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Journal of Research Volume 65D

Journal of Research of National Bureau of Standards, Section D: Radio Propagation

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 65D

ISSN: 1060-1783

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6

Issue 1 January 1961

Editorial Notice, p. i
Norton, Kenneth A.

Deschamps, G.A.

Incoherent scattering by free electrons as a technique for studying the ionosphere and exosphere: some observations and theoretical considerations, p. 1
Bowles, Kenneth L.

Radio wave absorption of several gases in the 100 to 117 kMc/s frequency range, p. 15
Britt, C.O.; Tolbert, C.W.; Straiton, A.W.

On the theory of diffraction by a composite cylinder, p. 19
D. Kodis, Ralph

An atlas of oblique-incidence ionograms (A digest), p. 35
Agy, Vaughn; Davies, Kenneth; Salaman, Roger

A new approach to the mode theory of VLF propagation, p. 37
Wait, James R.

East-west effect on VLF mode transmission across the earth's magnetic field, p. 47
Dobrott, D.; Ishimaru, A.

Magneto-ionic propagation phenomena in low- and very-low-radiofrequency waves reflected by the ionosphere, p. 53
Johler, J. Ralph

Correlation of monthly median transmission loss and refractive index profile characteristics, p. 67
Bean, B.R.; Cahoon, B.A.

Characteristics of waveguides for long-distance transmission, p. 75
Karbowiak, A.E.; Solymar, L.

Useful radiation from an underground antenna, p. 89
Wheeler, Harold A.

Observation of F-layer and sporadic-E scatter at VHF in the Far East, p. 93
Miya, K.; Sasaki, T.; Ishikawa, M.

A high-resolution rapid-scan antenna, p. 101
Cottony, H.V.; Wilson, A.C.

Issue 2 March 1961

Ionospheric motions observed with high-frequency back-scatter sounders, p. 115
Tveten, Lowell H.

Relationship between red auroral arcs and ionospheric recombination, p. 129
King, G.A.M.; Roach, F.E.

Fresnel region fields of circular aperture antennas, p. 137
Hu, Ming-Kuei

Free-balloon borne meteorological refractometer, p. 149
Theisen, John F.; Gossard, Earl E.

Weather and reception level on a troposphere link - annual and short-term correlations, p. 155
Abraham, L.G., Jr.; Bradshaw, J.A.

Initial results of a new technique for investigating sferic activity, p. 157
Hefley, G.; Doherty, R.H.; Linfield, R.F.

Effect of antenna radiation angles upon HF radio signals propagated over long distances, p. 167
Utlaut, W.F.

Graphical determination of radio ray bending in an exponential atmosphere, p. 175
Pappas, C.F.; Vogler, L.E. ; Rice, P.L.

A formula for radio ray refraction in an exponential atmosphere, p. 181
Thayer, G.D.

The impedance of a monopole antenna with a circular conducting-disk ground system on the surface of a lossy half space, p. 183
Maley, S.W.; King, R.J.

Radio-wave propagation in the earth's crust, p. 189
Wheeler, Harold A.

Issue 3 May 1961

Propagation studies using direction-finding techniques, p. 197
Hayden, Edgar C.

Diversity effects in long distance high frequency radio pulse propagation, p. 213
Bowhill, S.A.

Influence of ionospheric conditions on the accuracy of high frequency direction finding, p. 225
Gething, P.J.D.

Phase difference observations at spaced aerials and their application to direction finding, p. 229
Bain, W.C.

Research at the National Bureau of Standards applicable to long-distance location and direction-finding problems, p. 233
Silberstein, R.

Design for spinning goniometer automatic direction finding, p. 237
Lindsay, W.J.; Heim, D.S.

Resolution characteristics of correlation arrays, p. 245
Linder, Isham W.

Instrumentation for propagation and direction-finding measurements, p. 253
Hayden, Edgar C.

Brooke variance classification system for DF bearings, p. 255
Beale, E.M.L.

Estimation of variances of position lines from fixes with unknown target positions, p. 263
Beale, E.M.L.

Statistics of a radio wave diffracted by a random ionosphere, p. 275
Bowhill, S.A.

Space analysis of radio signals, p. 293
Smyth, John B.

