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Journal of Research Volume 41

Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 41

ISSN: 0091-0635

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6

Issue 1 July 1948

Dipole moments and molecular association of some picrates of primary, secondary, and tertiary amines in benzene and dioxane, p. 1
Maryott, Arthur A.

Acid-base equilibrium constant and dipole moment of tribenzylammonium picrate in benzene from measurements of dielectric constant, p. 7
Maryott, Arthur A.

Amino derivatives of mannuronic acid, p. 11
Frush, Harriet L.; Isbell, Horace S.

Properties of barium-magnesium titanate dielectrics, p. 17
Shelton, George R.; Creamer, Ansel S.; Bunting, Elmer N.

Acid-base reactions in organic solvents. Behavior of some halogenated derivatives of phenolsulfonephthalein with different classes of organic bases in benzene, p. 27
Davis, Marion M.; Schuhmann, Priscilla J.; Lovelace, Mary E.

Concentration of copper 63 by the countercurrent electromigration method, p. 41
Madorsky, Samuel L.; Straus, Sidney

An instrument for the rapid production of a decimal series of potentials and its application to ballistic measurements, p. 45
Roberts, Howard S.; Curtis, Harvey L.

Viscoelastic properties of polymer solutions, p. 53
Ferry, John D.

Density and refractive indices of lactose solutions, p. 63
McDonald, Emma J.; Turcotte, Anne L.

Stress-corrosion tests on high-strength aluminum alloy sheet, p. 69
Logan, Hugh L.; Hessing, Harold

Issue 2 August 1948

Strain test for evaluation of rubber compounds, p. 87
Roth, Frank L.; Stiehler, Robert D.

Strain tester for rubber, p. 95
Holt, William L.; Knox, Ellis O.; Roth, Frank L.

Barium aluminate hydrates, p. 103
Carlson, Elmer T.; Wells, Lansing S.

Aliphatic halide-carbonyl condensations by means of sodium, p. 111
Cadwallader, Edgar A.; Fookson, Abraham; Mears, Thomas W.; Howard, Frank L.

Barium 2-ketolactobionate and the corresponding barium bromide double salt, p. 119
Walton, William W.; Isbell, Horace S.

Infrared prism spectrometry from 24 to 40 microns, p. 125
Plyler, Earle K.

Mass spectra of octanes, p. 129
Bloom, Evelyn G.; Mohler, Fred L.; Lengel, J.H.; Wise, C.E.

Effects of substitute fuels on automotive engines, p. 135
Bruce, Clarence S.; Duck, Jesse T.; Pierce, A.R.

Applications of magnetochemistry to polymers and polymerization, p. 151
Selwood, Pierce W.

Issue 3 September 1948

Thickness of inhibiting films on glass electrode surfaces, p. 163
Hubbard, Donald; Rynders, Gerald F.

Light-sensitive papers as controls for testing textile colorfastness and stability of materials under arc lamp exposure, p. 169
Launer, Herbert F.

Expansive characteristics of hydrated limes and the development of an autoclave test for soundness, p. 179
Wells, Lansing S.; Clarke, Walter F.; Levin, Ernest M.

Concentration of isotopes of mercury in countercurrent molecular stills, p. 205
Madorsky, Samuel L.; Bradt, Paul; Straus, Sidney

Determination of lactose alone and in the presence of sucrose by the method of Munson and Walker, p. 211
Hammond, Lester D.

Broad-and narrow-beam attenuation of 500- to 1,400-kilovolt x-rays in lead and concrete, p. 223
Wyckoff, Harold O.; Kennedy, Robert J.; Bradford, William R.

A method for the electron microscopy of wool, p. 231
Swerdlow, Max; Seeman, Gloria S.

Issue 4 October 1948

Color perceptions of deuteranopic and protanopic observers, p. 247
Judd, Deane B.

Electrode function (pH response) of the soda-silica glasses, p. 273
Rynders, Gerald F.; Grauer, Oscar H.; Hubbard, Donald

Effect of temperature on the volume of leather and collagen in water, p. 279
Weir, Charles E.

Image shifts caused by rotating a constant-deviation prism in divergent light, p. 287
Saunders, James B.

Thimble-chamber calibration on soft x-rays, p. 295
Day, Frank H.

Sources of error in and calibration of the f-number of photographic lenses, p. 301
Washer, Francis E.

Mass spectrometric investigation of the thermal decomposition of polymers, p. 315
Wall, Leo A.

Purification, purity, and freezing points of 30 hydrocarbons of the API-Standard and API-NBS series, p. 323
Streiff, Anton J.; Zimmerman, Janice C.; Soule, Laurel F.; Butt, Marie T.; Sedlak, Vincent A.; Willingham, Charles B.; Rossini, Frederick D.

Issue 5 November 1948

Calibration of accelerometers, p. 359
Levy, Samuel; McPherson, Albert E.; Hobbs, Edward V.

Studies of the Mattson shot classifier, p. 371
Blaine, Raymond L.; Valis, Harold J.

Compilation of thermal properties of hydrogen in its various isotopic and ortho-para modifications, p. 379
Woolley, Harold W.; Scott, Russell B.; Brickwedde, F.G.

Chemical durability, specular gloss, and transmittance of optical glasses, p. 477
Hubbard, Donald; Rynders, Gerald F.

Bending tests of large welded-steel box girders at different temperatures, p. 483
Stang, Ambrose H.; Jaffe, Bernard S.

Standards for low values of direct capacitance, p. 497
Moon, Charles; Sparks, C.M.

Experimental verification of theory of landing impact, p. 509
Ramberg, Walter; McPherson, Albert E.

Copolymerization, p. 521
Simha, Robert; Wall, Leo A.

Issue 6 December 1948

Effect of boron on the hardenability of high-purity alloys and commercial steels, p. 545
Digges, Thomas G.; Irish, Carolyn R.; Carwile, Nesbit L.

Absorption of radio waves reflected at vertical incidence as a function of the sun's zenith angle, p. 575
Taylor, Eloise W.

Destruction of superconductivity by current, p. 581
Scott, Russell B.

Study of the modifications of manganese dioxide, p. 589
McMurdie, Howard F.; Golovato, Esther

Laboratory evaluation of a method proposed by Gnam for measuring the temperature of rotating parts, p. 601
Dahl, Andrew I.; Freeze, Paul D.

Amides of glucuronic, galacturonic, and mannuronic acids, p. 609
Frush, Harriet L.; Isbell, Horace S.

Absorption spectra of methane in the near infrared, p. 615
Nelson, Richard C.; Plyler, Earle K.; Benedict, William S.

Transmittance of near infrared energy by binary glasses, p. 623
Florence, Jack M.; Glaze, Francis W.; Hahner, Clarence H.; Stair, Ralph

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