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Journal of Research Volume 51

Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 51

ISSN: 0091-0635

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6

Issue 1 July 1953

Fabrication of radio-frequency micropotentiometer resistance elements, p. 1
Behrent, L.F.

Properties of some masonry cement, p. 11
Evans, D.N.; Litvin, A.; Figlia, A.C.; Blaine, R.L.

Subsieve particle-size measurement of metal powders by air elutriation, p. 17
Pollard, R.E.

Eigenvectors of matric polynomials, p. 33
Mannos, M.

The system barium oxide-boric oxide-silica, p. 37
Levin, E.M.; Ugrinic, G.M.

Errors introduced by finite space and time increments in dynamic response computation, p. 57
Levy, S.; Kroll, W.D.

Issue 2 August 1953

Heat capacity, heats of fusion and vaporization, and vapor pressure of tetrafluoroethylene, p. 69
Furukawa, G.T.; Mccoskey, R.E.; Reilly, M.L.

Hydrothermal preparation of some strontium silicates, p. 73
Carlson, E.T.; Wells, L.S.

Ultraviolet spectral radiant energy reflected from the Moon, p. 81
Stair, R.; Johnston, R.

Phase equilibria in the system MgO-TiO2, p. 85
Coughanour, L.W.; DeProsse, V.A.

Pairs of normal matrices with property L, p. 89
Wielandt, H.

Heat capacity of gaseous hexafluoroethane, p. 91
Wicklund, J.S.; Flieger, H.W., jr.; Masi, J.F.

Effective circuit bandwidth for noise with a power-law spectrum, p. 93
Karr, P.R.

Penetration of x-rays and gamma-rays to extremely great depths, p. 95
Fano, U.

Issue 3 September 1953

Refractive index of cesium bromide for ultraviolet, visible, and infrared wavelengths, p. 123
Rodney, W.S.; Spindler, R.J.

An expansion method for parabolic partial differential equations, p. 127
Green, J.W.

Characteristics of internal solitary waves, p. 133
Keulegan, G.H.

Becker value of manila rope by photoelectric reflectometry, p. 141
Newman, S.B.; Hammond, H.K., III; Riddell, H.F.

Dielectric relaxation in a styrene-acrylonitrile copolymer during and after its polymerization, p. 145
Ehrlich, P.; De Lollis, N.J.

Study of degradation of polystyrene, using ultraviolet spectrophotometry, p. 155
Reiney, M.J.; Tryon, M.; Achhammer, B.G.

Issue 4 October 1953

Determination of carbon-14 in the terminal positions of sugars: preparation of D-Arabinose-5-C+14 from D-Fructose-1,6-C+14, p. 167
Frush, H.L.; Isbell, H.S.

Measurement of variations in atmospheric refractive index with an airborne microwave refractometer, p. 171
Bussey, H.E.; Birnbaum, G.

Studies in the system magnesia-silica-water at elevated temperatures and pressures, p. 179
Carlson, E.T.; Peppler, R.B.; Wells, L.S.

Dielectric properties of teflon from room temperature to 314-degrees-C and from frequencies of 102 to 105 c/s, p. 185
Ehrlich, P.

pH of solutions of potassium tetroxalate from 0-degrees to 60-degrees-C, p. 189
Bower, V.E.; Bates, R.G.; Smith, E.R.

On small disturbances of plane couette flow, p. 195
Wasow, W.

Diffusion length of thermal neutrons in water, p. 203
Dejuren, J.A.; Rosenwasser, H.

Issue 5 November 1953

Metal ultrasonic delay lines, p. 209
Mebs, R.W.; Darr, J.H.; Grimsley, J.D.

A radio-frequency permeameter, p. 221
Haas, P.H.

On mildly nonlinear partial difference equations of elliptic type, p. 229
Bers, L.

Determination of glucose by means of sodium chlorite, p. 237
Launer, H.F.; Wilson, W.K.; Flynn, J.H.

Description and analysis of the first spectrum of chromium, Cr I, p. 247
Kiess, C.C.

Issue 6 December 1953

Preparation of D-Arabinose-1-C+14 and D-Ribose-1-C+14, p. 307
Frush, H.L.; Isbell, H.S.

Corrosion of nickel cast irons in soils, p. 313
Denison, I.A.; Romanoff, M.

Calorimetric properties of 41-degrees and 122-degrees F polybutadienes, p. 321
Furukawa, G.T.; McCoskey, R.E.

Thermal degradation of tetrafluoroethylene and hydrofluoroethylene polymers in a vacuum, p. 327
Madorsky, S.I.; Hart, V.E.; Straus, S.; Sedlak, V.A.

An analogue computer for the solution of the radio refractive-index equation, p. 335
Johnson, W.E.

On the accuracy of the numerical solution of the Dirichlet problem by finite differences, p. 343
Walsh, J.L.; Young, D.

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