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Journal of Research Volume 64D

Journal of Research of National Bureau of Standards, Section D: Radio Propagation

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 64D

ISSN: 1060-1783

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6

Issue 1 January 1960

Foreword. Report of the United States of America National Committee to the XIII General Assembly of the International Scientific Radio Union, London, England, September 5 to 15, 1960, p. i

Corrections (Volume 64D), p. ii

Effect of antenna size on gain, bandwidth, and efficiency, p. 1
Harrington, Roger F.

Surface-wave resonance effect in a reactive cylindrical structure excited by an axial line source, p. 13
Cullen, A. L.

Basic experimental studies of the magnetic field from electromagnetic sources immersed in a semi-infinite conducting medium, p. 21
Kraichman, Martin B.

A very-low-frequency antenna for investigating the ionosphere with horizontally polarized radio waves, p. 27
Macmillan, R.S.; Rusch, W. V. T.; Golden, R. M.

Effects of high-altitude nuclear explosions on radio noise, p. 37
Samson, C. A.

Measured frequency spectra of very-low-frequency atmospherics, p. 41
Obayashi, Tatsuzo

Determination of the amplitude-probability distribution of atmospheric radio noise from slalistical moments, p. 49
Crichlow, W.Q. ; Roubique, C.J.; Spaulding, A.D.; Beery, W.M.

Measurements of coastal deviation of high-frequency radio waves, p. 57
McLeish, C.W.

An exact earth-flattening procedure in propagation around a sphere, p. 61
Koo, Benjamin Y.C.; Katzin, Martin

Limit of spatial resolution of refractometer cavities, p. 65
Hartman, William J.

Conference on arctic communication, p. 73
Kirby, R.C.; Little, C.G.

Tropospheric scatter propagation and atmospheric circulations, p. 81
Moler, William F.; Holden, D.B.

Layered earth propagation in the vicinity of Point Barrow, Alaska, p. 95
Stanley, Glenn M.

Announcement of Systematic Ionospheric Electron Density Data, p. 99

Issue 2 March 1960

Optimum frequencies for outer space communication, p. 105
Haydon, George W.

The joint use of the ordinary and extraordinary virtual height curves in determining ionos[)heric layer jirofiles, p. 111
Storey, L.R.O.

Measured statistical characteristics and narrow-band teletype message errors on a single-sideband 600-mile-long ultrahigh-frequency tropospheric radio link, p. 125
Florman, E.F.; Plush, R.W.

Impedance of a corner-reflector antenna as a function of the diameter and length of the driven element, p. 135
Wilson, A.C.

The electric field at the ground plane near a top-loaded monopole antenna with special regard to electrically small L. and T-antennas, p. 139
Knudsen, H. Lottrup; Larsen, T.

Terrestrial propagation of very-low-frequency radio waves, a theoretical investigation, p. 153
Wait, James R.

Aurora of October 22/23, 1958, at Rapid City, South Dakota, p. 205
Roach, F. E.; Marovich, E.

Issue 3 May 1960

A theory of radar scattering by the moon, p. 217
Senior, T.B.A.; Siegel, K.M.

A theory of wavelength dependence in ultrahigh frequency transhorizon propagation based on meteorological considerations, p. 231
Bolgiano, Ralph, Jr.

A preliminary study of radiometeorological effects on beyond-horizon propagation, p. 239
Ikegami, F.

The trade-wind inversion as a transoceanic duct, p. 247
Katzin, M.; Pezzner, H.; Koo, B. Y.-C.; Larson, J. V.; Katzin, J.C.

An analysis of propagation measurements made at 418 megacycles per second well beyond the radio horizon (a digest), p. 255
Janes, H.B.; Stroud, J.C.; Decker, M.T.

On the calculation of the departures of radio wave bending from normal, p. 259
Bean, B.R.; Dutton, E.J.

On the mode theory of very-low-frequency propagation in the presence of a transverse magnetic field, p. 265
Crombie, D.D.

On the theory of reflection of low- and very-low-radiofrequency waves from the ionosphere, p. 269
Johler, J. Ralph; Walters, Lillie C.

Focusing, defocusing, and refraction in a circularly stratified atmosphere, p. 287
Toman, K.

Response of a loaded electric dipole in an imperfectly conducting cylinder of finite length, p. 289
Harrison, Charles W., Jr.; King, Ronold W.P.

Impedance characteristics of a uniform current loop having a spherical core, p. 295
Adachi, Saburo

Issue 4 July 1960

Relation of turbulence theory to ionospheric forward scatter propagation experiments, p. 301
Wheelon, Albert D.

Propagation at oblique incidence over cylindrical obstacles, p. 311
Bachynski, M.P.

Diffraction by smooth conical obstacles, p. 317
Neugebauer, H.E.J.; Bachynski, M.P.

