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Journal of Research Volume 53

Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 53

ISSN: 0091-0635

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6

Issue 1 July 1954

Correlation of polarized light phenomena with the orientation of some metal crystals, p. 1
Newton, C.J.; Vacher, H.C.

Separation of iodide, bromide, and chloride from one another and their subsequent determination, p. 13
Murphy, T.J.; Clabaugh, W.S.; Gilchrist, R.

Relative humidity-temperature relationships of some saturated salt solutions in the temperature range 0 degree to 50 degrees C, p. 19
Wexler, A.; Hasegawa, S.

Disintegration rate of carbon-14, p. 27
Caswell, R.S.; Brabant, J.M.; Schwebel, A.

Testing of large optical surfaces with small test plates, p. 29
Saunders, J.B.

Bacher and Goudsmit theory of complex spectra, p. 35
Trees, R.E.

Self-ignition temperatures of combustible liquids, p. 49
Setchkin, N.P.

Issue 2 August 1954

Delta ferrite-austenite reactions and the formation of carbide, sigma-, and chi-phases in 18 chromium-8 nickel-3.5 molybdenum steels, p. 67
Vacher, H.C.; Bechtoldt, C.J.

Determination of hydrogen by slow combustion over platinum in excess oxygen, p. 77
Schuhmann, S.; Shepherd, M.

Anhydrous sodium hydroxide: the heat content from 0 degrees to 700 degrees C, the transition temperature, and the melting point, p. 81
Douglas, T.B.; Dever, J.L.

Heat content of molybdenum disilicide from 0 degrees to 900 degrees C, p. 91
Douglas, T.B.; Logan, W.M.

Precise comparison method of testing alternating-current watthour meters, p. 95
Spinks, A.W.; Zapf, T.L.

Mass spectra of the deuteroethylenes, p. 107
Dibeler, V.H.; Mohler, F.L.; de Hemptinne, M.

Spectral distribution of energy from the sun, p. 113
Stair, R. Johnston, R.G.; Bagg, T.C.

Factors affecting the thermal stability of polytetrafluoroethylene, p. 121
Florin, R.E.; Wall, L.A.; Brown, D.W.; Hymo, L.A.; Michaelsen, J.D.

Issue 3 September 1954

Optical rotations, refractive indices, and densities of dextran solutions, p. 131
Snyder, C.F.; Isbell, H.S.; Dryden, M.R.; Holt, N.B.

Calorimetric properties of normal heptane from 0-degrees to 520-degrees-k, p. 139
Douglas, T.B.; Furukawa, G.T.; McCoskey, R.E.; Ball, A.F.

Sensitivity--a criterion for the comparison of methods of test, p. 155
Mandel, J.; Stiehler, R.D.

Infrared emission spectra of cyanide and dicarbon radicals, p. 161
Benedict, W.S.; Plyler, E.K.

Refractivity measurements on thick plates, p. 165
Saunders, J.B.

Installation for adiabatic demagnetization experiments at the National Bureau of Standards, p. 173
de Klerk, D.; Hudson, R.P.

Index of refraction of fused-quartz glass for ultraviolet, visible, and infrared wavelengths, p. 185
Rodney, W.S.; Spindler, R.J.

New experimental designs for paired observations, p. 191
Youden, W.J.; Connor, W.S.

Issue 4 October 1954

Application of infrared spectroscopy to the determination of impurities in titanium tetrachloride, p. 197
Johannesen, R.B.; Gordon, C.L.; Stewart, J.E.; Gilchrist, R.

Some properties of porcelains and phase relations in the ternary systems of beryllia and zirconia with titania, ceria, and chromia, p. 201
Lang, S.M.; Roth, R.S.; Fillmore, C.L.

Effects of recent knowledge of atomic constants and of humidity on the calibrations of the National Bureau of Standards thermal-radiation standards, p. 211
Stair, R.; Johnston, R.G.

Synthesis of D-galactose-1-C+14 and D-talose-1-C+14, p. 217
Isbell, H.S.; Frush, H.L.; Holt, N.B.

Determination of carbon-14 in solutions of C+14-labeled materials by means of a proportional counter, p. 221
Schwebel, A.; Isbell, H.S.; Moyer, J.D.

Extension of the arc spectra of palladium and platinum (6500 to 12000 A), p. 225
Kessler, K.G.; Meggers, W.F.; Moore, C.E.

Influence of molecular shape on the dielectric constant of polar liquids, p. 229
Buckley, F.; Maryott, A.A.

Temperature dependence of compression of linear high polymers at high pressures, p. 245
Weir, C.E.

Turbulent flow in shock tubes of varying cross section, p. 253
Dressler, R.F.

Separation of titanium, tungsten, molybdenum, and niobium by anion exchange, p. 261
Hague, J.L.; Brown, E.D.; Bright, H.A.

Vapor pressure of nitrogen, p. 263
Armstrong, G.T.

Issue 5 November 1954

Comparison of four national radium standards. Part 1. Experimental procedures and results. Part 2. Statistical procedures and survey, p. 267
Davenport, T.I.; Mann, W.B.; McCraven, C.C.; Smith, C.C.; Connor, W.S.; Youden, W.J.

A radiation balance for the microcalorimetric comparison of four national radium standards, p. 277
Mann, W.B.

Standard potential of the silver-silver-chloride electrode from 0 degrees to 95 degrees C and the thermodynamic properties of dilute hydrochloric acid solutions, p. 283
Bates, R.G.; Bower, V.E.

The gold-uranium system, p. 291
Buzzard, R.W.; Park, J.J.

A study of absolute standards of mutual inductance and in particular the three-section National Bureau of Standards type, p. 297
Grover, F.W.

The deuterium-sulfide band at 4,590 cm-1, p. 321
Allen, H.C.; Naylor, R.E.; Plyler, E.K.

Synthesis of alpha-D-xylose-1-C-14 and beta-D-lyxose-1-C-14, p. 325
Isbell, H.S.; Frush, H.L.; Holt, N.B.

Issue 6 December 1954

Creep of high-purity nickel, p. 329
Jenkins, W.D.; Digges, T.G.; Johnson, C.R.

Determination of nickel, manganese, cobalt, and iron in high-temperature alloys, using anion-exchange separations, p. 353
Hague, J.L.; Maczkowske, E.E.; Bright, H.A.

Thermal degradation of polymers as a function of molecular structure, p. 361
Madorsky, S.L.; Straus, S.

Some properties of strontium hydroxide and its monohydrate, p. 371
Carlson, E.T.

Refractivity measurements on Canada balsam by interferometry, p. 373
Saunders, J.B.

Bounds on a distribution function that are functions of moments to order four, p. 377
Zelen, M.

Aerological sounding balloons, p. 383
Martin, G.M.; Mandel, J.; Stiehler, R.D.

Plate-separation requirements for standard free-air ionization chambers, p. 393
Attix, F.H.; DeLa Vergne, L.

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