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Journal of Research Volume 59

Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 59

ISSN: 0091-0635

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6

Issue 1 July 1957

Thermal length changes of some refractory castables, p. 1
Schneider, S.J.; Mong, L.E.

Precise intercomparison of acids by differential potentiometric titration with hydrogen electrodes, p. 9
Bates, R.G.; Wichers, E.

Mixed-path ground-wave propagation: 2. Larger distances, p. 19
Wait, J.R.; Householder, J.

A spectroscopic study of oils used in oil-extended rubber, p. 27
Linnig, F.J.; Stewart, J.E.

Infrared spectra of sugar acetates in solution, p. 41
Isbell, H.S.; Smith, F.A.; Creitz, E.C.; Frush, H.L.; Moyer, J.D.; Stewart, J.E.

Issue 2 August 1957

A problem in self-heating of a spherical body, p. 79
Genensky, S.M.

Properties of arsenic sulfide glass, p. 83
Glaze, F.W.; Blackburn, D.H.; Osmalov, J.S.; Hubbard, D.; Black, M.H.

Thermal conductivity of beryllium oxide from 40-degrees-C to 750-degrees-C, p. 93
Ditmars, D.A.; Ginnings, D.C.

A self-balancing direct-current bridge for accurate bolometric power measurements, p. 101
Engen, G.F.

Some observations on hydrated monocalcium aluminate and monostrontium aluminate, p. 107
Carlson, E.T.

Turbidity and viscosity measurements on some cationic detergents in water and in sodium chloride solutions, p. 113
Kushner, L.M.; Hubbard, W.D.; Parker, R.A.

Relative stress-optical coefficients of some National Bureau of Standards optical glasses, p. 121
Waxler, R.M.; Napolitano, A.

Physicochemical studies of the destructive alkali-aggregate reaction in concrete, p. 127
Pike, R.G.; Hubbard, D.

Insulated loop antenna immersed in a conducting medium, p. 133
Wait, J.R.

Noncrystal ionic model for silica glass, p. 139
Tilton, L.W.

Issue 3 September 1957

A computation of cyclic cubic units, p. 155
Cohn, H.; Gorn, S.

Estimation of the frequencies of thin elastic plates with free edges, p. 169
Kato, T.; Fujita, H.; Nakata, Y.; Newman, M.

A thermochemical study of the reaction of calcium hydroxide, silica gel, and water, p. 187
Newman, E.S.

On some expansions for bessel integral functions, p. 197
Oberhettinger, F.

Table of the first moment of ranked extremes, p. 203
Lieblein, J.; Salzer, H.E.

An approximate expression for gamma-ray degradation spectra, p. 207
Fano, U.; Nelms, A.T.

Some infrared bands of deuterium sulfide, p. 211
Allen, H.C.; Plyler, E.K.; Blaine, L.R.

Some effects of low temperatures and notch depth on the mechanical behavior of an annealed commercially pure titanium, p. 215
Geil, G.W.; Carwile, N.L.

Determination and use of the sag point as a reference point in the heating of glasses, p. 227
Spinner, S.; Cleek, G.W.; Hamilton, E.H.

Issue 4 October 1957

Formulas for inverse osculatory interpolation in the complex plane, p. 233
Salzer, H.E.

An x-ray study of textural stresses in two-phase alloys, p. 239
Newton, C.J.; Vacher, H.C.

Dissociation of 4-chloro-4'-aminodiphenylsulfone, p. 245
Sager, E.E.; Byers, F.C.

Speed of sound in water by a direct method, p. 249
Greenspan, M.; Tschiegg, C.E.

Pattern of a flush-mounted microwave antenna, p. 255
Wait, J.R.

Standards for pH measurements from 60-degrees-C to 95-degrees-C, p. 261
Bower, V.E.; Bates, R.G.

A numerical study of Dedekind's cubic class number formula, p. 265
Cohn, H.

Impact properties of slack-quenched alloy steels, p. 273
Meyerson, M.R.; Rosenberg, S.J.

Synthesis of C14-labeled L-sorbose and L-ascorbic acid, p. 289
Frush, H.L.; Isbell, H.S.

Issue 5 November 1957

A determination of the gamma-ray emission of radium, p. 293
Attix, F.H.; Ritz, V.H.

Radiation from slots on dielectric-clad and corrugated cylinders, p. 307
Wait, J.R.; Conda, A.M.

Infrared emission spectrum of methane at 3.3 microns, p. 317
Plyler, E.K.; Blaine, L.R.

Term analysis of the first spectrum of rhenium (re i), p. 319
Klinkenberg, P.F.A.; Meggers, W.F.; Velasco, R.; Catalan, M.A.

An apparatus for measurement of thermal conductivity of solids at low temperatures, p. 349
Powell, R.L.; Rogers, W.M.; Coffin, D.O.

Issue 6 December 1957

Some factors affecting the surface area of hydrated portland cement as determined by water-vapor and nitrogen adsorption, p. 357
Tomes, L.A.; Hunt, C.M.; Blaine, R.L.

Excitation of surface waves on conducting, stratified, dielectric-clad, and corrugated surfaces, p. 365
Wait, J.R.

Cunife wire magnets of small size, p. 379
Cooter, I.L.; Mundy, R.E.

Interpretation of mass spectra of condensates from urban atmospheres, p. 383
Weaver, E.R.; Hughes, E.E.; Gunther, S.M.; Schuhmann, S.; Redfearn, N.T.; Gorden, R.

Infrared emission spectrum of silicon carbide heating elements, p. 405
Stewart, J.E.; Richmond, J.C.

Increased chemical reactivity of the surface compared with that in the bulk volume of britton-robinson universal buffers, p. 411
Pike, R.G.; Hubbard, D.

Photometric determination of tungsten in steel and titanium alloys with dithiol, p. 415
Machlan, L.A.; Hague, J.L.

On the most general form of the compatibility equations and the conditions of integrability of strain rate and strain, p. 421
Brown, E.H.

An apparatus for measuring the piezoresistivity of semiconductors, p. 427
Potter, R.F.; Mckean, W.J.

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