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Journal of Research Volume 66D

Journal of Research of National Bureau of Standards, Section D: Radio Propagation

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 66D

ISSN: 1060-1783

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6

Issue 1 January 1962

Editorial Notice

Corrections (Volume 66D), p. ii

Announcements, p. ix

A survey of the very wide band and frequency independent antennas-1945 to the present, p. 1
Dyson, John D.

Numerical investigation of the equivalent impedance of a wire grid parallel to the interface between two media, p. 7
Larsen, Tove

Current on and input impedance of a cylindrical antenna, p. 15
Chen, Yung Ming; Keller, Joseph B.

Radar corner reflectors for linear or circular polarization, p. 23
Latmiral, G.; Sposito, A.

On the theory of wave propagation through a concentrically stratified troposphere with a smooth profile. Part II. Expansions of the rigorous solution, p. 31
Bremmer, H.

On the propagation of VLF and ELF radio waves when the ionosphere is not sharply bounded, p. 53
Wait, James R.

Fields of electric dipoles in sea water- the earth-atmosphere-ionosphere problem, p. 63
Anderson, Wallace L.

Reflection of electromagnetic waves from thin ionized gaseous layers, p. 73
Northover, F.H.

Reflection and transmission of radio waves at a continuously stratified plasma with arbitrary magnetic induction, p. 81
Johler, J. Ralph; Harper, John D. Jr

On the diffraction of spherical radio waves by a finitely conducting spherical earth, p. 101
Walters, Lillie C.; Johler, J. Ralph

An approximate full wave solution for low frequency electromagnetic waves in an unbounded magneto-ionic medium, p. 107
Hoffman, William C.

VHF radio propagation data for the Cedar Rapids-Sterling, Anchorage-Barrow, and Fargo-Churchill test paths, April 1951 through June 1958, p. 113
Sugar, George R.; Sullivan, Kenneth W.

Issue 2 March 1962

Atmospheric phenomena, energetic electrons, and the geomagnetic field, p. 127
Winckler, J.R.

The summer intensity variations of [OI] 6300 A in the tropics, p. 145
Barbier D.; Roach, F.E.; Steiger, W.R.

Generation of radio noise in the vicinity of the earth, p. 153
Sturrock, P.A.

Fading characteristics observed on a high-frequency auroral radio path, p. 159
Koch, J.W.; Petrie, H.E.

Some problems connected with Rayleigh distributions, p. 167
Siddiqui, M.M.

Impedance of a monopole antenna with a radial-wire ground system on an imperfectly conducting half space, Part I, p. 175
Maley, S.W.; King, R.J

Theory of the infinite cylindrical antenna including the feedpoint singularity in antenna current, p. 181
Duncan, R.H.

The E -field and H-field losses around antennas with a radial ground wire system, p. 189
Larsen, Tove

The electric field at the ground plane near a disk-loaded monopole, p. 205
Hansen, Jesper; Larsen, Tove

Issue 3 May 1962

A theory of radar reflections from a rough moon, p. 215
Winter, Donald F.

A lunar theory reasserted, p. 227
Siegel, K.M.; Senior, T.B.A.

Statistical distribution of the amplitude and phase of a multiply scattered field, p. 231
Beckmann, Petr

Amplitude distribution for radio signals reflected by meteor trails, II, p. 241
Wheelon, Albert D.

High resolution pulse measurements of meteor-burst propagation at 41 Mc/s over a 1,295-km path, p. 249
Carpenter, Robert J.; Ochs, Gerard R.

Ionospheric irregularities and long-distance radio propagation, p. 265
Whale, H.A.

On the role of the process of reflection in radio wave propagation, p. 273
du Castel, F.; Misme, P.; Spizzichino, A.; Voge, J.

Correlation between hourly median scattered signals and simple refractivity parameters, p. 285
Dennis, Arnett S.

Observations of radio wave phase characteristics on a high-frequency auroral path, p. 291
Koch, J.W.; Beery, W.M.

Diurnal and seasonal changes in structure of the midlatitude quiet ionosphere, p. 297
Wright, J.W.

Schumann resonances of the earth-ionosphere cavity - extremely low frequency reception at Kingston, R.I, p. 313
Polk, C.; Fitchen, F.

Propagation of plane electromagnetic waves past a shoreline, p. 319
Bazer, J.; Karp, S.N.

Currents induced on the surface of a conducting circular cylinder by a slot, p. 335
Hasserjian, Gerard; Ishimaru, A.

