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Journal of Research Volume 67C

Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards, Section C: Engineering and Instrumentation

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 67C

ISSN: 0022-4316

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 1 January 1963

Method for calibrating a standard volt box, p. 1
Dunfee, Bernadine L.

Stability of residual thiosulfate in processed microfilm, p. 15
Pope, C. I.

Equipment for single crystal growth from aqueous solution, p. 25
Torgesen, John L.; Horton, Avery T.; Saylor, Charles P.

An automatic multichannel correlator, p. 33
Brown, Jr., Robert F.

Elastic constant- porosity relations for polycrystalline thoria, p. 39
Spinner, S.; Knudsen, F.P.; Stone, L.

An oxygen partial pressure warning instrument, p. 47
Greenspan, Lewis

New fast-opening, large-aperture shutter for high-speed photography, p. 65
Cassidy, E.C.; Tsai, D.H.

Equations for the Radiofrequency Magnetic Permeameter, p. 69
Hoer, Cletus A.; Rasmussen, Alvin L.

Issue 2 April 1963

Temperature dependence of the elastic constants of thoria specimens of varying porosity, p. 93
Spinner, S.; Knudsen, F.P.; Stone, L.

Residual stresses and their relaxation on the surfaces of sections cut from plastically deformed steel specimens, p. 101
Newton, Clarence J.

Permeation rates of electrolytic hydrogen and deuterium through iron, p. 111
Pitts, Joseph W.

Steady state heat conduction in cylinders with multiple continuous line heat sources, p. 119
Peavy, B.A.

A radial-flow apparatus for determining the thermal conductivity of loose-fill insulations to high temperatures, p. 129
Flynn, D.R.

Analysis of a microwave radiometer for precise standardization of noise sources, p. 139
Ward, Gray D.; Richardson, John M.

Realistic evaluation of the precision and accuracy of instrument calibration systems, p. 161
Eisenhart, Churchill

Issue 3 July 1963

Apparatus for the detection of piezoelectric coupling, p. 197
Frenkel, Lothar

Large aperture interferometers with small beam dividers, p. 201
Saunders, James B.

A far-infrared vacuum grating spectrometer, p. 207
Blaine, L.R.

Relation of emittance to other optical properties, p. 217
Richmond, J.C.

Minimization of the arrestment error in one-pan, two-knife balance systems, p. 227
Bowman, H.A.; Almer, H.E.

Determination of residual thiosulfate in processed film, p. 237
Pope, Chester I.

Drag compensation and measurement with manned satellites: feasibility study, p. 247
Langer, R.M.; Vinti, J.P.

Surface flame propagation on cellulosic materials exposed to thermal radiation, p. 251
Gross, D.; Loftus, J.J.

Parallel reversible permeability measurement techniques from 50 kc/s to 3 Gc/s, p. 259
Hoer, Cletus A.; Harrington, R.D.

Issue 4 October 1963

Limitations on electron beam density of unipotential electron guns at low voltages, p. 279
Simpson, J. Arol; Kuyatt, C.E.

New radiofrequency mass spectrometer having high duty cycle, p. 283
Mills, Robert M.

A power-series buildup factor formulation. Application to rectangular and off-axis disk source problems, p. 291
Hubbell, J.H.

An alinement interferometer, p. 307
Saunders, J.B.

Determination of optical path difference for a photographic objective, p. 311
Washer, Francis E.; Darling, Walter R.

Development of filters for a thermoelectric colorimeter, p. 319
Emara, Sayeda H.; Teele, Ray P.

Application of air bearings to an electrodynamic vibration standard, p. 327
Dimoff, T.; Payne, B.F.

Leak-resistant rotation seal for vacuum applications, p. 335
Howard, Frank L.

Studies on the tungsten-rhenium thermocouple to 2000 °C, p. 337
Thomas, Douglas B.

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