Effect of receiver bandwidth on the amplitude distribution of VLF atmospheric noise, p. 299
Fulton, Forest F., Jr.

Excitation of VLF and ELF radio waves by a horizontal magnetic dipole, p. 305
Galejs, Janis

Issue 4 July 1961

Almost fifty years of URSI, p. 317
Dellinger, J. Howard

Power density requirements for airglow excitation by gyrowaves, p. 321
Bailey, V.A.

On the validity of some approximations to the Appleton-Hartree formula, p. 323
Davies, Kenneth; King, G.A.M.

Amplitude and angular scintillations of the radio source Cygnus-A observed at Boulder, Colorado, p. 333
Lawrence, R.S.; Jespersen, J.L. ; Lamb, R.C.

Digital methods for the extraction of phase and amplitude information from a modulated signal, p. 351
Lawrence, R.S.; Jespersen, J.L.; Lamb, R.C.

Comparison between mode theory and ray theory of VLF propagation, p. 357
Volland, H.

Antenna coupling error in direction finders, p. 363
Harrison, Charles W., Jr.

The electrically short antenna as a probe for measuring free electron densities and collision frequencies in an ionzied region, p. 371
King, Ronold; Harrison, C.W., Jr.; Denton, D.H., Jr.

Effect of multiple atmospheric inversions on tropospheric radio propagation, p. 385
Northover, F.H.

A few observations of the perturbations in the phase of the low-frequency ground wave, p. 393
Ross, J.M.; Kirch, J.E.

Smooth earth diffraction calculations for horizontal polarization, p. 397
Vogler, L.E.

On the theory of mixed-path ground-wave propagation on a spherical earth, p. 401
Wait, James R.

Issue 5 September 1961

Frequency dependence of D-region scattering at VHF, p. 417
Blair, J.C.; Davis, R.M., Jr.; Kirby, R.C.

Theoretical scattering coefficient for near vertical incidence from contour maps, p. 427
Hayre, H.S.; Moore, R.K.

Mutual interference between surface and satellite communication systems, p. 433
Hartman, William J.; Decker, Martin T.

VHF and UHF signal characteristics observed on a long knife-edge diffraction path, p. 437
Barsis, A.P.; Kirby, R.S.

Experimental study of inverted L-, T-, and related transmission-line antennas, p. 449
Prasad, Sheila; King, Ronold W.P.

Reflection from a sharply bounded ionosphere for VLF propagation Perpendicular to the magnetic meridian, p. 455
Crombie, Douglass D.

Resonance of the space between earth and ionosphere, p. 465
Poeverlein, H.

Observed attenuation rate of ELF radio waves, p. 475
Jean, A.G.; Murphy, A.C. ; Wait, J.R.; Wasmundt, D.F.

A note concerning the excitation of ELF electromagnetic waves, p. 481
Wait, James R.

Computation of whistler ray paths, p. 485
Yabroff, Irving

On the analysis of LF Ionospheric radio propagation phenomena, p. 507
Johler, J. Ralph

Issue 6 November 1961

The Solar Wind, p. 537
Parker, E.N.

Attenuation coefficients for propagation at very low frequencies (VLF) during a sudden ionospheric disturbance (SID), p. 543
Pierce, E.T.

Dipole radiation in a conducting half space, p. 547
Moore, R.K.; Blair, W.E.

Reliability of atmospheric radio noise predictions, p. 565
Herman, John R.

Effects of the ionosphere on VLF navigational aids, p. 575
Blackband, W.T.

On the spectrum of terrestrial radio noise at extremely low frequencies, p. 581
Raemer, H.R.

The nonsingular embedding of transition processes within a more general framework of coupled variables, p. 595
Heading, John

Worldwide VLF standard frequency and time signal broadcasting, p. 617
Wait, A.D.; Plush, R.W.; Brown, W.W.; Morgan, A.H.

Design of panoramic ionospheric recorders, p. 629
Heisler, L.H.; Wilson, L.D.

A quick method for estimating the stage of the sunspot cycle, p. 637
Chadwick, W.B.

Measurements of low-angle radiation from a monopole, p. 641
Wilson, Alvin C.

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