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Journal of Research Volume 67A

Journal of Research of NBS, Section A: Physics and Chemistry

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 67A

ISSN: 0022-4332

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6

Issue 1 January 1963

Heat of formation of calcium aluminate monosulfate at 25 °C, p. 1
Berman, H.A.; Newman, E.S.

2,3-dimethylpentane and 2-methylhexane as a test mixture for evaluating highly efficient fractionating columns, p. 15
Kuehner, Edwin C.

Phase equilibrium relations in the Sc2O3-Ga2O3 system, p. 19
Schneider, S.J.; Waring, J.L.

Analysis of two infrared bands of CH2D2, p. 27
Olson, W.B.; Allen, Harry C.; Plyler, Earle K.

Precise coulometric titrations of halides, p. 31
Marinenko, George; Taylor, John K.

Radial distribution study of vitreous barium borosilicate, p. 37
Piermarini, G.J.; Block, S.

Dynamic compressibility of poly(vinyl acetate) and its relation to free volume, p. 43
McKinney, John E.; Belcher, Harriet V.

An investigation of the constitution of the mercury-tin system, p. 55
Taylor, Duane F.; Burns, Claire L.

Effect of methyl bromide additions on the flame speed of methane, p. 71
Halpern, Carl

Issue 2 March 1963

Third spectrum of palladium (Pd III), p. 87
Shenstone, A.G.

Broadening of the rotational lines of carbon monoxide by HCl and by argon, p. 113
Thibault, R.J.; Jaffe, J.H.; Plyler, Earle K.

Theory of frustrated total reflection involving metallic surfaces, p. 115
Young, T.R.; Rothrock, B.D.

Quantitative metallography with a digital computer: Application to a Nb-Sn superconducting wire, p. 127
Moore, G.A.; Wyman, L.L.

Moiré fringes produced by a point projection x-ray microscope, p. 149
Newman, Sanford B.

Cyclic polyhydroxy ketones. I. Oxidation products of hexahydroxybenzene (benzenehexol), p. 153
Fatiadi, Alexander J.; Isbell, Horace S.; Sager, William F.

Effect of pressure and temperature on the refractive indices of benzene, carbon tetrachloride, and water, p. 163
Waxler, R.M.; Weir, C.E.

Pressure-density-temperature relations of fluid para hydrogen from 15 to 100 °K at pressures to 350 atmospheres, p. 173
Goodwin, Robert D.; Diller, Dwain E.; Roder, Hans M.; Weber, Lloyd A.

A method for determining the elastic constants of a cubic crystal from velocity measurements in a single arbitrary direction; application to SrTiO3, p. 193
Wachtman, J.B.; Wheat, M.L.; Marzullo, S.

Issue 3 May 1963

An absolute calibration of the National Bureau of Standards thermal neutron flux, p. 215
Axton, E.J.

Absorption bands of carbon dioxide from 5.3 to 4.6 microns, p. 219
Maki, Arthur G.; Plyler, Earle K.; Thibault, Robert J.

Infrared spectrum of the v2 + v6 band of C13C12H6, p. 225
Lafferty, Walter J.; Plyler, Earle K.

Self-broadening of carbon monoxide in the 2v and 3v bands, p. 229
Plyler, Earle K.; Thibault, Robert J.

Thermodynamic properties of polyethylene predicted from paraffin data, p. 233
Broadhurst, Martin G.

Spectrophotometric determination of the thermodynamic pK value of picric acid in water at 25 °C, p. 241
Davis, Marion M.; Paabo, Maya

Purity analysis of highly purified materials by time-temperature cryometry, p. 247
Ross, Gaylon S.; Dixon, Herbert D.

Synthesis of isomers of eugenol, p. 253
Brauer, Gerhard M.; Morris, Richard W.; Howe, Willard B.

Analysis of families of curves, p. 259
Mandel, John; McCrackin, Frank L.

A controlled atmosphere chamber, p. 269
Gordon, Charles L.; Johannesen, Rolf B.

Issue 4 July 1963

Symmetry splitting of equivalent sites in oxide crystals and related mechanical effects, p. 281
Wachtman, J.B.; Peiser, H.S.; Levine, E.P.

Relaxation modes for trapped crystal point defects, p. 291
Franklin, A.D.

A note on the galvanomagnetic and thermoelectric coefficients of tetragonal crystalline materials, p. 293
Hernandez, W.C.; Kahn, A.H.

