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Journal of Research Volume 68A

Journal of Research of NBS, Section A: Physics and Chemistry

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 68A

ISSN: 0022-4332

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6

Issue 1 January 1964

Fast neutron dose measurements for a D-D neutron source in water, p. 1
Beverly, W.B.; Spiegel, V.

X-ray spectrometric analysis of noble metal dental alloys, p. 5
Mulligan, B.W.; Caul, H.J.; Rasberry, S.D.; Scribner, B.F.

The first spectrum of manganese, Mn I, p. 9
Catalán, Miguel A.; Meggers, William F.; Garcia-Riquelme, Olga

Transition probabilities of forbidden lines, p. 61
Garstang, R.H.

Franck-Condon factors to high vibrational quantum numbers III: CN, p. 75
Nicholls, R.W.

Infrared absorption spectrum of nitrous oxide (N2O) from 1830 cm-1 to 2270 cm-1, p. 79
Plyler, Earle K.; Tidwell, Eugene D.; Maki, Arthur G.

An absolute light scattering photometer: II. Direct determination of scattered light from solutions, p. 87
McIntyre, Donald

High pressure microscopy of the silver and cuprous halides, p. 97
Van Valkenburg, A.

Lattice parameters and lattice energies of high-pressure polymorphs of some alkali halides, p. 105
Weir, C.E.; Piermarini, G.J.

Calculation of the higher order dipole-dipole effect in paramagnetic crystals, p. 113
Meijer, Paul H.E.

Second and third virial coefficients for hydrogen, p. 121
Goodwin, R.D.; Diller, D.E.; Roder, H.M.; Weber, L.A.

Heats of solution, transition, and formation of three crystalline forms of metaboric acid, p. 127
Kilday, Marthada V.; Prosen, Edward J.

Issue 2 March 1964

Tritium-labeled compounds. X. Isotope effects in the oxidation of aldoses-1-t with bromine, p. 145
Isbell, Horace S.; Sniegoski, Lorna T.

Thermal degradation of fractionated high and low molecular weight polyisobutylene, p. 153
McIntyre, D.; O'Mara, J.H.; Straus, S.

Ionization constants of the six dichloroanilines and the six dichlorophenols in aqueous solution at 25 °C, p. 159
Robinson, R.A.

Stereoregularity in ionic polymerization of acenaphthylene, p. 165
Story, V.M.; Canty, G.

Dielectric behavior of the film formed on mica cleaved in moist air, p. 173
Ruthberg, S.; Frenkel, L.

On the measurement of dielectric losses and surface conductivity of dielectrics in parallel plane test capacitors, p. 185
Frenkel, Lothar

Polymorphism of bismuth sesquioxide. I. Pure Bi2O3, p. 189
Levin, Ernest M.; Roth, Robert S.

Polymorphism of bismuth sesquioxide. II. Effect of oxide additions on the polymorphism of Bi2O3, p. 197
Levin, Ernest M.; Roth, Robert S.

Second spectrum of tungsten (W II), p. 207
Laun, Donald D.

Issue 3 May 1964

Compressibility of natural rubber at pressures below 500 kg/cm2, p. 259
Wood, Lawrence A.; Martin, Gordon M.

A copolymer with lamellar morphology, p. 269
Eby, R.K.

Variation of glass temperature with pressure in polypropylene, p. 273
Passaglia, Elio; Martin, Gordon M.

Perfluorophenyl ether and related polymers, p. 277
Pummer, Walter J.; Wall, Leo A.

Cyclic polyhydroxy ketones. II. xylo-trihydroxycyclohexenediolic acid and keto-inositols, p. 287
Fatiadi, Alexander J.; Isbell, Horace S.

Tritium-labeled compounds. XI. Mechanism for the oxidation of aldehydes and aldoses-1-t with sodium chlorite, p. 301
Isbell, Horace S.; Sniegoski, Lorna T.

Medium effects on the dissociation of weak acids in methanol-water solvents, p. 305
Sager, E.E.; Robinson, R.A.; Bates, R.G.

Crystallization of anhydrous copper sulfate from sulfuric acid - ammonium sulfate mixtures, p. 313
Gruzensky, Paul M.

Detection of lattice deformation and recovery in epsilon phase silver-tin alloys, p. 317
Waterstrat, R.M.; Hicho, G.E.

Vapor pressures of ruthenium and osmium, p. 325
Carrera, N.J.; Walker, R.F.; Plante, E.R.

The 0-2 transition of CO in condensed oxygen, nitrogen, and argon, p. 331
Abramowitz, Stanley; Broida, H.P.

Issue 4 July 1964

Metallographic characterization of an NBS spectrometric low-alloy steel standard, p. 343
Michaelis, R.E.; Yakowitz, H.; Moore, G.A.

X-ray investigation of strain in cold-worked silver iodide, p. 355
Burley, G.

Light scattering measurements on solutions of some quaternary ammonium salts, p. 359
Wasik, Stanley P.; Hubbard, Willard D.

