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Journal of Research Volume 60

Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 60

ISSN: 0091-0635

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6

Issue 1 January 1958

The condition of certain matrices, iii, p. 1
Todd, J.

Infrared study of some structural changes in natural rubber during vulcanization, p. 9
Linnig, F.J.; Stewart, J.E.

Crystal structure of barium hydrogen orthophosphate, p. 23
Burley, G.

A study of sampling of flame gases, p. 29
Halpern, C.; Ruegg, F.W.

Pyrolysis of polyamides, p. 39
Straus, S.; Wall, L.A.

Some thermodynamic properties of the systems polybutadiene-benzene and polyisobutene-benzene, p. 47
Jessup, R.S.

Infrared measurements with a small grating from 100 to 300 microns, p. 55
Plyler, E.K.; Blaine, L.R.

A low-frequency annular-slot antenna, p. 59
Wait, J.R.

Relation between the absorption spectra and the chemical constitution of dyes: XXIX. Interaction of direct azo dyes in aqueous solution, p. 65
Inscoe, M.N.; Gould, J.H.; Corning, M.E.; Brode, W.R.

Issue 2 February 1958

Energy spectra of cascade electrons and photons, p. 85
Olson, C.A.; Spencer, L.V.

Observer differences in color-mixture functions studied by means of a pair of metameric grays, p. 97
Kelly, K.L.

Precise evaluation of surface area with indirectly calculated dead space, p. 105
Loebenstein, W.V.

Sample calculations of gamma-ray penetration into shelters: Contributions of sky shine and roof contamination, p. 109
Berger, M.J.Lamkin, J.C.

Heat content of sodium borohydride and of potassium borohydride from 0-degrees-C to 400-degrees-C, p. 117
Douglas, T.B.; Harman, A.W.

Infrared spectra of crystalline polyphenyls, p. 125
Stewart, J.E.; Hellmann, M.

On the application of steam-driven water jets for propulsion purposes, p. 137
Burgers, J.M.; Ghaffari, A.

Mass spectra and relative sensitivities of some polyphenyls, p. 143
Bradt, P.; Mohler, F.L.

Infrared spectra of thermally degraded poly(vinyl-chloride), p. 147
Stromberg, R.R.; Straus, S.; Achhammer, B.G.

Issue 3 March 1958

Current and potential relations for the cathodic protection of steel in salt water, p. 153
Schwerdtfeger, W.J.

Joule-thomson process in the liquefaction of helium, p. 161
Brown, E.H.; Dean, J.W.

Changes in the properties of an asphalt during the blowing operation, p. 169
Kleinschmidt, L.R.; Snoke, H.R.

Creep of annealed nickel, copper, and two nickel-copper alloys, p. 173
Jenkins, W.D.; Johnson, C.R.

Stress-strain relation of pure-gum rubber vulcanizates in compression and tension, p. 193
Wood, L.A.

Tables for diagonalizing 2nd-order matrices, p. 201
Trees, R.E.; Coleman, C.DeW.

Effects of capillary shape on flow characteristics and degradation of polymer solutions, p. 215
White, H.S.; Belcher, H.V.

Ortho-para catalysis in liquid-hydrogen production, p. 221
Weitzel, D.H.; Loebenstein, W.V.; Draper, J.W.; Park, O.E.

Degradation of cellulose in a vacuum with ultraviolet light, p. 229
Flynn, J.H.; Wilson, W.K.; Morrow, W.L.

Cavity ionization as a function of wall material, p. 235
Attix, F.H.; Vergne, L.D.; Ritz, V.H.

Fragmentation of waterdrops in the zone behind an air shock, p. 245
Engel, O.G.

Issue 4 April 1958

Transient radio-frequency ground waves over the surface of a finitely conducting plane earth, p. 281
Johler, J.R.

Measurement of current with a pellat-type electrodynamometer, p. 287
Driscoll, R.L.

