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Journal of Research Volume 39

Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 39

ISSN: 0091-0635

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6

Issue 1 July 1947

Solution of problem of producing uniform abrasion and its application to the testing of textiles, p. 1
Schiefer, Herbert F.

Chromaticities of Lovibond glasses, p. 11
Haupt, Geraldine W.; Douglas, Florence L.

Development of standards for analytical filter papers, p. 21
Scribner, Bourdon W.; Wilson, William K.

An improved method for measurement of gel strength and data on starch gels, p. 29
Hamer, Walter J.

Cold-starting abilities of various substitute motor fuels, p. 39
Streets, Ronald E.

Heats of combustion and isomerization of the eight C8H16 alkylcyclohexanes, p. 49
Johnson, Walter H.; Prosen, Edward J.; Rossini, Frederick D.

Resistance-temperature relation and thermoelectric properties of uranium, p. 53
Dahl, Andrew I.; Van Dusen, Milton S.

Infrared absorption spectrum of carbon disulfide, p. 59
Plyler, Earle K.; Humphreys, Curtis J.

Influence of boron on some properties of experimental and commercial steels, p. 67
Digges, Thomas G.; Reinhart, Fred M.

Issue 2 August 1947

Absorption spectra in the detection of chemical changes in cellulose and cellulose derivatives, p. 133
Rowen, John W.; Hunt, Charles M.; Plyler, Earle K.

Anodic current efficiency in the counterflow electrolysis of uranyl chloride solutions, p. 141
Hamer, Walter J.

Analysis by the mass spectrometer of a liquified hydrocarbon mixture containing C3-C5 paraffins and olefins, p. 149
Dibeler, Vernon H.; Mohler, Fred L.

An indentation method for measuring wear, p. 155
McKee, Samuel A.

Effect of magnification on the precision of indoor telescope pointing, p. 163
Washer, Francis E.

Heats of formation and isomerization of the eight C8H12 alkylcyclohexanes in the liquid and gaseous states, p. 173
Prosen, Edward J.; Johnson, Walter H.; Rossini, Frederick D.

Some recent advances in our understanding of the chemistry of portland cement, p. 177
Bogue, Robert H.

Issue 3 September 1947

Shunts and inductors for surge-current measurements, p. 191
Park, John H.

Validity of the cosine-fourth-power law of illumination, p. 213
Gardner, Irvine C.

Acid-base reactions in benzene and other organic solvents: Behavior of bromphthalein magenta with different classes of organic bases, p. 221
Davis, Marion M.; Schuhmann, Priscilla J.

Observations on the control of grain size in magnesium casting alloys, p. 265
Holm, Vernon C.F.; Krynitsky, Alexander I.

Acceptance sampling by variables, with special reference to the case in which quality is measured by average or dispersion, p. 271
Curtiss, John H.

Freezing points of cobalt and nickel, p. 291
Van Dusen, Milton S.; Dahl, Andrew I.

Issue 4 October 1947

Influence of the atmosphere upon the precision of telescope pointing, p. 297
Washer, Francis E.; Scott, Leo W.

Alkylbenzenes in the C8 fraction from five different catalytic petroleum refining processes, p. 303
Streiff, Anton J.; Rossini, Frederick D.

Heat capacities at high temperatures of uranium, uranium trichloride, and uranium tetrachloride, p. 309
Ginnings, Defoe C.; Corruccini, Robert J.

Specific heat, enthalpy, and entropy of uranyl fluoride, p. 317
Wacker, Paul F.; Cheney, Ruth K.

Purification, purity, and freezing points of n-decane, 4 alkylcyclopentanes, 9 alkylcyclohexanes, 2 monoolefins, 1, 2-butadiene, and 2-butyne of the API-Standard and API-NBS series, p. 321
Streiff, Anton J.; Murphy, Evelyn T.; Zimmerman, Janice C.; Soule, Laurel F.; Sedlak, Vincent A.; Willingham, Charles B.; Rossini, Frederick D.

Electrodeposition of tungsten alloys containing iron, nickel, and cobalt, p. 351
Brenner, Abner; Burkhead, Polly; Seegmiller, Emma

Issue 5 November 1947

Deposition of nickel and cobalt by chemical reduction, p. 385
Brenner, Abner; Riddell, Grace

Calculations on countercurrent electromigration, p. 397
Breit, G.; Friedman, F.L.

Activity coefficients in aqueous mixtures of phosphates with sodium chloride, sodium bromide, and sodium iodide, and the pH of phosphate buffer solutions, p. 411
Bates, Roger G.

Thermal expansion of some copper alloys, p. 419
Hidnert, Peter; Krider, Harrison S.

Alkylbenzenes in the C9 fraction from seven representative crude petroleums, p. 425
Forziati, Alphonse F.; Rossini, Frederick D.

Experimental study of the Koppers-Hinckley-Podbielniak apparatus and method for the determination of conjugated dienes, p. 435
Shepherd, Martin; Thomas, Richard; Schuhmann, Shuford; Dibeler, Vernon

Measurements of heat of vaporization and heat capacity of a number of hydrocarbons, p. 453
Osborne, Nathan S.; Ginnings, Defoe C.

Issue 6 December 1947

Sorption of nitrogen and water vapor on textile fibers, p. 479
Rowen, John W.; Blaine, R.L.

Sieve test of metal powders, p. 487
Pollard, Rolla E.

Table and Mollier chart of the thermodynamic properties of 1, 3-butadiene, p. 507
Meyers, Cyril H.; Cragoe, Carl S.; Mueller, Eugene F.

Heats, equilibrium constants, and free energies of formation of the alkylcyclopentanes and alkylcyclohexanes, p. 523
Kilpatrick, John E.; Werner, Helene G.; Beckett, Charles W.; Pitzer, Kenneth S.; Rossini, Frederick D.

Factors affecting operation of apparatus for counting alpha particles in an ion counting chamber, p. 545
Davis, F.J.

A statistical analysis of some mechanical properties of manila rope, p. 551
Newman, Sanford B.; Curtiss, J.H.

Voltage anomalies of the glass electrode and the chemical durability of the glass, p. 561
Hubbard, Donald; Rynders, Gerald F.

Instability of simply supported square plate with reinforced circular hole in edge compression, p. 571
Levy, Samuel; Woolley, Ruth M.; Kroll, Wilhelmina D.

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