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Journal of Research Volume 47

Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 47

ISSN: 0091-0635

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6

Issue 1 July 1951

The role of current distribution in cathodic protection, p. 1
Holler, H.D.

Multiplets and terms in technetium spectra, p. 7
Meggers, W.F.

Properties of beryllium-barium titanate dielectrics, p. 15
Bunting, E.N.; Shelton, G.R.; Creamer, A.S.; Jaffe, B.

Refractivity of lithium fluoride with application to the calibration of infrared spectrometers, p. 25
Tilton, L.W.; Plyler, E.K.

Preparation and purification of hydrogen deuteride, p. 31
Fookson, A.; Pomerantz, P.; Rich, E.H.

Linear thermal expansion of artificial graphites to 1,370-degrees-C, p. 35
Burdick, M.D.; Zweig, B.; Moreland, R.E.

The absolute standardization of radioisotopes by 4-pi counting, p. 41
Seliger, H.H.; Cavallo, L.

A method of gradients for the calculation of the characteristic roots and vectors of a real symmetric matrix, p. 45
Hestenes, M.R.; Karush, W.

Issue 2 August 1951

Vapor pressures of hydrogen, deuterium, and hydrogen deuteride and dew-point pressures of their mixtures, p. 63
Hoge, H.J.; Arnold, R.D.

Critical temperatures, pressures, and volumes of hydrogen, deuterium, and hydrogen deuteride, p. 75
Hoge, H.J.; Lassiter, J.W.

A photoelectric recording interferometer for measurement of dimensional changes, p. 80
Work, R.N.

A fiftyfold momentary beam intensification for a high-voltage cold-cathode oscillograph, p. 87
Park, J.H.

Annealing of platinum for thermometry, p. 94
Corruccini, R.J.

Potential and current requirements for the cathodic protection of steel in soils, p. 104
Schwerdtfeger, W.J.; Mcdorman, O.N.

A monte-carlo method for solving a class of integral equations, p. 113
Cutkosky, R.E.

Study of degradation of polystyrene, using infrared spectrophotometry, p. 116
Achhammer, B.G.; Reiney, M.J.; Reinhart, F.W.

Issue 3 September 1951

First dissociation constant of phosphoric acid from 0-degrees-C to 60-degrees-C; Limitations of the electromotive force method for moderately strong acids, p. 127
Bates, R.G.

Determination of ash in GR-S synthetic rubbers and latices, p. 135
Linnig, F.J.; Milliken, L.T.; Cohen, R.I.

Glass spheres for the measurement of the effective opening of testing sieves, p. 139
Carpenter, F.G.; Deitz, V.R.

Precise topography of optical surfaces, p. 148
Saunders, J.B.

Hydrodynamics of cathode films, p. 156
Keulegan, G.H.

Absorption spectra of thioindigo dyes in benzene and chloroform, p. 170
Brode, W.R.; Wyman, G.M.

A sonic-flow pyrometer for measuring gas temperatures, p. 179
Lalos, G.T.

Convergence of cauchy-riemann sums to cauchy-riemann integrals, p. 191
Szasz, O.; Todd, J.

Maximum likelihood estimates of position derived from measurements performed by hyperbolic instruments, p. 197
Lukacs, E.

Infrared spectra of eighteen halogen-substituted methanes, p. 202
Plyler, E.K.; Benedict, W.S.

Issue 4 October 1951

Spectrochemical analysis of bronze by a porous electrode method, p. 221
Scribner, B.F.; Ballinger, J.C.

Correcting for density and viscosity of incompressible fluids in float-type flowmeters, p. 227
Shafer, M.R.; Fiock, E.F.; Bovey, H.L.; Vanlone, R.B.

Mutarotation, hydrolysis, and structure of D-galactosylamines, p. 239
Frush, H.L.; Isbell, H.S.

Near infrared absorption spectra of deuterated acetylene, p. 248
Plyler, E.K.; Gailar, N.

Spectrophotometric determination of bismuth in lead-base and tin-base alloys, p. 252
Bendigo, B.B.; Bell, R.K.; Bright, H.A.

Calorimetric properties of benzoic acid from 0-degrees to 410-degrees-K, p. 256
Furukawa, G.T.; Mccoskey, R.E.; King, G.J.

Infrared emission spectrum of calcium, p. 262
Humphreys, C.J.

Crystallization of aluminum chloride in the hydrochloric acid process for production of alumina from clay, p. 269
Clark, L.J.; Hubbard, W.D.; Hoffman, J.I.

Creep of annealed and cold-drawn high-purity copper, p. 272
Jenkins, W.D.; Digges, T.G.

Tables of the functions integral-phi-0-sin1/3 x dx and (4/3) sin-4/3 phi-integral-phi-0-sin1/3 x dx, p. 288
Abramowitz, M.

Separation of close eigenvalues af a real symmetric matrix, p. 291
Rosser, J.B.; Lanczos, C.; Hestenes, M.R.; Karush, W.

Viscosity of dilute and moderately concentrated polymer solutions, p. 298
Weissberg, S.G.; Simha, R.; Rothman, S.

An analysis of the effect of the discontinuity in a bifurcated circular guide upon plane longitudinal waves, p. 315
Bailin, L.L.

Issue 5 November 1951

Mass spectra of some organo-lead and organo-mercury compounds, p. 337
Dibeler, V.H.; Mohler, F.L.

Resolution of the dissociation constants of d-tartaric acid from 0-degrees to 50-degrees-C, p. 343
Bates, R.G.; Canham, R.G.

Effect of SO3 on the alkali compounds of portland cement clinker, p. 349
Newkirk, T.F.

Resin bonding of offset papers containing mineral fillers, p. 357
Oleary, M.J.; Scribner, B.W.; Missimer, J.K.

A method for corn-sirup analysis involving selective adsorption, p. 363
Mcdonald, E.J.; Perry, R.E.

Effect of exposure to soils on the properties of asbestos-cement pipe, p. 367
Denison, I.A.; Romanoff, M.

Photometric determination of copper in iron and steel with diethyldithiocarbamate, p. 380
Hague, J.L.; Brown, E.D.; Bright, H.A.

Description and analysis of the second spectrum of chromium, Cr-II, p. 385
Kiess, C.C.

Harmonic output of the synchronous rectifier, p. 427
Selgin, P.

Issue 6 December 1951

pH of solutions of potassium hydrogen d-tartrate from 0-degrees to 60-degrees C, p. 433
Bates, R.G.; Bower, V.E.; Miller, R.G.; Smith, E.R.

Heats of formation of some barium aluminates, p. 439
Peppler, R.B.; Newman, E.S.

Thickness of glass electrodes, p. 443
Diamond, J.J.; Hubbard, D.

Some characteristics of stedman packing in the distillation of hydrogen and its isotopes, p. 449
Fookson, A.; Pomerantz, P.; Rothberg, S.

Use of radiation from incandescent particles as an indication of flame temperature, p. 456
Plyler, E.K.; Humphreys, C.J.

Electron-optical bench, p. 461
Marton, L.; Morgan, M.M.; Schubert, D.C.; Shah, J.R.; Simpson, J.A.

Random determinants, p. 465
Fortet, R.

Solutions of Ax = gamma Bx1, p. 471
Hestenes, M.R.; Karush, W.

Proposed revision of the conventional method of wave-filter design, p. 479
Selgin, P.J.

On the derivation and accuracy of certain formulas for sample sizes and operating characteristics of nonsequential sampling procedures, p. 491
Chand, U.

Asymmetries of Zeeman patterns and g-Values for neutral manganese, p. 502
Catalan, M.A.

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