Thermodynamic properties of some methylphosphonyl dihalides from 15 to 335 °K, p. 367
Furukawa, George T.; Reilly, Martin L.; Piccirelli, Jeanette H.; Tenenbaum, Milton

Calorimetric properties of some alkali pentaborate hydrates from 15 to 370 °K, p. 381
Furukawa, George T.; Reilly, Martin L.; Piccirelli, Jeanette H.

Rates of adsorption and desorption of polystyrene on chrome surface, p. 391
Stromberg, Robert R.; Grant, Warren H.; Passaglia, Elio

An iterative unfolding procedure, p. 401
Uhlig, Ronald P.

Mass spectrometric study of photoionization. I. Apparatus and initial observations on acetylene, acetylene-d2, benzene, and benzene-d6, p. 409
Dibeler, Vernon H.; Reese, Robert M.

Issue 5 September 1964

Relaxation modes of trapped crystal point defects: The three-neighbor shells model in NaCl, p. 425
Franklin, A.D.; Shorb, A.; Wachtman, J.B.

Viscosity of a standard soda-lime-silica glass, p. 439
Napolitano, Albert; Hawkins, Earl G.

Hydrothermal preparation of a gehlenite hydrate, p. 449
Carlson, Elmer T.

Action of water on calcium aluminoferrites, p. 453
Carlson, Elmer T.

Infrared spectra of the crystalline inorganic borates, p. 465
Weir, C.E.; Schroeder, R.A.

Effect of pressure and temperature upon the optical dispersion of benzene, carbon tetrachloride and water, p. 489
Waxler, R.M.; Weir, C.E.; Schamp, H.W.

Some changes in double-bond structure during the vulcanization of natural rubber, p. 499
Linnig, Frederic J.; Parks, Edwin J.; Stewart, James E.

Dislocations in polymer crystals, p. 513
Keith, H.D.; Passaglia, Elio

Dependence of mechanical relaxation on morphology in isotactic polypropylene, p. 519
Passaglia, Elio; Martin, Gordon M.

Precision density measurement of silicon, p. 529
Henins, Ivars

Franck-Condon factors to high vibrational quantum numbers IV: NO band systems, p. 535
Nicholls, R.W.

Issue 6 November 1964

The 1962 He3 scale of temperatures. I. New vapor pressure comparisons, p. 547
Sydoriak, S.G.; Sherman, R.H.

The 1962 He3 scale of temperatures. II. Derivation, p. 559
Sydoriak, S.G.; Roberts, T.R.; Sherman, R.H.

The 1962 He3 scale of temperatures. III. Evaluation and status, p. 567
Roberts, T.R.; Sherman, R.H.; Sydoriak, S.G.

The 1962 He3 scale of temperatures. IV. Tables, p. 579
Sherman, R.H.; Sydoriak, S.G.; Roberts, T.R.

Absolute isotopic abundance ratio and the atomic weight of a reference sample of copper, p. 589
Shields, William R.; Murphy, Thomas J.; Garner, Ernest L.

Absolute isotopic abundance ratio and the atomic weight of bromine, p. 593
Catanzaro, Edward J.; Murphy, Thomas J.; Garner, Ernest L.; Shields, William R.

Optical properties of thin films on transparent surfaces by ellipsometry; internal reflection for film covered surfaces near the critical angle, p. 601
Passaglia, Elio; Stromberg, Robert R.

On the second-order transition of a rubber, p. 611
DiMarzio, E.A.

Ionization constants and reactivity of isomers of eugenol, p. 619
Brauer, G.M.; Argentar, H.; Durany, G.

Near infrared spectrophotometric method for the determination of hydration numbers, p. 625
Durst, Richard A.; Taylor, John K.

Franck-Condon factors for the ionization of H2, HD, and D2, p. 631
Wacks, Morton E.

Calculation of the geometrical structure of some AHn molecules, p. 635
Krauss, Morris

Preparation and heat of formation of a magnesium oxysulfate, p. 645
Newman, E.S.

Heat capacity of potassium borohydride (KBH4) from 15 to 375 °K. Thermodynamic properties from 0 to 700 °K, p. 651
Furukawa, George T.; Reilly, Martin L.; Piccirelli, Jeanette H.

Heat of combustion and heat of formation of aluminum carbide, p. 661
King, R.C.; Armstrong, G.T.

Some elastic compliances of single crystal rutile from 25 to 1000 °C, p. 669
Spinner, S.; Wachtman, J.B.

Energy dependence of the D-D reaction cross section at low energies, p. 675
Brennan, J.G.; Coyne, J.J.

Steady-state response of silicon radiation detectors of the diffused p-n junction type to x rays. I: Photovoltaic mode of operation, p. 683
Scharf, Karl; Sparrow, Julian H.

Intercomparison of high-energy x-ray intensity measurements, p. 703
Pruitt, John S.; Domen, Steve R.

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