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Journal of Research Volume 58

Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 58

ISSN: 0091-0635

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6

Issue 1 January 1957

Influence of a ridge on the low-frequency ground wave, p. 1
Wait, J.R.; Murphy, A.

Phase-diagram study of alloys in the iron-chromium-molybdenum-nickel system, p. 7
Bechtoldt, C.J.; Vacher, H.C.

Construction of a kosters double-image prism, p. 21
Saunders, J.B.

The kosters interferometer, p. 27
Saunders, J.B.

Spectral absorbance of some aqueous solutions in the range 10-degrees to 40-degrees-C, p. 33
Sager, E.E.; Byers, F.C.

Radiant-heat transfer between nongray parallel plates, p. 37
Goodman, S.

Wavelengths from iron-halide lamps, p. 41
Stanley, R.W.; Meggers, W.F.

Resistance of flow in teflon and brass tubes, p. 51
Brockman, M.R.

Issue 2 February 1957

Theory of dielectric relaxation for the three-dimensional polar rotator: Lattice models leading to bimodal loss curves, p. 61
Hoffman, J.D.; Axilrod, B.M.

Classification of perovskite and other ABO3-type compounds, p. 75
Roth, R.S.

Thermal expansion of some nickel alloys, p. 89
Hidnert, P.

Intermolecular forces in air, p. 93
Friedman, A.S.

Matrices of spin-orbit interaction of the electron configuration d4-s, p. 95
Bozman, W.R.; Trees, R.E.

A high-speed computer for predicting radioactive fallout, p. 101
Wright, J.H.; Taback, L.; Skramstad, H.K.

Standard ionization-chamber requirements for 250- to 500-kilovolt x-rays, p. 111
Wyckoff, H.O.; Kirn, F.S.

Issue 3 March 1957

Relative dimensional stabilities of a selected series of stainless-steel decimeter bars, p. 119
Page, B.L.

Thermal quenching in alpha- and gamma-excited fluorescent solutions, p. 125
Seliger, H.H.; Ziegler, C.A.

Two-parameter gloss methods, p. 127
Nimeroff, I.

Glassy state transitions of poly-(chlorotrifluoroethylene), poly-(vinylidene fluoride), and their copolymers, p. 137
Mandelkern, L.; Martin, G.M.; Quinn, F.A.

Measurement of the corrosion rate of iron by polarization techniques, p. 145
Schwerdtfeger, W.J.

Numerical computation of the transfinite diameter of two collinear line segments, p. 155
Davis, P.

Influence of crystallographic orientation on the corrosion rate of aluminum in acids and alkalies, p. 157
Orem, T.H.

Issue 4 April 1957

Comparisons of national radium standards, p. 169
Loftus, T.P.; Mann, W.B.; Paolella, L.F.; Stockmann, L.L.; Youden, W.J.

Temper brittleness of boron-treated steels, p. 175
Rosenberg, S.J.

Optical and volumetric relaxation effects in glass following removal of high hydrostatic pressures, p. 189
Weir, C.; Spinner, S.; Malitson, I.; Rodney, W.

Reference wavelengths for calibrating prism spectrometers, p. 195
Plyler, E.K.; Blaine, L.R.; Nowak, M.

Tensile properties of copper, nickel, and 70-percent-copper-30-percent-nickel and 30-percent-copper-70-percent-nickel alloys at high temperatures, p. 201
Jenkins, W.D.; Digges, T.G.; Johnson, C.R.

Accuracy of the cutler-hammer recording gas calorimeter when used with gases of high heating value, p. 213
Eiseman, J.H.; Potter, E.A.

Issue 5 May 1957

Frequency conversion with nonlinear reactance, p. 227
Page, C.H.

Amplitude and phase of the low-frequency ground wave near a coastline, p. 237
Wait, J.R.

Vessels for the storage and transport of liquid hydrogen, p. 243
Birmingham, B.W.; Brown, E.H.; Class, C.R.; Schmidt, A.F.

Infrared spectra of polychlorobenzenes, p. 255
Plyler, E.K.; Allen, H.C.; Tidwell, E.D.

Infrared spectra of chromatographically fractionated asphalts, p. 265
Stewart, J.E.

Thermal conductivity of nitrogen from 50-degrees to 500-degrees-C and 1 to 100 atmospheres, p. 271
Nuttall, R.L.; Ginnings, D.C.

Apatites deficient in divalent cations, p. 279
Posner, A.S.; Perloff, A.

Issue 6 June 1957

Slotted-cylinder antenna with a dielectric coating, p. 287
Wait, J.R.; Mientka, W.

Emission spectra of actinium, p. 297
Meggers, W.F.; Fred, M.; Tomkins, F.S.

Thermal design of large storage vessels for liquid hydrogen and helium, p. 317
Scott, R.B.

Further studies on the pyrolysis of polytetrafluoroethylene in the presence of various gases, p. 327
Michaelsen, J.D.; Wall, L.A.

A nonlinear instrument diaphragm, p. 333
Cordero, F.; Matheson, H.; Johnson, D.P.

Optical studies of crazed plastic surfaces, p. 339
Newman, S.B.; Wolock, I.

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