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Journal of Research Volume 55

Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 55

ISSN: 0091-0635

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6

Issue 1 July 1955

Some properties of a glass used in paper manufacture, p. 1
O'Leary, Martin J.; Hubbard, Donald

Adsorption of nitrogen on carbon adsorbents at low pressures between 69° and 90 °K, p. 11
Lopez-Gonzalez, Juan D.; Carpenter, Frank G.; Deitz, Victor R.

Stress-strain relationships in yarns subjected to rapid impact loading: 3. Effect of wave propagation, p. 19
Smith, Jack C.; McCrackin, Frank L.; Schiefer, Herbert F.

Thermal expansion and phase transformations of low-expanding cobalt-iron-chromium alloys, p. 29
Hidnert, Peter; Kirby, Richard K.

Vapor pressures of the methanes, p. 39
Armstrong, George T.; Brickwedde, F.G.; Scott, R.B.

Data on the atomic form factor: Computation and survey, p. 53
Nelms, Ann T.; Oppenheim, Irwin

Issue 2 August 1955

Absolute calibration of the National Bureau of Standards photoneutron standard: I, p. 63
De Juren, J.A.; Padgett, D.W.; Curtiss, L.F.

A fast responding electric hygrometer, p. 71
Wexler, Arnold; Garfinkel, Samuel B.; Jones, Frank E.; Hasegawa, Saburo; Krinsky, Albert

A simplified method of measuring the marginal powers of spectacle lenses, p. 79
Washer, Francis E.

Thermodynamic properties of the alkali metals, p. 83
Evans, William H.; Jacobson, Rosemary; Munson, Thomas R.; Wagman, Donald D.

Arc and spark spectra of ruthenium, p. 97
Kessler, Karl G.; Meggers, William F.

Issue 3 September 1955

Heat capacity of some butadiene-styrene copolymers from 0° to 330 °K, p. 127
Furukawa, George T.; McCoskey, Robert E.; Reilly, Martin L.

Setting reaction of zinc oxide and eugenol, p. 133
Copeland, Henry I.; Brauer, Gerhard M.; Sweeney, W.T.; Forziati, A.F.

Development of a photoresist for etching designs in glass, p. 139
Pope, Chester I.; Davis, Raymond

Preferred orientation in stark rubber, p. 143
Newton, C.J.; Mandelkern, L.; Roberts, D.E.

Thermodynamic properties of some gaseous halogen compounds, p. 147
Evans, William H.; Munson, Thomas R.; Wagman, Donald D.

Atomic negative-ion-photodetachment cross-section and affinity measurements, p. 165
Smith, Stephen J.; Branscomb, Lewis M.

A study of the final stages of the austenite to martensite transformation in SAE 1050 steel, p. 177
Meyerson, Melvin R.; Rosenberg, Samuel J.

Issue 4 October 1955

Infrared absorption and emission spectra of carbon monoxide in the region from 4 to 6 microns, p. 183
Plyler, Earle K.; Blaine, Lamdin R.; Tidwell, Eugene D.

Specific heats of collagen and leather, p. 191
Kanagy, Joseph R.

pH values of the Clark and Lubs buffer solutions at 25 °C, p. 197
Bower, Vincent E.; Bates, Roger G.

Heat capacity; heats of fusion, vaporization, and transition; and vapor pressure of N-dimethylaminodiborane, (CH3)2NB2H5, p. 201
Furukawa, George T.; McCoskey, Robert E.; Reilly, Martin L.; Harman, Ann W.

Phase equilibrium relations in the systems titania-niobia and zirconia-niobia, p. 209
Roth, R.S.; Coughanour, L.W.

Synthesis of a fluoro talc and attempted synthesis of fluoro chrysotile and fluoro anthophyllite, p. 215
Van Valkenburg, Alvin

Determination of natural rubber in GR-S - natural rubber vulcanizates by infrared spectroscopy, p. 219
Tryon, Max; Horowitz, Emanuel; Mandel, John

Thermal degradation of polychlorotrifluoroethylene, poly-a,ß,ß-trifluorostyrene, and poly-p-xylylene in a vacuum, p. 223
Madorsky, S.L.; Straus, S.

Infrared transmittance of some calcium aluminate and germanate glasses, p. 231
Florence, Jack M.; Glaze, Francis W.; Black, Mason H.

Issue 5 November 1955

Properties of piezoelectric ceramics in the solid-solution series lead titanate-lead zirconate-lead oxide: Tin oxide and lead titanate-lead hafnate, p. 239
Jaffe, B.; Roth, R.S.; Marzullo, S.

Heat capacity, heats of fusion and vaporization, and vapor pressure of decaborane (B10H14), p. 255
Furukawa, George T.; Park, Rita P.

Preparation of titanium tetrachloride of high purity, p. 261
Clabaugh, W.S.; Leslie, Robert T.; Gilchrist, Raleigh

Liquid-vapor phase equilibrium in solutions of oxygen and nitrogen at pressures below one atmosphere, p. 265
Armstrong, George T.; Goldstein, Jack M.; Roberts, D.E.

Precise measurement of wavelengths in infrared spectra, p. 279
Plyler, Earle K.; Blaine, Lamdin R.; Tidwell, Eugene D.

Ideal gas thermodynamic functions of the isotopic hydrogen sulfides, p. 285
Haar, Lester; Bradley, Joe C.; Friedman, Abraham S.

Measurement of field distortion in free-air ionization chambers by analog method, p. 291
Miller, William; Kennedy, Robert J.

Issue 6 December 1955

The first spectrum of barium, Ba I, p. 299
Russell, Henry N.; Moore, Charlotte E.

Compressibilities of long-chain normal hydrocarbons, p. 307
Weir, C.E.; Hoffman, J.D.

Absolute calibration of the National Bureau of Standards photoneutron standard: II. Absorption in manganese sulfate, p. 311
De Juren, James; Chin, Jack

A new Bunsen-type calorimeter, p. 317
Jessup, Ralph S.

Mass spectra of thermal degradation products of polymers, p. 323
Bradt, Paul; Mohler, Fred L.

Heats of combustion of liquid n-hexadecane, 1-hexadecene, n-decylbenzene, n-decylcyclohexane, n-decylcyclopentane, and the variation of heat of combustion with chain length, p. 329
Fraser, Frances M.; Prosen, Edward J.

Computation of atomic energy levels: Spectrum of singly-ionized tantalum (Ta II), p. 335
Trees, Richard E.; Cahill, W.F.; Rabinowitz, P.

Reflection and transmission of gamma radiation by barriers: Monte-Carlo calculation by a collision-density method, p. 343
Berger, Martin J.

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