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Journal of Research Volume 67D

Journal of Research of National Bureau of Standards, Section D: Radio Propagation

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 67D

ISSN: 1060-1783

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6

Issue 1 January 1963

Editorial Notice, p. i

Corrections (Volume 67D), p. ii

A lunar theory reasserted - a rebuttal, p. 1
Evans, J.V.

Point-to-point communication on the moon, p. 5
Vogler, L.E.

HF communication during ionospheric storms, p. 23
Hill, Geoffrey E.

Use of surface refractivity in the empirical prediction of total atmospheric refraction, p. 31
Iliff, W.R.; Holt, J.M.

Effective sunspot numbers, January 1961 through July 1962, p. 37
Chadwick, W.B.

On the theory of radio wave propagation over inhomogenous earth, p. 39
Furutsu, K.

Correction to "Fields of electric dipoles in sea water, the earth-atmosphere-ionosphere problem", p. 63
Anderson, Wallace L.

Composition of reflection and transmission formulae, p. 65
Heading, John

Titheridge coefficients for the polynomial method of deducing electron density profiles from ionograms, p. 79
Long, Audrey R.; Thomas, J.O.

Input admittance of linear antennas driven from a coaxial line, p. 83
Wu, Tai Tsun

Announcements, p. 98

Issue 2 March 1963

The protection of frequencies for radio astronomy, p. 99
Smith-Rose, R.L.

Radar reflections from the moon at 425 Mc/s, p. 107
Millman, George H.; Rose, Fred L.

Sunset and sunrise in the ionosphere: effects on the propagation of longwaves, p. 119
Rieker, Jean

Correction of atmospheric refraction errors in radio height finding, p. 139
Sweezy, W.B.; Bean, B.R.

Empirical determination of total atmospheric refraction at centimeter wavelengths by radiometric means, p. 153
Anway, Alan C.

Propagation of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields in geological conductors, p. 161
Fritsch, Volker; Translated from German by Albrecht P. Barsis

WWV reception in the arctic during ionospheric disturbances, p. 179
Hill, Geoffrey E.; Herman, John R.

Height-gain for VLF radio waves, p. 183
Wait, James R.; Spies, Kenneth P.

Perturbation method in a problem of waveguide theory, p. 189
Fox, David; Magnus, Wilhelm

Some wave functions and potential functions pertaining to spherically stratified media, p. 199
Tai, C.T.

Radiation from a plasma-clad axially-slotted cylinder, p. 203
Rusch, W.V.T.

Two- and three-loop superdirective receiving antennas, p. 215
Seeley, Elwin W.

Hallen's method in the problem of a cavity-backed rectangular slot antenna, p. 237
Galejs, Janis

Relative convergence of the solution of a doubly infinite set of equations, p. 245
Mittra, R.

Notice, p. 258

Announcements, p. 259

Issue 3 May 1963

Effects of radio wave propagation through mid-latitude 6300 A auroral arcs, p. 263
Roach, J.R.

Comparison of observed atmospheric radio refraction effects with values predicted through the use of surface weather observations, p. 273
Bean, B.R.; Thayer, G.D.

Ionospheric scattering effects in long-distance propagation, p. 287
Whale, H.A.

Concerning solutions of the VLF mode problem for an anisotropic curved ionosphere, p. 297
Wait, James R.

On the statistical theory of electromagnetic waves in a fluctuating medium (I), p. 303
Furutsu, K.

Reception of skywave signals near a coastline, p. 325
Andersen, J. Bach

Analysis and synthesis of nonuniform transmission lines or stratified layers, p. 331
Latmiral, G.; Franceschetti, G.; Vinciguerra, R.

Resonant characteristics of a corrugated sphere, p. 347
Wait, James R.; Jackson, Carolen M.

Impedances of long antennas in air and in dissipative media, p. 355
Gooch, D.W.; Harrison, C.W., Jr.; King, R.W.P.; Wu, T.T.

Reflection of VLF radio waves from an inhomogeneous ionosphere. Part I. Exponentially varying isotropic model, p. 361
Wait, James R.; Walters, Lillie C.

Notice, p. 373

Issue 4 July 1963

Influence of the lower ionosphere on propagation of VLF waves to great distances, p. 375
Wait, James. R.

Comments on a paper "Auroral Sporadic-E Ionization" by Robert D. Hunsucker and Leif Owren, p. 383
Bullen, J.M.; King, G.A.M.