Measurement of current with the National Bureau of Standards current balance, p. 297
Driscoll, R.L.; Cutkosky, R.D.

Radial distribution of the center of gravity of random points on a unit circle, p. 307
Scheid, F.

An adiabatic calorimeter for the range 30-degrees-C to 500-degrees-C, p. 309
West, E.D.; Ginnings, D.C.

An evaluation of the luminous-transmittance requirements for railroad-signal glassware in terms of standard source-a of the international commission on illumination, p. 317
Breckenridge, F.C.

Random notes on matrices, p. 321
Goldberg, K.

Range finders using projected images, p. 327
Stephens, R.E.

Effect of rib flexibility on the vibration modes of a delta-wing aircraft, p. 335
Kroll, W.D.

Thermal degradation of cellulosic materials, p. 343
Madorsky, S.L.; Hart, V.E.; Straus, S.

Role of vitrons in alkali silicate binary glasses, p. 351
Tilton, L.W.

Elastic problem for a ring of uniform force in an infinite body, p. 365
Pell, W.H.

Description and analysis of the second spectrum of molybdenum, Mo II, p. 375
Kiess, C.C.

Issue 5 May 1958

Forces on cylinders and plates in an oscillating fluid, p. 423
Keulegan, G.H.; Carpenter, L.H.

Reaction of portland cement with carbon dioxide, p. 441
Hunt, C.M.; Dantzler, V.; Tomes, L.A.; Blaine, R.L.

Average energy of sulfur-35 beta decay, p. 447
Seliger, H.H.; Mann, W.B.; Cavallo, L.M.

Effect of structure on the thermal decomposition of polymers, p. 451
Wall, L.A.; Florin, R.E.

Comparison of theoretical and empirical relations between the shear modulus and torsional resonance frequencies for bars of rectangular cross section, p. 459
Spinner, S.; Valore, R.C.

Specific volume and degree of crystallinity of semicrystalline poly(chlorotrifluoroethylene), and estimated specific volumes of the pure amorphous and crystalline phases, p. 465
Hoffman, J.D.; Weeks, J.J.

Heat and ultraviolet aging of poly(vinyl chloride), p. 481
Bersch, C.F.; Harvey, M.R.; Achhammer, B.G.

Determination of water vapor from the change in electrical resistance of a hydroscopic film, p. 489
Weaver, E.R.; Hughes, E.E.; Diniak, A.W.

Improved bridge method for the measurement of core losses in ferromagnetic materials at high flux densities, p. 509
Harris, W.P.; Cooter, I.L.

Stress-strain relationships in yarns subjected to rapid impact loading: 5. Wave propagation in long textile yarns impacted transversely, p. 517
Smith, J.C.; Mccrackin, F.L.; Schiefer, H.F.

Issue 6 June 1958

Measurement of flame speeds by a nozzle burner method, p. 535
Halpern, C.

Growth of preferentially oriented aluminum single crystals, p. 547
Orem, T.H.

Marginal performance of corrected ophthalmic lenses, p. 551
Washer, F.E.; Darling, W.R.

Enthalpy and heat capacity from 0-degrees-C to 900-degrees-C of three nickel-chromium-iron alloys of different carbon contents, p. 563
Douglas, T.B.; Harman, A.W.

Relative strengths of forty aromatic carboxylic acids in benzene at 25-degrees-C, p. 569
Davis, M.M.; Hetzer, H.B.

Shape of the liquidus surface as a criterion of stable glass formation, p. 593
Hamilton, E.H.; Cleek, G.W.

Twinned epitaxy of copper on copper, p. 597
Orem, T.H.

Dielectric constant of deuterium oxide, p. 609
Malmberg, C.G.

Additional abscissas and weights for Gaussian quadratures of high order: Values for n=64, 80, and 96, p. 613
Davis, P.; Rabinowitz, P.

Mass spectra of aromatic hydrocarbons filtered from smoky air, p. 615
Mohler, F.L.; Bradt, P.; Dibeler, V.H.

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