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Journal of Research Volume 56

Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 56

ISSN: 0091-0635

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6

Issue 1 January 1956

Dielectric constant of water from 0° to 100 °C, p. 1
Malmberg, C.G.; Maryott, A.A.

A calorimeter for measuring the power in a high-energy x-ray beam, p. 9
McElhinney, John; Zendle, Bernard; Domen, Steve

Pyrochlore-type compounds containing double oxides of trivalent and tetravalent ions, p. 17
Roth, Robert S.

Thermal decomposition of polytetrafluoroethylene in various gaseous atmospheres, p. 27
Wall, L.A.; Michaelsen, J.D.

Abscissas and weights for Gaussian quadratures of high order, p. 35
Davis, P.; Rabinowitz, P.

Behavior of cements and related materials under hydrostatic pressures up to 10,000 atmospheres, p. 39
Weir, C.E.; Hunt, C.M.; Blaine, R.L.

Formulas for inverse osculatory interpolation, p. 51
Salzer, Herbert E.

Issue 2 February 1956

Residual entropy of linear polymers, p. 55
Temperley, H.N.V.

Molecular weights of thermally degraded polymethyl methacrylate, p. 67
Hart, Victor E.

Thermal expansion of binary alkaline-earth borate glasses, p. 73
Shermer, Herman F.

Dielectric relaxation for a three-dimensional rotator in a crystalline field: Theory for a general six-site model, p. 81
Axilrod, Benjamin M.

A matrix with real characteristic roots, p. 87
Goldberg, Karl

Reflection and transmission of gamma radiation by barriers: Semianalytic Monte-Carlo calculation, p. 89
Berger, Martin J.; Doggett, John

An examination of the helium vapor-pressure scale of temperature using a magnetic thermometer, p. 99
Ambler, E.; Hudson, R.P.

Calculation of thermodynamic functions for polyatomic molecules, p. 105
Woolley, Harold W.

Issue 3 March 1956

Penetration of gamma radiation from a plane monodirectional oblique source, p. 111
Berger, Martin J.

A re-entrant cavity for measurement of complex permeability in the very-high-frequency region, p. 129
Harrington, R.D.; Powell, R.C.; Haas, P.H.

Fundamental factors controlling electrical resistivity in vitreous ternary lead silicates, p. 135
Strauss, Simon W.; Moore, Dwight G.; Harrison, William N.; Richards, Lloyd E.

Some factors affecting the precision of polarographic half-wave potential measurements, p. 143
Taylor, John K.; Smith, Stanley W.

Infrared measurements from 50 to 125 microns, p. 149
Plyler, Earle K.; Acquista, Nicolo

Surface tension of molten glasses in the system barium oxide-boric oxide-silica, p. 155
Shermer, Herman F.

Relationship between crystal orientation and stress-corrosion cracking in alpha and beta brasses, p. 159
Logan, Hugh L.

Issue 4 April 1956

New descriptions and analyses of the third and fourth spectra of zirconium, Zr III and Zr IV, p. 167
Kiess, C.C.

Frequency conversion with positive nonlinear resistors, p. 179
Page, Chester H.

Electrical resistivity of vitreous ternary lithium-sodium silicates, p. 183
Strauss, Simon W.

Isothermal compressibilities of alkaline earth oxides at 21 °C, p. 187
Weir, C.E.

Improved synthesis of sodium D-glucuronate-6-C14 and of D-glucose-6-C14, p. 191
Schaffer, R.; Isbell, H.S.

Ideal gas thermodynamic functions of the isotopic hydrogen cyanides, p. 197
Bradley, Joe C.; Haar, Lester; Friedman, Abraham S.

Surge voltage breakdown of air in a nonuniform field, p. 201
Park, J.H.; Cones, H.N.

Index of refraction and particle size as factors in the infrared spectrophotometry of polyvinyl chloride, p. 225
Harvey, Mary R.; Stewart, James E.; Achhammer, Bernard G.

Radiation from a vertical antenna over a curved stratified ground, p. 237
Wait, James R.

Issue 5 May 1956

Characteristics of an image-forming system, p. 245
Shack, Roland V.

Advances in the design and application of the radiofrequency permeameter, p. 261
Rasmussen, Alvin L.; Enfield, Albert W.; Hess, Alfred

A new computer for calculating the water content of gases, p. 269
Diniak, A.W.; Weaver, E.R.

Vibrational constants of acetylene-d2, p. 279
Allen, Harry C.; Blaine, L.R.; Plyler, Earle K.

Heat capacity of polyisobutylene from 0° to 380 °K, p. 285
Furukawa, George T.; Reilly, Martin L.

Preparation of barium titanyl oxalate tetrahydrate for conversion to barium titanate of high purity, p. 289
Clabaugh, W.S.; Swiggard, Edward M.; Gilchrist, Raleigh

A five-band recording spectroradiometer, p. 293
McCamy, C.S.

Polarographic determination of lead and cadmium in zinc-base alloys, using electrolytic separations at controlled potential, p. 301
Taylor, John K.; Smith, Stanley W.

Issue 6 June 1956

Calcium hydroxide as a highly alkaline pH standard, p. 305
Bates, Roger G.; Bower, Vincent E.; Smith, Edgar R.

Heats of formation of hexacalcium dialumino ferrite and dicalcium ferrite, p. 313
Newman, E.S.; Hoffman, Roald

Response of a sodium-iodide scintillation spectrometer to 10- to 20-million-electron-volt electrons and x-rays, p. 319
Koch, H.W.; Wyckoff, J.M.

Hydrogarnet formation in the system lime-alumina-silica-water, p. 327
Carlson, Elmer T.

Infrared absorption spectrum of trimethylborane, p. 337
Stewart, James E.

Pyrolysis of cellulose in a vacuum, p. 343
Madorsky, S.L.; Hart, V.E.; Straus, S.

Response function of thallium-activated sodium-iodide scintillation counters, p. 355
Berger, Martin J.; Doggett, J.

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