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Journal of Research Volume 46

Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 46

ISSN: 0091-0635

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6

Issue 1 January 1951

Diaphragm-type micromanometer for use on a mass spectrometer, p. 1
Dibeler, V.H.; Cordero, F.

An electronic circuit for measuring the displacement of pressure-sensitive diaphragms, p. 5
Greenough, M.L.; Williams, W.E.

Heat of polymerization of alpha-methylstyrene from heats of combustion of monomer and 4 polymer fractions, p. 11
Roberts, D.E.; Jessup, R.S.

The Mckee worker-consistometer with constant-speed drives, p. 18
Mckee, S.A.; White, H.S.

Oxide cathode base metal studies, p. 30
Forman, R.; Rouse, G.F.

Effect of changes in crystalline structure on the infrared absorption spectrum of cellulose, p. 38
Forziati, F.H.; Rowen, J.W.

Analysis of mixtures of olefin hydrocarbons produced by codimerization of butenes, p. 43
Glasgow, A.R.

Surface-area determination by adsorption of nitrogen from nitrogen-helium mixtures, p. 51
Loebenstein, W.V.; Deitz, V.R.

Transformations to speed the convergence of series, p. 56
Rosser, J.B.

Random walks and the eigenvalues of elliptic difference equations, p. 65
Wasow, W.

Checking and interpolation of functions tabulated at certain irregular logarithmic intervals, p. 74
Salzer, H.E.

Issue 2 February 1951

Temperature variation of mass spectra of hydrocarbons, p. 79
Reese, R.M.; Dibeler, V.H.; Mohler, F.L.

Absorption and emission spectra of promethium, p. 85
Meggers, W.F.; Scribner, B.F.; Bozman, W.R.

A statistical solution of a problem arising in the sampling of leather, p. 99
Mandel, J.; Mann, C.W.

Heats of combustion, formation, and insomerization of ten C4 hydrocarbons, p. 106
Prosen, E.J.; Maron, F.W.; Rossini, F.D.

Effect of a metal mast and guy wires on the performance of the 600-Ohm multiple-wire delta-antenna, p. 113
Cones, H.N.

Heat of solution of zinc oxide in 2 N hydrochloric acid, p. 121
Peppler, R.B.; Newman, E.S.

Bounds for characteristic roots of matrices II, p. 124
Taussky, O.

Microhardness tester for metals at elevated temperatures, p. 126
Brenner, A.

Mechanisms for the mutarotation and hydrolysis of the glycosylamines and the mutarotation of the sugars, p. 132
Isbell, H.S.; Frush, H.L.

Infrared studies of association in eleven alcohols, p. 145
Smith, F.A.; Creitz, E.C.

Issue 3 March 1951

Refractive indices of maltose solutions, p. 165
Mcdonald, E.J.

Electrode function (pH-response), hygroscopicity, and chemical durability of soda-potash-silica glasses, p. 168
Hubbard, D.; Black, M.H.; Holley, S.f.; Rynders, G.F.

Viscosity and density of molten optical glasses, p. 176
Shartsis, L.; Spinner, S.

Calorimetric properties of diphenyl ether from 0-degrees to 570-degrees-K, p. 195
Furukawa, G.T.; Ginnings, D.C.; Mccoskey, R.E.; Nelson, R.A.

Compressibility of natural and synthetic high polymers at high pressures, p. 207
Weir, C.E.

Formulas and graphs for representing the interchangeability of fuel gases, p. 213
Weaver, E.R.

Absorption spectra of water vapor and carbon dioxide in the region of 2.7 microns, p. 246
Benedict, W.S.; Plyler, E.K.

Issue 4 April 1951

Analysis of symmetrical waveguide junctions, p. 267
Kerns, D.M.

Comparison of viscosities of rubbers from the Mckee worker-consistometer and from the Mooney viscometer, p. 283
Bestul, A.B.; Decker, G.E.; White, H.S.

Spectrophotometric determination of carboxyl in cellulose, p. 288
Forziati, F.H.; Rowen, J.W.; Plyler, E.K.

Static friction tests with various metal combinations and special lubricants, p. 292
White, H.S.; Zei, D.

Apparatus for the preparation of anhydrous titanium (III) chloride and titanium (III) bromide, p. 299
Sherfey, J.M.

An apparatus for studying autoignition of engine fuels: results with normal heptane and normal hexane, p. 301
Levedahl, W.J.; Howard, F.L.

Creep of high-purity aluminum, p. 310
Jenkins, W.D.

Standard x-ray diffraction patterns, p. 318
Swanson, H.E.; Tatge, E.

The half-life of Carbon 14, p. 328
Manov, G.G.; Curtiss, L.F.

Heat capacity of liquid mercury between 0-degrees and 450-degrees-C; calculation of certain thermodynamic properties of the saturated liquid and vapor, p. 334
Douglas, T.B.; Ball, A.F.; Ginnings, D.C.

Issue 5 May 1951

Acidic dissociation constant and related thermodynamic quantities for monoethanolammonium ion in water from 0-degrees to 50-degrees-C, p. 349
Bates, R.G.; Pinching, G.D.

Ultraviolet spectral distribution of radiant energy from the sun, p. 353
Stair, R.

Wind tides in small closed channels, p. 358
Keulegan, G.H.

Infrared spectrum of bromochlorofluoromethane, p. 382
Plyler, E.K.; Lamb, M.A.

Surface tension of molten alkali silicates, p. 385
Shartsis, L.; Spinner, S.

Mechanism of the degradation of polyamides, p. 391
Achhammer, B.G.; Reinhart, F.W.; Kline, G.M.

Radiation properties of spherical antennas as a function of the location of the driving force, p. 422
Karr, P.R.

Issue 6 June 1951

Photoelectric spectroradiometry and its application to the measurement of fluorescent lamps, p. 437
Stair, R.

Penetration and diffusion of x-rays. Calculation of spatial distributions by polynomial expansion, p. 446
Spencer, L.V.; Fano, U.

A study of fatigue in metals by means of x-ray strain measurement, p. 457
Bennett, J.A.

On the mean duration of random walks, p. 462
Wasow, W.

Effect of chromium plating on the plastic deformation of SAE 4130 steel, p. 472
Logan, H.L.

Stochastic processes and dispersion of configurations of linked events, p. 480
Tchen, C.M.

Heat of combustion and formation of cyanogen, p. 489
Knowlton, J.W.; Prosen, E.J.

Behavior of bromophthalein magenta E (tetrabromophenolphthalein ethyl ester) with organic bases and its bearing on the Bronsted-Lowry and Lewis concepts of acidity, p. 496
Davis, M.M.; Hetzer, H.B.

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