waveguides with impedance walls, p. 1201
Gallawa, R.L.

Some approximate formulas concerning the reflection of electromagnetic waves from a stratified semi-infinite medium, p. 1215
Burman, R.

A VLF timing experiment, p. 1219
Morgan, A.H.; Baltzer, O.J.

Phase and time variations in VLF propagation over long distances, p. 1223
Crombie, D.D.

Geometrical optics convergence coefficient for Whistler propagation, p. 1225
Allcock, G.McK.

Errors induced by the atmosphere in microwave range measurements, p. 1229
Janes, H.B.; Thompson, M.C., Jr.

Some features of Es-ionization of the equatorial ionsphere, p. 1237
Bandyopadhyay, P.; Montes, H.

A note on the insulated loop antenna immersed in a conducting medium, p. 1249
Wait, J.R.; Spies, K.P.

Observation and analysis of transequatorial propagation, p. 1251
Thomas, J.A.; Mcinnes, B.A.

Issue 12 December 1964

Experiment on constancy of velocity of electromagnetic radiation, p. 1265
Beckmann, P.; Mandics, P.

Measurement of the phase velocity of VLF propagation in the earth-ionosphere waveguide, p. 1269
Steele, F.K.; Chilton, C.J.

Wave hop theory of long distance propagation of low-frequency radio waves, p. 1275
Berry, L.A.

Wave propagation in a compressible ionosphere, Part 1, p. 1285
Seshadri, S.R.

Wave propagation in a compressible ionosphere, Part 2, p. 1297
Seshadri, S.R.

Spatial properties of the amplitude fading of continuous HF radio waves, p. 1309
Ames, J.

Physical properties of the polar winter mesosphere obtained from low-frequency propagation and partial reflection studies, p. 1319
Belrose, J.S.; Bode, L.R.; Hewitt, L.W.

Reply to the "Remarks by Donald H. Menzel with reference to Bailey's comments on solar electric fields," p. 1325
Bailey, V.A.

Memorial notice, p. 1336

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