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Journal of Research Volume 43

Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 43

ISSN: 0091-0635

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6

Issue 1 July 1949

Volume changes observed in small concrete cylinders during freezing and thawing using a mercury displacement dilatometer, p. 1
Valor, Rudolph C.

Electrophoresis of modified collagen, p. 29
Cassel, James M.; Kanagy, Joseph R.

Infrared absorption spectra of cyclo-hydrocarbons, p. 37
Plyler, Earle K.; Acquista, Nicolo

Low-temperature performance of radiosonde electric hygrometer elements, p. 49
Wexler, Arnold

Refractive index of natural rubber for different wavelengths, p. 57
Wood, Lawrence A.; Tilton, Leroy W.

Metastable transitions in mass spectra of hydrocarbons, p. 65
Bloom, Evelyn G.; Mohler, Fred L.; Wise, C.E.; Wells, Edmund J.

Impedance characteristics of some experimental broad-band antennas for vertical incidence ionosphere sounding, p. 71
Cones, H.N.

Formulas for the percentage points of the distribution of the arithmetic mean in random samples from certain symmetrical universes, p. 79
Chand, Uttam

Refractive indices of thallium bromide-iodide crystals for visible and infrared radiant energy, p. 81
Tilton, Leroy W.; Plyler, Earle K.; Stephens, Robert E.

Fundamental aspects of the reaction of oxygen with carbon adsorbents, p. 87
Loebenstein, William V.; Pennington, Neil L.

Issue 2 August 1949

Mass spectrum of pentaborane (B5H9), p. 97
Dibeler, Vernon H.; Mohler, Fred L.; Williamson, Laura; Reese, Robert M.

Effect of chromium plating on the endurance limit of steels used in aircraft, p. 101
Logan, Hugh L.

Heats of combustion and formation of cyclopropane, p. 113
Knowlton, John W.; Rossini, Frederick D.

Influence of strain rate and temperature on the creep of cold-drawn ingot iron, p. 117
Jenkins, William D.; Digges, Thomas G.

Differences between the International Temperature Scales of 1948 and 1927, p. 133
Corruccini, Robert J.

An instrument for measuring longitudinal spherical aberration of lenses, p. 137
Washer, Francis E.

Volume dilatometry, p. 145
Bekkedahl, Norman

Relation between entrance and exit pupils of telescopic systems, p. 157
Gardner, Irvine C.

Mechanisms for the formation of acetylglycosides and orthoesters from acetylglycosyl halides, p. 161
Isbell, Horace S.; Frush, Harriet L.

Studies on the flame photometer for the determination of Na2O and K2O in portland cement, p. 173
Eubank, William R.; Bogue, Robert H.

Issue 3 September 1949

Ultra-microtomy by a new method, p. 183
Newman, Sanford B.; Borysko, Emil; Swerdlow, Max

Determination of nitrogen in steel, p. 201
Hague, John L.; Paulson, Rolf A.; Bright, Harry A.

Seasonal variation of ozone at Washington, D. C., p. 209
Stair, Ralph

Surface tension of molten zinc borates, p. 221
Shartsis, Leo; Canga, Rodrigo

A comparison of direct colorimetry of titanium pigments with their indirect colorimetry based on spectrophotometry and a standard observer, p. 227
Judd, Deane B.

Properties of calcium-barium titanate dielectrics, p. 237
Bunting, Elmer N.; Shelton, George R.; Creamer, Ansel S.

Heats, equilibrium constants, and free energies of formation of the dimethylcyclopentanes, p. 245
Epstein, Morton B.; Barrow, Gordon M.; Pitzer, Kenneth S.; Rossini, Frederick D.

Cathode heater compensation as applied to degenerative voltage-stabilized direct-current power supplies, p. 251
Ellenwood, Robert C.; Sorrows, Howard E.

Mechanical properties of laminated plastics at -70°, 77°, and 200° F, p. 257
Lamb, John J.; Albrecht, Isabelle; Axilrod, Benjamin M.

Issue 4 October 1949

An absolute measurement of resistance by the Wenner method, p. 291
Thomas, James L.; Peterson, Chester; Cooter, Irvin L.; Kotter, F.R.

Directional effects in dielectric properties of molded rubber, p. 355
Scott, Arnold H.

Infrared absorption spectra of the liquid butenes and 1,3-butadiene, p. 365
Creitz, E.C.; Smith, Francis A.

Potential problems and capacitance for a conductor bounded by two intersecting spheres, p. 377
Snow, Chester

Electron optical observation of magnetic fields, p. 409
Marton, L.; Lachenbruch, S.H.

Issue 5 November 1949

Some physical properties of porcelains in the systems magnesia-beryllia-zirconia and magnesia-beryllia-thoria and their phase relations, p. 429
Lang, S.M.; Maxwell, L.H.; Geller, R.F.

Laboratory flow tests of fixed spray nozzles with hydrocarbons and with air, p. 449
Shafer, M.R.; Bovey, H.L.

Mechanical production of very thin oscillator plates, p. 459
Sogn, Leland T.; Howard, Walter J.

Instability in shear of simply supported square plates with reinforced hole, p. 465
Kroll, Wilhelmina D.

Physical properties of sixty API-NBS hydrocarbons, p. 473
Forziati, Alphonse F.; Rossini, Frederick D.

Fatigue characteristics of electroformed sheets with and without iron backing, p. 477
Herschman, Harry K.; Thomas, Carroll

Interfacial instability and mixing in stratified flows, p. 487
Keulegan, Garbis H.

The remainder in linear methods of approximation, p. 501
Milne, W.E.

Issue 6 December 1949

The freezing point of uranium, p. 513
Dahl, Andrew I.; Cleaves, Harold E.

Dissociation constants of weak bases from electromotive-force measurements of solutions of partially hydrolyzed salts, p. 519
Bates, Roger G.; Pinching, Gladys D.

A reduction-of-area gage for use at low temperatures, p. 527
Geil, Glenn W.; Carwile, Nesbit L.

Mass spectra of C5H8 isomers, p. 533
Mohler, Fred L.; Bloom, Evelyn G.; Williamson, Laura; Wise, C.E.; Wells, E.J.

A note on the numerical integration of differential equations, p. 537
Milne, W.E.

Measurement of the disintegration rate of sodium22 by the coincidence method, p. 543
Herson, J.L.

Submicroscopic structure of cellulose from nitrogen sorption measurements, p. 547
Hunt, Charles M.; Blaine, Raymond L.; Rowen, John W.

Vapor pressures and boiling points of sixty API-NBS hydrocarbons, p. 555
Forziati, Alphonse F.; Norris, William R.; Rossini, Frederick D.

Bond of concrete reinforcing bars, p. 565
Clark, Arthur P.

Analysis of the direct-current bolometer bridge, p. 581
Kerns, David M.

A method and apparatus for determining the ignition characteristics of plastics, p. 591
Setchkin, Nicholas P.

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