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Journal of Research Volume 57

Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 57

ISSN: 0091-0635

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6

Issue 1 July 1956

Mixed path ground wave propagation: 1. Short distances, p. 1
Wait, James R.

Effect of object frequency on focal position of four photographic objectives, p. 17
Rosberry, Fred W.

An examination of the 1955 helium vapor-pressure scales of temperature, p. 23
Ambler, E.; Hudson, R.P.

Heats of formation of xonotlite, hillebrandite, and foshagite, p. 27
Newman, Edwin S.

Effect of camera tipping on the location of the principal point, p. 31
Washer, Francis E.

Mass spectra of some lead alkyls, p. 41
Quinn, Edith I.; Dibeler, Vernon H.; Mohler, Fred L.

Frequency response of second-order systems with combined coulomb and viscous damping, p. 45
Perls, Thomas A.; Sherrard, Emile S.

Issue 2 August 1956

Thermal properties of aluminum oxide from 0° to 1200 °K, p. 67
Furukawa, George T.; Douglas, Thomas B.; McCoskey, Robert E.; Ginnings, Defoe C.

Stress-strain relationships in yarns subjected to rapid impact loading: 4. Transverse impact tests, p. 83
Smith, Jack C.; McCrackin, Frank L.; Schiefer, Herbert F.; Stone, Walter K.; Towne, Kathryn M.

Thermal expansion of polytetrafluoroethylene (Teflon) from -190° to +300 °C, p. 91
Kirby, Richard K.

Preparation of D-Arabinose-5-C14 from D-glucose-6-C14, p. 95
Isbell, Horace S.; Holt, Nancy B.; Frush, Harriet L.

Thermal expansion of binary alkali silicate glasses, p. 97
Shermer, Herman F.

Investigation of an alternating-current bridge for the measurement of core losses in ferromagnetic materials at high flux densities, p. 103
Cooter, Irvin L.; Harris, William P.

Ionization and dissociation of the trifluoromethyl halides by electron impact, p. 113
Dibeler, Vernon H.; Reese, Robert M.; Mohler, Fred L.

Issue 3 September 1956

Techniques in high-resolution coincidence counting, p. 119
Minton, George H.

Chemical activity of gamma-irradiated polymethyl methacrylate, p. 131
Wall, Leo A.; Brown, Daniel W.

Purification of substances by a process of freezing and fractional melting under equilibrium conditions, p. 137
Glasgow, Augustus R.; Ross, Gaylon

A high-voltage pulse generator and tests on an improved deflecting system of a cold-cathode oscillograph, p. 143
Cones, Harold N.

Dissociation constant of piperidinium ion from 0° to 50 °C and related thermodynamic quantities, p. 153
Bates, Roger G.; Bower, Vincent E.

Color evaluation in the cane sugar industry, p. 159
Deitz, Victor R.

System for classification of structurally related carbohydrates, p. 171
Isbell, Horace S.

Issue 4 October 1956

Infrared spectra of D-talose monobenzoate and related substances, p. 179
Isbell, H.S.; Stewart, J.E.; Frush, H.L.; Moyer, J.D.; Smith, F.A.

Small oil-free bearings, p. 185
White, Hobart S.

Preliminary spectroradiometric measurements of the solar constant, p. 205
Stair, Ralph; Johnston, Russell G.

Infrared spectrum of acetylene, p. 213
Allen, Harry C.; Tidwell, Eugene D.; Plyler, Earle K.

Variation of peak temperature with heating rate in differential thermal analysis, p. 217
Kissinger, Homer E.

Mass spectrum of sulfur vapor, p. 223
Bradt, Paul; Mohler, Fred L.; Dibeler, Vernon H.

Calibration of vibration pickups by the reciprocity method, p. 227
Levy, Samuel; Bouche, Raymond R.

Method for the controlled burning of combustible materials and analyses of the combustion gases, p. 245
Schriesheim, Alan

Issue 5 November 1956

Efficiency of 4p-crystal-scintillation counting: 1. Experimental technique and results, p. 251
Smith, C.C.; Seliger, H.H.; Steyn, J.

Efficiency of 4p-crystal-scintillation counting: 2. Dead-time and coincidence corrections, p. 257
Mann, W.B.; Seliger, H.H.

Entropy changes in rarefaction waves, p. 265
Dressler, Robert F.

Statistical investigation of the fatigue life of deep-groove ball bearings, p. 273
Lieblein, J.; Zelen, M.

Issue 6 December 1956

Properties of barium titanium silicate glasses, p. 317
Cleek, Given W.; Hamilton, Edgar H.

Scavenging characteristics of a two-stroke-cycle engine as determined by skip-cycle operation, p. 325
Ku, P.M.; Trimble, T.F.

Synthesis of ß-gentiobiose-1-C14, p. 333
Schaffer, Robert; Isbell, Horace S.

Hydration of aluminous cements and its relation to the phase equilibria in the system lime-alumina-water, p. 335
Wells, Lansing S.; Carlson, Elmer T.

Axial performance of spectacle lenses, p. 355
Washer, Francis E.

A survey of negative ions in mass spectra of polyatomic molecules, p. 367
Reese, Robert M.; Dibeler, Vernon H.; Mohler, Fred L.

Heat conduction through insulating supports in very low temperature equipment, p. 371
Mikesell, R.P.; Scott, R.B.

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