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Journal of Research Volume 64A

Journal of Research of NBS, Section A: Physics and Chemistry

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 64A

ISSN: 0022-4332

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6

Issue 1 January 1960

The 1958 He4 scale of temperatures. Part 1. Introduction, p. 1
Brickwedde, F. G.

The 1958 He4 scale of temperatures. Part 2. Tables for the 1958 temperature scale, p. 4
van Dijk, H.; Durieux, M.; Clement, J. R.; Logan, J. K.

Energy levels and spectrum of neutral helium (4He I), p. 19
Martin, William C.

Vibration-rotation structure in absorption bands for the calibration of spectrometers from 2 to 16 microns, p. 29
Plyler, Earle K.; Danti, Alfred; Blaine, L. R.; Tidwell, E. D.

Combustion calorimetry with fluorine: constant pressure flame calorimetry, p. 49
Armstrong, G. T.; Jessup, R. S.

Pits in metals caused by collision with liquid drops and rigid steel spheres, p. 61
Engel, Olive G.

Theory of formation of polymer crystals with folded chains in dilute solution, p. 73
Lauritzen, John I., Jr.; Hoffman, John D.

Studies of beryllium chromite and other beryllia compounds with R2O3 oxides, p. 103
BWeir, C. E.; van Valkenburg, A.

Uranium-platinum system, p. 107
Park, J. J.; Fickle, D. P.

Nitriding phenomena in titanium and the 6Al-4V titanium alloy, p. 119
Cuthill, J. R.; Hayes, W. D.; Seebold, R. E.

Stability of silver and Pyrex in perchloric acid-silver perchlorate solutions and in conductivity water, p. 127
Craig, D. Norman; Law, Catherine A.; Hamer, Walter J.

Note on the preparation of sodium amalgam in the form of pellets, p. 135
Isbell, H. S.; Frush, H. L.; Holt, N. B.

Issue 2 March 1960

A carbon-14 beta-ray standard, benzoic acid-7-C-14 in toluene, for liquid scintillation counters, p. 143
Marlow, W. F.; Medlock, R. W.

A comparison of experimental and theoretical relations between Young's modulus and the flexural and longitudinal resonance frequencies of uniform bars, p. 147
Spinner, S.; Reichard, T. W.; Tefft, W. E.

Determination of copolymer composition by combustion analysis for carbon and hydrogen, p. 157
Wood, Lawrence A.; Madorsky, Irving; Paulson, Rolf A.

Some effects of aging on the surface area of Portland cement paste, p. 163
Hunt, C. M.; Tomes, L. A.; Blaine, R. L.

Conformations of the pyranoid sugars. I. Classification of conformers, p. 171
Isbell, Horace S.; Tipson, R. Stuart

Tritium-labeled compounds III. Aldoses-1-t, p. 177
Isbell, H. S.; Frush, H. L.; Holt, N. B.; Moyer, J. D.

Determination of aluminum in precipitation hardening stainless steel and high temperature alloys, p. 181
Machlan, Lawrence A.; Hague, John L.; Meros, Edward J.

Issue 3 May 1960

Phase shift effects in Fabry-Perot interferometry, p. 191
Koester, Charles J.

Infrared absorption spectrum of methane from 2470 to 3200 cm-1, p. 201
Plyler, Earle K.; Tidwell, Eugene D.; Blaine, Lamdin R.

Elastic constants of synthetic single crystal corundum at room temperature, p. 213
Wachtman, J. B., Jr.; Tefft, W. E.; Lam, D. G.; Stinchfield, R. P.

Radial distribution study of vitreous barium borate, p. 229
Bienenstock, Arthur; Posner, Aaron S.; Block, Stanley

Separation and determination of small quantities of aluminum in steel, p. 235
Bendigo, Bruce B.; Bell, Rosemond K.

Conformations of the pyranoid sugars.II. Infrared absorption spectra of some aldopyranosides, p. 239
Tipson, R. Stuart; Isbell, Horace S.

Issue 4 July 1960

Gamma irradiation of hexafluorobenzene, p. 269
Florin, R.E.; Wall, L. A.; Brown, D. W.

Behavior of isolated disturbances superimposed on laminar flow in a rectangular pipe, p. 281
Sherlin, Grover C.

Standard of spectral radiance for the region of 0.25 to 2.6 microns, p. 291
Stair, Ralph; Johnston, Russell G.; Halbach, E. W.