The National Bureau of Standards announces a three-week course in Radio Propagation, p. 372

ICES: Interdisciplinary Conference on Electromagnetic Scattering, p. 373

Issue 4 July 1962

Propagation problems with space radio communications, p. 375
Rawer, Karl

On the absolute intensity of incoherent scatter echoes from the ionosphere, p. 395
Bowles, K.L.; Ochs, G.R.; Green, J.L.

On the forward scattering of radio waves in the lower ionosphere, p. 409
Hagfors, Tor

Representation of diurnal and geographic variations of ionospheric data by numerical methods, p. 419
Jones, William B.; Gallet, Roger M.

Interaction between an obliquely incident plane electromagnetic wave and an electron beam in the presence of a static magnetic field of arbitrary strength, p. 439
Wilhelmsson, K.H.B.

An analysis of VLF mode propagation for a variable ionospheric height, p. 453
Wait, James R.

A method for the determination of lower ionosphere properties by means of field measurements on sferics, p. 463
Harris, Frank B., Jr.; Tanner, R.L.

Defocusing of radio rays by the troposphere, p. 479
Wilkerson, Robert E.

Magnetotelluric fields in the frequency range 0.03 to 7 cycles per kilosecond: Part I. Power spectra, p. 487
Horton, C.W.; Hoffman, A.A.J

Magnetotelluric fields in the frequency range 0.03 to 7 cycles per kilosecond: Part II. Geophysical interpretation, p. 495
Horton, C.W.; Hoffman, A.A.J

Impedance of a circular loop in an infinite conducting medium, p. 499
Kraichman, Martin B.

International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics to Meet in the United States, p. 508

Issue 5 September 1962

Theory of magnetotelluric fields, p. 509
Wait, James R.

Propagation characteristics of magneto-ionic plasma columns, p. 543
Formato, D.; Gilardini, A.

Dielectric loading of electric dipole antennas, p. 557
Galejs, Janis

Possible influence of the ionosphere on the impedance of a ground-based antenna, p. 563
Wait, James R.

Some statistical theory for the analysis of radio propagation data, p. 571
Siddiqui, M.M.

Auroral sporadic-E ionization, p. 581
Hunsucker, Robert D.; Owren, Leif

Comparative study of the correlation of seasonal and diurnal cycles of transhorizon radio transmission loss and surface refractivity, p. 593
Bean, B.R.; Fehlhaber, L.; Grosskopf, J.

Enhancement of the lunar tide in the noon critical frequency of the F2 layer over the magnetic equator, p. 601
Rastogi, R.G.

Scattering from a conducting sphere embedded in a semi-infinite dissipative medium, p. 607
Galejs, Janis

High-frequency scattering from a coated sphere, p. 613
Weston, V.H.; Hemenger, R.

Propagation of spherical waves through an ionosphere containing anisotropic irregularities, p. 621
Yeh, K.C.

Announcements, p. 640

Issue 6 November 1962

RF impedance probe measurements of ionospheric electron densities, p. 641
Kane, J.A.; Jackson, J.E.; Whale, H.A.

Methods for applying numerical maps of ionospheric characteristics, p. 649
Jones, William B.; Gallet, Roger M.

Very-low-frequency radio propagation in the ionosphere, p. 663
Swift, Daniel W.

Prolonged space-wave fadeouts in tropospheric propagation, p. 681
Barsis, Albrecht P.; Johnson, Mary Ellen

Range-error compensation for a troposphere with exponentially varying refractivity, p. 695
Freeman, J.J.

On the geometrical optics of curved surfaces with periodic impedance properties, p. 699
Marcinkowski, Chester J.; Felsen, Leopold B.

On the limitations of geometrical optics solutions for curved surfaces with variable impedance properties, p. 707
Marcinkowski, Chester J.; Felsen, Leopold B.

Conversion of the amplitude-probability distribution function for atmospheric radio noise from one bandwidth to another, p. 713
Spaulding, A.D.; Roubique, C.J.; Crichlow, W.Q.

Some statistical properties of pulsed oblique HF ionospheric transmissions, p. 721
Balser, Martin; Smith, William B.

Induction in a small loop moving with a magnetostatic dipole toward a conducting half space, p. 731
Kraichman, Martin B.

Propagation of terrestrial radio waves of long wavelength - theory of zonal harmonics with improved summation techniques, p. 737
Johler, J.R.; Berry, L.A.

Terminal-zone corrections for a dipole driven by a two-wire line, p. 775
Iizuka, Keigo; King, Ronold W. P.

Pattern synthesis with a flush-mounted leaky-wave antenna on a conducting circular cylinder, p. 783
Ishimaru, Akira; Beich, Frederick R.

Announcement: Fundamental Change in the CRPL-D Series, Basic Radio Propagation Predictions, p. 801

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