Characteristics of 488 megacycles per second radio signals reflected from the moon, p. 331
Blevis, B.C.; Chapman, J.H.

The use of polarization fading of satellite signals to study the electron content and irregularities in the ionosphere, p. 335
Little, C. Gordon; Lawrence,Robert S.

Note on a test of the equivalence theorem for sporadic E propagation, p. 347
Wright, J.W.; Gautier, T.N.

Daytime attenuation rates in the very low frequency band using atmospherics, p. 349
Taylor, W.L.

Measured electrical properties of snow and glacial ice, p. 357
Watt, A.D.; Maxwell, E.L.

Half-wave cylindrical antenna in a dissipative medium: current and impedance, p. 365
King, Ronold; Harrison, Charles W.

Preface to ELF papers, p. 381
Wait, James R.

Some ELF phenomena, p. 383
Pierce, E.T.

Mode theory and the propagation of ELF radio waves, p. 387
James R. Wait

Studies of natural electric and magnetic fields, p. 405
Garland, G.D.; Webster, T.F.

Natural electromagnetic energy below the ELF range, p. 409
Campbell, Wallace H.

Possible application of the system loss concept at ELF, p. 413
Norton, Kenneth A.

Measurements of the spectrum of radio noise from 50 to 100 cycle per second, p. 415
Balser, M.; Wagner, C.A.

Issue 5 September 1960

ELF electric fields from thunderstorms, p. 425
Watt, A.D.

Field strength measurements in fresh water, p. 435
Saran, Gurdip S.; Held, Gedalia

Electrical resistivity studies on the Athabasca Glacier, Alberta, Canada, p. 439
Keller, G.V.; Frischknecht, F.C.

Amplitude distribution for radio signals reflected by meteor trails, p. 449
Wheelon, Albert D.

Computation and measurement of the fading rate of moon-reflected UHF signals, p. 455
Fricker, S.J.; Ingalls, R.P.; Mason, W.C.; Stone, M.L.; Swift, D.W.

On the theory of wave propagation through a concentrically stratified troposphere with a smooth profile, p. 467
Bremmer, H.

Polarization and depression-angle dependence of radar terrain return, p. 483
Katz, I.; Spetner, L.M.

Methods of predicting the atmospheric bending of radio rays, p. 487
Bean, B.R.; Thayer, G.D.; Cahoon, B.A.

Loss in channel capacity resulting from starting delay in meteor-burst communication, p. 493
Sugar, George R.

Elementary considerations of the effects of multipath propagation in meteorburst communication, p. 495
Sugar, George R.; Carpenter, Robert J.; Ochs, Gerard R.

Use of logarithmic frequency spacing in ionogram analysis, p. 501
King, G.A.M.

Guiding of whistlers in homogeneous medium, p. 505
Smith, R.L.

Propagation of microwaves through a magneto-plasma, and a possible method for determining the electron velocity distributions, p. 509
Cullen, A.L.

On electromagnetic radiation in magneto-ionic media, p. 515
Kogelnik, Herwig

Radiation and admittance of an insulated slotted-sphere antenna surrounded by a strongly ionized plasma sheath, p. 525
Marini, John W.

A contribution to the theory of corrugated guides, p. 533
Piefke, G.

High-gain, very low side-lobe antenna with capability for beam slewing, p. 557
Wilson, Alvin C.

Shielding of transient electromagnetic signals by a thin conducting sheet, p. 563
Zitron, N.R.

Cylindrical antenna theory, p. 569
Duncan, R.H.; Hinchey, F.A.

Errata, p. 589

Issue 6 November 1960

URSI National Committee Report: Commission 1. Radio Measurement Methods and Standards, p. 591
Gerber, E.A.; Engen, G.F.; Deschamps, G.A.; Weinschel, B.O.; Oliver, B.M.; Selby, M.C.; Thompson, M.C., Jr.

URSI National Committee Report: Commission 2. Tropospheric Radio Propagation, p. 607

URSI National Committee Report: Commission 3. Ionospheric Radio Propagation. Review of USA Activity in the Fields of Interest of URSI Commission 3 During the Triennium 1957 Through 1959, p. 629

URSI National Committee Report: Commission 4. Radio Noise of Terrestrial Origin, p. 637
Crichlow, William Q. (editor)

URSI National Committee Report: Commission 5. Radio Astronomy. Review of Developments Occurring Within the United States of America in the Field of Radio Astronomy, p. 655

URSI National Committee Report: Commission 6. Radio Waves and Circuits. Part 1. Information Theory and Coding, p. 671
Elias, P.

URSI National Committee Report: Commission 7. Radio Electronics. 1. Parametric Amplifiers, p. 751
Tien, P.K.; Heffner, H.

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