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Journal of Research Volume 65C

Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards, Section C: Engineering and Instrumentation

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 65C

ISSN: 0022-4316

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 1 January 1961

Corrections (Volume 65C) ,

Electronic scanning microscope for a spectrographic plate comparator, p. 1
Kuder, M.L.

Viscoelastometer for measurement of flow and elastic recovery, p. 9
Overberg, R. J.; Leaderman, H.

An ultra low frequency bridge for dielectric measurements, p. 23
Scheiber, D.J.

The Ephi system for VLF direction finding, p. 43
Hefley, G.; Linfield, R.F.; Davis, T.L.

Fast counting of alpha particles in air ionization chambers, p. 51
Bay, Z.; McLernon, F.D.; Newman, P.A.

X-ray diffraction measurement of intragranular misorientation in α-brass subjected to reverse plastic strain, p. 57
Newton, C. J.; Vacher, H. C.

Enthalpy and specific heat of 9 corrosion-resistant alloys at high temperatures, p. 65
Douglas, Thomas B.; Victor, Andrew C.

Determination of minor constituents in low-alloy steels by x-ray spectroscopy, p. 71
Michaelis, Robert E.; Alvarez, Robert; Kilday, Betty Ann

Issue 2 April 1961

Pressurization and stratification of liquid hydrogen, p. 81
Schmidt, A. F.; Purcell, J. R.; Wilson, W. A.; Smith, R. V.

Temperature dependence of elastic constants of some cermet specimens, p. 89
Spinner, S.

Analog simulation of zone melting, p. 97
Mason, H. L.

Residual losses in a guard-ring micrometer-electrode holder for solid-disk dielectric specimens, p. 101
Scott, A.H., Harris, W.P.

A bolometer mount efficiency measurement technique, p. 113
Engen, G.H.

Telescope for measurement of optic angle of mica, p. 125
Ruthberg, Stanley

An automatic fringe counting interferometer for use in the calibration of line scales, p. 129
Cook, H.D.; Marzetta, L.A.

Issue 3 July 1961

Prediction of symptoms of cavitation, p. 147
Jacobs, R.B.

Heating and cooling of air flowing through an underground tunnel, p. 157
Peavy, B.A.

Stress-corrosion cracking of the AZ31B magnesium alloy, p. 165
Logan, Hugh L.

Coatings formed on steel by cathodic protection and their evaluation by polarization measurements, p. 171
Schwerdtfeger, W. J.; Manuele, Raul J.

Calibration of inductance standards in the Maxwell-Wien bridge circuit, p. 183
Zapf, T.L.

Calibration of loop antennas at VLF, p. 189
Jean, A.G.; Taggart, H.E.; Wait, J.R.

Location of the plane of best average definition with low contrast resolution patterns, p. 195
Washer, F.E.; Tayman, W.P.

Influence of temperature and relative humidity on the photographic response to Co60 Gamma radiation, p. 203
Ehrlich, Margarete

Issue 4 October 1961

A new airglow photometer, p. 213
Purdy, C.M.; Megill, L.R.; Roach, F.E.

A guide to the use of the modified reflectometer technique of VSWR measurement, p. 217
Anson, W.J.

An x-ray diffractometer cryostat providing temperature control in the range 4 to 300 °K, p. 225
Mauer, Floyd A.; Bolz, Leonard H.

Apparatus for determination of pressure-density-temperature relations and specific heats of hydrogen to 350 atmospheres at temperatures above 14 °K, p. 231
Goodwin, Robert D.

The use of a thermistor for detecting eluent fronts in liquid-solid chromatography, p. 245
Ross, Gaylon S.

Radiation field from a circular disk source, p. 249
Hubbell, J.H.; Bach, R.L.; Herbold, R.J.

The Bauschinger effect and residualmicrostresses in alpha brass, p. 265
Newton, C.J.

A study by polarization techniques of the corrosion rates of aluminum and steel underground for sixteen months, p. 271
Schwerdtfeger, W. J.

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