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Journal of Research Volume 42

Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 42

ISSN: 0091-0635

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6

Issue 1 January 1949

Response functions for types of vision according to the Müller theory, p. 1
Judd, Deane B.

Rate of shrinkage of tendon collagen: Heat, entropy, and free energy of activation of the shrinkage of untreated tendon; effect of acid, salt, pickle, and tannage on the activation of tendon collagen, p. 17
Weir, Charles E.

Kinetic study of the reaction of carbon adsorbents with oxygen, p. 33
Loebenstein, William V.; Gleysteen, Leland F.; Deitz, Victor R.

Weather resistance of porcelain enamels exposed for seven years, p. 43
Harrison, William N.; Moore, Dwight G.

On the precision of a certain procedure of numerical integration, p. 57
Huskey, Harry D.

Treatment of leather with synthetic resins, p. 63
Oehler, Rene; Kilduff, Timothy J.

Noise spectrum of a diode with a retarding field, p. 75
Freeman, Jacob J.

Issue 2 February 1949

A spiral contractometer for measuring stress in electrodeposits, p. 89
Brenner, Abner; Senderoff, Seymour

Calculation of stress in electrodeposits from the curvature of a plated strip, p. 105
Brenner, Abner; Senderoff, Seymour

Laboratory wear tests with automotive gear lubricants, p. 125
McKee, Samuel A.; Swindells, James F.; White, Hobart S.; Mountjoy, Wayne

The system BaO-B2O3, p. 131
Levin, Ernest M.; McMurdie, Howard F.

Separation of the 177° to 200° C fraction of petroleum and the isolation of normal undecane, p. 139
Epstein, Morton B.; Mair, Beveridge J.; Willingham, Charles B.; Rossini, Frederick D.

Winter measurements of ozone over the Organ Mountains, New Mexico, p. 145
Stair, Ralph

Effect of convection currents on the distribution of striae in pots of optical glass, p. 153
Faick, Conrad A.; Williams, Arthur E.; Rynders, Gerald F.

Expansion effects of annealing borosilicate thermometer glasses, p. 171
Tool, Arthur Q.; Saunders, James B.

Zeeman effect and g-values for neutral nitrogen and oxygen, p. 183
Kiess, Carl C.; Shortley, George

Issue 3 March 1949

The International Temperature Scale of 1948, p. 209
Stimson, H.F.

Absorption by sound-absorbent spheres, p. 219
Cook, Richard K.; Chrzanowski, Peter

Heats, equilibrium constants, and free energies of formation of the C3 to C5 diolefins, styrene, and the methylstyrenes, p. 225
Kilpatrick, John E.; Beckett, Charles W.; Prosen, Edward J.; Pitzer, Kenneth S.; Rossini, Frederick D.

Accurate determination of the deadtime and recovery characteristics of Geiger-Müller counters, p. 241
Costrell, Louis

Heats of combustion and isomerization of the six C7H14 alkylcyclopentanes, p. 251
Johnson, Walter H.; Prosen, Edward J.; Rossini, Frederick D.

Surface available to nitrogen in hydrated portland cements, p. 257
Blaine, Raymond L.; Valis, Harold J.

Heat of isomerization of the two butadienes, p. 269
Prosen, Edward J.; Maron, Frances W.; Rossini, Frederick D.

Optical glass of interferometer and schlieren quality for wind-tunnel optics, p. 279
Tilton, Leroy W.

A standard of small capacitance, p. 287
Snow, Chester

Properties of aqueous solutions of perchloric acid, p. 309
Brickwedde, Langhorne H.

Issue 4 April 1949

Characterization of some commercial soaps by x-ray diffraction, p. 331
Hattiangdi, Gopal S.

Characterization of alkali soaps by electron microscopy, p. 343
Hattiangdi, Gopal S.; Swerdlow, Max

Some physical chemical properties of aqueous solutions of soaps and soapless detergents, p. 361
Hattiangdi, Gopal S.; Walton, William W.; Hoffman, James I.

Doubly charged ion spectra in mass spectra of hydrocarbons, p. 369
Mohler, Fred L.; Bloom, Evelyn G.; Wells, Edmund J.; Lengel, Jonathan H.; Wise, C.E.

Heats, equilibrium constants, and free energies of formation of cyclopentene and cyclohexene, p. 379
Epstein, Morton B.; Pitzer, Kenneth S.; Rossini, Frederick D.

Preparation of calcium melibionate, p. 383
Walton, William W.; Isbell, Horace S.

Polarographic limiting currents, p. 387
Taylor, John K.; Smith, Roberta E.; Cooter, Irvin L.

Stress distribution near reinforced circular hole loaded by pin, p. 397
Levy, Samuel; Smith, Frank C.

Volumetric determination of columbium, p. 405
Knowles, Howard B.; Lundell, G.E.F.

Effect of concentration on the viscosity of dilute solutions, p. 409
Simha, Robert

Issue 5 May 1949

Acidic dissociation constant of ammonium ion at 0° to 50° C, and the base strength of ammonia, p. 419
Bates, Roger G.; Pinching, Gladys D.

Concrete as a protective barrier for gamma rays from radium, p. 431
Wyckoff, Harold O.; Kennedy, Robert J.

Transient vibration in an airplane wing obtained by several methods, p. 437
Ramberg, Walter

Use of plastic replicas in evaluating surface texture of enamels, p. 449
Richmond, Joseph C.; Francisco, Allen C.

An electric gage for measuring the inside diameter of tubes, p. 461
Brenner, Abner; Kellogg, Eugenia

Effect of boron on the structure and some physical properties of plain cast irons, p. 465
Krynitsky, Alexander I.; Stern, Harry

Improved single-unit Schiefer abrasion testing machine, p. 481
Schiefer, Herbert F.; Crean, Lawrence E.; Krasny, John F.

Pyrolysis of polyisobutene (Vistanex), polyisoprene, polybutadiene, GR-S, and polyethylene in a high vacuum, p. 499
Madorsky, Samuel L.; Straus, Sidney; Thompson, Dorothy; Williamson, Laura

Basis of the application of network equations to waveguide problems, p. 515
Kerns, David M.

Issue 6 June 1949

A study of laboratory Bunsen burners for natural gas, p. 541
Eiseman, John H.

Studies on the purification of collagen, p. 557
Cassel, James M.; Kanagy, Joseph R.

Flame spectrum of acetylene from 1 to 5 microns, p. 567
Plyler, Earle K.; Humphreys, Curtis J.

Viscosity of deuterium oxide and water in the range 5° to 125° C, p. 573
Hardy, Robert C.; Cottington, Robert L.

Determination of efficiency of microwave bolometer mounts from impedance data, p. 579
Kerns, David M.

Ultraviolet absorption spectra of seven substituted benzenes, p. 587
Stair, Ralph

Acid-base equilibrium constants for the reaction of tribenzylamine with picric acid and with trinitro-m-cresol in benzene, from spectrophotometric data, p. 595
Davis, Marion M.; McDonald, E.A.

Transmission of reverberant sound through single walls, p. 605
London, Albert

Separation and identification of the major C7 to C10 components of triptene residue, p. 617
Pomerantz, Philip; Mears, Thomas W.; Howard, Frank L.

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