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Journal of Research Volume 40

Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 40

ISSN: 0091-0635

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6

Issue 1 January 1948

Vulcanization of synthetic rubbers by the Peachey process, p. 1
Bekkedahl, Norman; Quinn, Fred A.; Zimmerman, Elmer W.

Measurement of ozone over the Organ Mountains, New Mexico, p. 9
Stair, Ralph

Note on volume effect in coiling molecules, p. 21
Simha, Robert

Dissociation of SF6, CF4, and SiF4 by electron impact, p. 25
Dibeler, Vernon H.; Mohler, Fred L.

Physical properties of electrodeposited chromium, p. 31
Brenner, Abner; Burkhead, Polly; Jennings, Charles

Surface tension of compositions in the systems PbO-B2O3 and PbO-SiO2, p. 61
Shartsis, Leo; Spinner, Sam; Smock, Alden W.

Expansion effects shown by some pyrex glasses, p. 67
Tool, Arthur Q.; Saunders, James B.

Cavity pressure method for measuring the gain of hearing aids, p. 85
Corliss, E.L.R.; Cook, G.S.

Issue 2 February 1948

Lenses of extremely wide angle for airplane mapping, p. 93
Gardner, Irvine C.; Washer, Francis E.

Effect of annealing and other heat treatments on the pH response of the glass electrode, p. 105
Hubbard, Donald; Rynders, Gerald F.

Infrared radiation from a Bunsen flame, p. 113
Plyler, Earle K.

Perforated cover plates for steel columns; compressive properties of plates having ovaloid, elliptical, and "square" perforations, p. 121
Stang, Ambrose H.; Jaffe, Bernard S.

Behavior of certain sugars and sugar alcohols in the presence of tetraborates - correlation of optical rotation and compound formation, p. 129
Isbell, Horace S.; Brewster, Joseph F.; Holt, Nancy B.; Frush, Harriet L.

Effect of inhibitors on the corrosion of zinc in dry-cell electrolytes, p. 151
Morehouse, Clarence K.; Hamer, Walter J.; Vinal, George W.

Thermodynamic functions for molecular oxygen in the ideal gas state, p. 163
Woolley, Harold W.

Issue 3 March 1948

Measurement of water in gases by electrical conduction in a film of hygroscopic material and the use of pressure changes in calibration, p. 169
Weaver, Elmer R.; Riley, Ralph

Electric quadrupole coupling of the nuclear spin with the rotation of a polar diatomic molecule in an external electric field, p. 215
Fano, U.

Preliminary study on portions of the systems Na2O-CaO-Al2O3-Fe2O3 and Na2O-CaO-Fe2O3-SiO2, p. 225
Eubank, William R.; Bogue, Robert H.

Theory and design of a cavity attenuator, p. 235
Freeman, J.J.

Theory of Wagner ground balance for alternating-current bridges, p. 245
Cook, Richard K.

Correlations of the gel strength of paste walls and the shelf life of electric dry cells, p. 251
Hamer, Walter J.

Issue 4 April 1948

Determination of sulfur in bone char, p. 263
Deitz, Victor R.; Higginson, Helen R.; Parker, Cola

Effect of support on the performance of vane anemometers, p. 275
Schubauer, Galen B.; Adams, Gerald H.

Heat of combustion of phenyl-beta-naphthylamine (N-phenyl-2-naphthylamine), p. 281
Roberts, Donald E.; Jessup, Ralph S.

Calibration of x-ray measurement of strain, p. 285
Bennett, John A.; Vacher, Herbert C.

Magnetic measurement of the thickness of composite copper and nickel coatings on steel, p. 295
Brenner, Abner; Kellogg, Eugenia

Behavior of experimental zinc-steel couples underground, p. 301
Denison, Irving A.; Romanoff, Melvin

Disintegration of antimony-124, p. 315
Feister, Irving; Curtiss, Leon F.

Stabilization of austenitic stainless steel, p. 321
Rosenberg, Samuel J.; Darr, John H.

Issue 5 May 1948

Measurement of the slipperiness of walkway surfaces, p. 339
Sigler, Percy A.; Geib, Martin N.; Boone, Thomas H.

Perforated cover plates for steel columns: Summary of compressive properties, p. 347
Stang, Ambrose H.; Greenspan, Martin

Changes in the indices of refraction and liquidus of a barium crown glass produced by the partial substitution of some oxides, p. 361
Hamilton, Edgar H.; Grauer, Oscar H.; Zabawsky, Zeno; Hahner, C.H.

Influence of low temperatures on the mechanical properties of 18:8 chromium-nickel steel, p. 375
McAdam, D.J.; Geil, G.W.; Cromwell, Frances J.

Absorption of x-rays in air, p. 393
Day, Frank H.; Taylor, Lauriston S.

Location of the galvanometer branch for maximum sensitivity of the Wheatstone bridge, p. 401
Kotter, F.R.

Second dissociation constant of oxalic acid from 0° to 50° C, and the pH of certain oxalate buffer solutions, p. 405
Pinching, Gladys D.; Bates, Roger G.

Pyrolytic fractionation of polystyrene in a high vacuum and mass spectrometer analysis of some of the fractions, p. 417
Madorsky, Samuel L.; Straus, Sidney

Issue 6 June 1948

Resin bonding and strength development in offset papers, p. 427
Weber, Charles G.; Shaw, Merle B.; O'Leary, Martin J.; Missimer, Joshua K.

Metastable transitions in mass spectra of fifty-six hydrocarbons, p. 437
Bloom, Evelyn G.; Mohler, Fred L.; Lengel, Jonathan H.; Wise, C.E.

Determination of small amounts of oxygen in organic compounds, p. 443
Walton, William W.; McCulloch, Francis W.; Smith, W.H.

Infrared emission spectra of flames, p. 449
Plyler, Earle K.; Humphreys, Curtis J.

Pressure-volume-temperature data for oxygen, p. 457
Meyers, Cyril H.

Reduction of sphero-chromatic aberration in catadioptric systems, p. 467
Stephens, Robert E.

Some energy relations in the systems PbO-B2O3 and PbO-SiO2, p. 471
Shartsis, Leo; Newman, Edwin S.

Divided flow, low-temperature humidity test apparatus, p. 479
Wexler, Arnold

Gradual damping of solitary waves, p. 487
Keulegan, Garbis H.

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