Reply to J.M. Bullen and G.A.M. King's "Comments on a paper 'Auroral Sporadic-E Ionization' by Robert D. Hunsucker and Leif Owren, p. 385
Hunsucker, Robert D.; Owren, Leif

Optimum reception pattern of the Beverage wave antenna at very low frequencies, p. 387
Seeley, Elwin W.

Effect of a dissipative medium of finite size on antenna measurement, p. 397
Iizuka, K.; King, R.W.P.

Some implications of aircraft interference patterns in troposcatter reception, p. 405
Bradshaw, John A.

Asymptotic behavior of the current on an infinite cylindrical antenna, p. 417
Kunz, K.S.

A dipole approximation of the backscattering from a conductor in a semi-infinite dissipative medium, p. 433
Kraichman, Martin B.

Small electric and magnetic antennas with cores of a lossy dielectric, p. 445
Galejs, Janis

Notices, p. 458

Issue 5 September 1963

Ionospheric VHF scattering near the magnetic equator during the International Geophysical Year, p. 459
Cohen, Robert; Bowles, Kenneth L.

Radio pulse propagation by a reflection process at the lower ionosphere, p. 481
Johler, J. Ralph

Field of a horizontal magnetic dipole in the presence of a magnetoplasma halfspace, p. 501
Tyras, G.; Ishimaru, A.; Swarm, H.M.

Reflection of VLF radio waves from an inhomogeneous ionosphere. Part II. Perturbed exponential model, p. 519
Wait, James R.; Walters, Lillie C.

Collisional detachment and the formation of an ionospheric C region, p. 525
Pierce, E.T.

Magnetic torques and Coriolis effects on a magnetically suspended rotating sphere, p. 533
Keith, James Clark

Radiation field characteristics of lightning discharges in the band 1 kc/s to 100 kc/s, p. 539
Taylor, W. L.

Low-frequency radio propagation into a moderately rough sea, p. 551
Winter, Donald F.

VLF superdirective loop array, p. 563
Seeley, Elwin W.

Curves of ground proximity loss for dipole antennas (a digest), p. 567
Vogler, L.E.; Noble, J.L.

Observations and results from the hiss recorder an instrument to continuously observe the VLF emissions, p. 569
Watts, James M.; Koch, Jean A.; Gallet, Roger M.

Notices, p. 588

Issue 6 November 1963

A radiometeorological study, part I. Existing radiometeorological parameters, p. 589
Lane, J.A.; Bean, B.R.

A radiometeorological study, part II. An analysis of VHF field strength variations and refractive index profiles, p. 597
Bean, B.R.; Frank, V.R.; Lane, J.A

A radiometeorological study, part III. A new turbulence parameter, p. 605
Bean, B.R.; Dutton, E.J.; Lane, J.A.; Sweezy, W.B.

Reflection of radio waves from undulating tropospheric layers, p. 609
Waterman, A.T., Jr.; Strohbehn, J.W.

Oblique propagation of groundwaves across a coastline - Part I, p. 617
Wait, James R.

Oblique propagation of groundwaves across a coastline - Part II, p. 625
Wait, James R.; Jackson, Carolen M.

On the index of refraction of air, the absorption and dispersion of centimeterwaves by gases, p. 631
Boudouris, Georges. Translated from French by G. Wm. Curtis

A numerical approach to the solution of radio diffraction problems, p. 685
Hargreaves,J.K.; Hargreaves, S.

Inversion of radiowave absorption data to establish ionospheric properties. I. Nondeviative absorption, p. 699
Wheelon, Albert D.

Radiation in a lossless magneto-ionic medium at frequencies high relative to the electron gyrofrequency, p. 707
Marini, John W.

Radiation through cylindrical plasma sheaths, p. 717
Harris, J.H.

Chart for determining the effects of ionospheric tilts using an idealized model, p. 735
Croft, T.A.; Fenwick, R.B.

Reflection of VLF radio waves from an inhomogeneous ionosphere. Part III. Exponential model with hyperbolic transition, p. 747
Wait, James R.; Walters, Lillie C.

Families of distributions for hourly median power and instantaneous power of received radio signals, p. 753
Siddiqui, M.M; Weiss, George H.

Statistical methods in radar astronomy. Determination of surface roughness, p. 763
Hayre, H.S.

Electrical conductivity of the Great Lakes, p. 765
Doherty, Lome H.

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