Photolytic behavior of silver iodide, p. 301
Burley, G.

Correlation of muscovite sheet mica on the basis of color, apparent optic angle, and absorption spectrum, p. 309
Ruthberg, Stanley; Barnes, Mary W.; Noyce, Ralph H.

Thermodynamic properties of magnesium oxide and beryllium oxide from 298 to 1,200 °K, p. 325
Victor, Andrew C.; Douglas, Thomas B.

Heat exchange in adiabatic calorimeters, p. 331
West, E.D.

Preparation of anhydrous single crystals of rare-earth halides, p. 343
Kiess, Norman H.

A phase study of the system: Oxalic acid/acetic acid/water; its significance in oxalic acid crystal growth, p. 347
Strassburger, John; Torgesen, John L.

Wavelength calibrations in the far infrared (30 to 1000 microns), p. 351
Rao, K.N.; de Vore, R.V.; Plyler, Earle K.

On the fourth order Hamiltonian of an asymmetric rotor molecule of orthorhombic symmetry, p. 359
Olson, W.B.; Allen, H.C.

Measurement of the thickness and refractive index of very thin films and the optical properties of surfaces by ellipsometry, p. 363
McCrackin, Frank L.; Passaglia, Elio; Stromberg, Robert R.; Steinberg, Harold L.

Color phenomena associated with energy transfer in afterglows and atomic flames, p. 379
Bass, Arnold M.; Broida, H.P.

Issue 5 September 1963

Reduction of space groups to subgroups by homogeneous strain, p. 395
Peiser, H.S.; Wachtman, J.B.; Dickson, R.W.

High-temperature thermodynamic functions for zirconium and unsaturated zirconium hydrides, p. 403
Douglas, Thomas B.

Heat of oxidation of aqueous sulfur dioxide with gaseous chlorine, p. 427
Johnson, Walter H.; Ambrose, John R.

Thickness of adsorbed polystyrene layers by ellipsometry, p. 431
Stromberg, Robert R.; Passaglia, Elio; Tutas, Daniel J.

Melting temperature and change of lamellar thickness with time for bulk polyethylene, p. 441
Weeks, James J.

Precise coulometric titrations of potassium dichromate, p. 453
Marinenko, George; Taylor, John K.

Resolution limits of analyzers and oscillatory systems, p. 461
Corliss, Edith L.R.

Synthesis, purification, and physical properties of seven twelve-carbon hydrocarbons, p. 475
Mears, Thomas W.; Stanley, Connie L.; Compere, Edward L.; Howard, Frank L.

Reactions of polyfluorobenzenes with nucleophilic reagents, p. 481
Wall, Leo A.; Pummer, Walter J.; Fearn, James E.; Antonucci, Joseph M.

Issue 6 November 1963

Analysis of the spectrum of neutral atomic bromine (Br I), p. 505
Tech, Jack L.

Matrices of spin-orbit interaction in the electron configurations np2 n′ p and np4 n′ p, p. 555
Tech, Jack L.

A study of the gas-stabilized arc as an emission source for the measurement of oscillator strengths. Determination of some relative gf-values for Fe I, p. 561
Margoshes, Marvin; Scribner, Bourdon F.

Tritium-labeled compounds IX. Determination of isotope effects in reactions yielding water-t from nonvolatile reactants. Oxidation of aldoses-1-t with iodine, p. 569
Isbell, Horace S.; Sniegoski, Lorna T.

Buffer solutions of potassium dihydrogen phosphate and sodium succinate at 25 °C, p. 573
Paabo, Maya; Bates, Roger G.; Robinson, Robert A.

Recalibration of the NBS glass standards of spectral transmittance, p. 577
Keegan, Harry J.; Schleter, John C.; Belknap, Marion A.

Thermal behavior of muscovite sheet mica, p. 585
Ruthberg, Stanley

Absolute configuration and chemical topology, p. 591
Tauber, Stephen J.

Reversibility of polyester adsorption on glass, p. 601
Stromberg, Robert R.; Grant, Warren H.

Chemical purity by dielectric cryometry, p. 607
Ross, Gaylon S.; Frolen, Lois J.

Adsorption, desorption, resorption, p. 615
Loebenstein, William V.

Color phenomena in polymer fracture, p. 625
Newman, Sanford B.; Wolock, Irvin

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