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Journal of Research Volume 52

Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 52

ISSN: 0091-0635

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6

Issue 1 January 1954

Apparatus for the determination of minor components of a gas mixture, p. 1
Shepherd, M.

Mismatch errors in the measurement of ultrahigh-frequency and microwave variable attenuators, p. 7
Beatty, R.W.

Heat capacity, heats of transitions, fusion, and vaporization, and vapor pressure of octafluorocyclobutane, p. 11
Furukawa, G.T.; McCoskey, R.E.; Reilly, M.L.

A characterization of normal matrices, p. 17
Hoffman, A.J.; Taussky, O.

Prediction of the likelihood of interference at frequencies of 30 to 42 megacycles in Alaska, p. 21
Gautier, T.N., Jr.; Sargent, C.J.

Tables for use in the interpretation of paramagnetic behavior below 1 degrees-K; for the Chromic Alums (J=3/2), p. 33
Hudson, R.P.; McLane, C.K.

Phase equilibrium relations in the systems Lime-Titania and Zirconia-Titania, p. 37
Coughanour, L.W.; Roth, R.S.; DeProsse, V.A.

Conrady's chromatic condition, p. 43
Feder, D.P.

Issue 2 February 1954

Synthesis and physical properties of several acetylenic hydrocarbons, p. 51
Pomerantz, P.; Fookson, A.; Mears, T.W.; Rothberg, S.; Howard, F.L.

Synthesis and physical properties of several aliphatic and alicyclic hydrocarbons, p. 59
Pomerantz, P.; Fookson, A.; Mears, T.W.; Rothberg, S.; Howard, F.L.

Vibrational spectra of tetrafluoroethylene and tetrachloroethylene, p. 67
Mann, D.E.; Acquista, N.; Plyler, E.K.

Preparation of nickel chloride of high purity, p. 73
Clabaugh, W.S.; Donovan, J.W.; Gilchrist, R.

The system of lime, alumina, and water from 50-degrees to 250-degrees C, p. 75
Peppler, R.B.; Wells, L.S.

Absolute calibration of the NBS standard thermal neutron density, p. 93
De Juren, J.A.; Rosenwasser, H.

Electron-optical shadow method of magnetic-field mapping, p. 97
Marton, L.; Simpson, J.A.; Lachenbruch, S.H.

Issue 3 March 1954

Precise measurements with Bingham viscometers and Cannon master viscometers, p. 105
Swindells, J.F.; Hardy, R.C.; Cottington, R.L.

Coaxial radio-frequency connectors and their electrical quality, p. 121
Selby, M.C.; Wolzien, E.C.; Jickling, R.M.

Continuous measurement of atmospheric ozone by an automatic photoelectric method, p. 133
Stair, R; Bagg, Tc; Johnston, Rg

Applications of dimensional analysis to spray-nozzle performance data, p. 141
Shafer, M.R.; Bovey, H.L.

Silver-uranium system, p. 149
Buzzard, R.W.; Fickle, D.P.; Park, J.J.

Nonnegative trigonometric polynomials and certain rational characteristic functions, p. 153
Lukacs, E.; Szasz, O.

Flame-emission spectrum of water vapor in the 1.9-micron region, p. 161
Benedict, W.S.; Bass, A.M.; Plyler, E.K.

Issue 4 April 1954

Use of Callendar's "radio-balance" for the measurement of the energy emission from radioactive sources, p. 177
Mann, W.B.

Some factors affecting the dimensional stability of the silver-tin-(copper-zinc) amalgams, p. 185
Mitchell, Ja; Schoonover, Ic; Dickson, G; Vacher, Hc

A colorimeter for pyrotechnic smokes, p. 195
Nimeroff, I.; Wilson, S.W.

Simplification of calculations in routine density and volumetric determinations, p. 201
Collett, C.T.

Infrared spectrum of hydrogen sulfide in the 6,290-cm-1 region, p. 205
Allen, H.C., Jr.; Plyler, E.K.

New formulas for facilitating osculatory interpolation, p. 211
Salzer, H.E.

Apparent specific volume of polystyrene in benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and 2-butanone, p. 217
Griffel, M.; Jessup, R.S.; Cogliano, J.A.; Park, R.P.

Issue 5 May 1954

A cryoscopic study of the solubility of uranium in liquid sodium at 97.8-degrees C, p. 223
Douglas, T.B.

Multirange, audiofrequency thermocouple instruments of high accuracy, p. 227
Hermach, F.L.; Williams, E.S.

Fatigue notch sensitivity of some aluminum alloys, p. 235
Bennett, J.A.; Weinberg, J.G.

Compressibilities of crystalline and glassy modifications of selenium and glucose, p. 247
Weir, C.E.

Atypical pH response of some nonsilicate glasses, p. 251
Shermer, H.F.; Rynders, G.F.; Cleek, G.W.; Hubbard, D.

A numerical solution of Schroedinger's equation in the continuum, p. 259
Futterman, W.; Osborne, E.; Saxon, D.S.

Electrical measurements in the selection of bolt materials for service underground, p. 265
Schwerdtfeger, W.J.

Heat capacity of gaseous perfluoropropane, p. 275
Masi, J.F.; Flieger, H.W., Jr.; Wicklund, J.S.

Issue 6 June 1954

Discussion of current-sheet approximations in reference to high-frequency magnetic measurements, p. 279
Kostyshyn, B.; Haas, P.H.

Thermodynamic functions for carbon dioxide in the ideal gas state, p. 289
Woolley, H.W.

Optical spectroscopic determination of hydrogen isotopes in aqueous mixtures, p. 293
Broida, H.P.; Morowitz, H.J.; Selgin, M.

Refractive indices of five selected optical glasses, p. 303
Stephens, R.E.; Rodney, W.S.

Spectral transmissive properties of five selected optical glasses, p. 305
Keegan, H.J.; Belknap, M.A.; Cordrey, D.J.

Densities of five selected optical glasses, p. 309
Collett, C.T.

Thermal expansion of five selected optical glasses, p. 311
Hidnert, P.

Evaluation of the exponential integral for large complex arguments, p. 313
Todd, J.

On nearly triangular matrices, p. 319
Ostrowski, A.M.

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