Photovoltaic effect produced in silicon solar cells by x-rays and gamma rays, p. 297
Scharf, Karl

Phase equilibria in systems involving the rare-earth oxides. Part I. Polymorphism of the oxides of the trivalent rare-earth ions, p. 309
Roth, R. S.; Schneider, S. J.

Phase equilibria in systems involving the rare-earth oxides. Part II. Solid state reactions in trivalent rare-earth oxide systems, p. 317
Schneider, S. J.; Roth, R. S.

Some observations on the calcium aluminate carbonate hydrates, p. 333
Carlson, Elmer T.; Berman, Horace A.

Acid dissociation constant and related thermodynamic quantities for triethanolammonium ion in water from 0° to 50 °C, p. 343
Bates, Roger G.; Allen, Guy F.

Ionization constants of 4 dinitrophenols in water at 25 °C, p. 347
Robinson, Robert A.; Davis, Marion Maclean; Paabo, Maya; Bower, Vincent E.

Dissociation constant of anisic (p-methoxybenzoic) acid in the system ethanol-water at 25 °C, p. 351
Sager, Elizabeth E.; Bower, Vincent E.

Preparation of sulfur of high purity, p. 355
Murphy, Thomas J.; Clabaugh, W. Stanley; Gilchrist, Raleigh

Tritium-labeled compounds IV. D-glucose-6-t, d-xylose-5-t, and d-mannitol-1-t, p. 359
Isbell, Horace S.; Frush, Harriet L.; Moyer, Joseph D.

Tritium-labeled compounds V. Radioassay of both carbon-14 and tritium in films, with a proportional counter, p. 363
Isbell, Horace S.; Frush, Harriet L.; Holt, Nancy B.

Issue 5 September 1960

Infrared spectrum of hydrobromic aid, p. 377
Plyler, Earle K.

Determination of the value of the faraday with a silver-perchloric acid coulometer, p. 381
Craig, D. Norman; Hoffman, James I.; Law, Catherine A.; Hamer, Walter J.

Systems silver iodide-sodium iodide and silver iodide-potassium iodide, p. 403
Burley, G.; Kissinger, H. E.

Conformations of the pyranoid sugars. III. Infrared absorption spectra of some acetylated aldopyranosides, p. 405
Tipson, R. Stuart; Isbell, Horace S.

Dissociation constant of 4-aminopyridinium ion in water from 0° to 50 °C and related thermodynamic quantities, p. 427
Bates, Roger G.; Hetzer, Hannah B.

Tritium-labeled compounds VI. Alditols-1-t and alditols-2-t, p. 433
Frush, Harriet L.; Isbell, Horace S.; Fatiadi, Alexander J.

Issue 6 November 1960

The spectrum of singly ionized atomic iodine (I ii), p. 443
Martin, William C.; Corliss, Charles H.

The third spectrum of gold (Au III), p. 481
Iglesias, Laura

Tolerances for layer thicknesses in dielectric multilayer coatings and interference filters, p. 487
Mielenz, Klaus D.

Note on particle velocity in collisions between liquid drops and solids, p. 497
Engel, Olive G.

Resistance of white sapphire and hot-pressed alumina to collision with liquid drops, p. 499
Engel, Olive G.

Note on the thermal degradation of polytetrafluoroethylene as a first-order reaction, p. 513
Madorsky, S. L.; Straus, S.

Heat of formation of titanium trichloride, p. 515
Johnson, Walter H.; Gilliland, Alexis A.; Prosen, Edward J.

Heat of formation of decaborane, p. 521
Johnson, Walter H.; Kilday, Marthada V.; Prosen, Edward J.

Ultra low-conductivity water by electrophoretic ion exclusion, p. 527
Haller, Wolfgang; Duecker, H. C.

Spectrophotometric determination of the ionization constant of dimethylpicric acid (2,4,6-trinitro-3,5-xylenol) in water at 25 °C, p. 531
Davis, Marion Maclean; Paabo, Maya; Robinson, Robert A.

Spectrophotometric determination of the ionization constant of 2,4,6-trinitro-m-cresol in water at 25 °C, p. 533
Davis, Marion Maclean; Paabo, Maya

Method for the separation of titanium, zirconium, iron, and aluminum from one another and for their subsequent determination, p. 535
Murphy, Thomas; Clabaugh, W. Stanley; Gilchrist, Raleigh

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