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Journal of Research Volume 38

Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 38

ISSN: 0091-0635

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6

Issue 1 January 1947

Vibrational frequencies of semirigid molecules: a general method and values for ethylbenzene, p. 1
Taylor, W.J.; Pitzer, K.S.

Analysis of a standard sample of natural gas by laboratories cooperating with the American Society for Testing Materials, p. 19
Shepherd, M.

Purification, purity, and freezing points of 8 nonanes, 11 alkylcyclopentanes, 6 alkylcyclohexanes, and 4 butylbenzenes of the API-standard and API-NBS series, p. 53
Streiff, A.J.; Murphy, E.T.; Cahill, J.C.; Flanagan, H.F.; Sedlak, V.A.; Willingham, C.B.; Rossini, F.D.

Infrared absorption spectra of some experimental glasses containing rare earth and other oxides, p. 95
Stair, R.; Faick, C.A.

Properties of water-repellent fabrics, p. 103
Rowen, J.W.; Gagliardi, D.

Adsorption of water vapor by untanned hide and various leathers at 100 degrees F, p. 119
Kanagy, J.R.

Concentration of the isotopes of mercury by free evaporation in a 10-cell counter-current reflux still, p. 129
Brewer, A.K.; Madorsky, S.L.

Issue 2 February 1947

Concentration of isotopes of potassium by the counter-current electromigration method, p. 137
Brewer, A.K.; Madorsky, S.L.; Taylor, J.K.; Dibeler, V.H.; Bradt, P.; Parham, O.L.; Britten, R.J.; Reid, J.G.

Concentration of potassium-39 by countercurrent electromigration: some theoretical aspects of the operation, p. 169
Westhaver, J.W.

Concentration of isotopes of chlorine by the counter-current electromigration method, p. 185
Madorsky, S.L.; Straus, S.

Normal coordinate analysis of the vibrational frequencies of ethylene, propylene, cis-2-butene, trans-2-butene, and isobutene, p. 191
Kilpatrick, J.E.; Pitzer, K.S.

Infrared absorption spectra of seven cyclopentanes and five cyclohexanes, p. 211
Plyler, E.K.; Stair, R.; Humphreys, C.J.

Elastic behavior and creep of refractory bricks under tensile and compressive loads, p. 229
Mong, L.E.

Surface tensions of some optical glasses, p. 241
Shartsis, L.; Smock, A.W.

Laminar boundary-layer oscillations and transition on a flat plate, p. 251
Schubauer, G.B.; Skramstad, H.K.

Issue 3 March 1947

Ceramic coatings for high-temperature protection of steel, p. 293
Harrison, W.N.; Moore, D.G.; Richmond, J.C.

Electrical characteristics of quartz-crystal units and their measurement, p. 309
George, W.D.; Selby, M.C.; Scolnik, R.

Ionization and dissociation of cis-2-butene and trans-2-butene by electron impact, p. 329
Dibeler, V.H.

Properties of barium-strontium titanate dielectrics, p. 337
Bunting, E.N.; Shelton, G.R.; Creamer, A.S.

Determination of small amounts of carbon monoxide in air by various reference methods, p. 351
Shepherd, M.

A magnetic-lens electron spectrometer: radiations from 5.3 year cobalt-60, p. 359
Miller, L.C.; Curtiss, L.F.

Preparation and physical properties of several aliphatic hydrocarbons and intermediates, p. 365
Howard, F.L.; Mears, T.W.; Fookson, A.; Pomerantz, P.; Brooks, D.B.

Issue 4 April 1947

Synchronization of oscillators, p. 397
Huntoon, R.D.; Weiss, A.

Disintegration of scandium, p. 411
Feister, I.; Curtiss, L.F.

High-temperature x-ray diffraction apparatus, p. 415
Van Valkenburg, A., Jr.; McMurdie, H.F.

Heats of combustion and isomerization of 6 nonanes, p. 419
Johnson, W.H.; Prosen, E.J.; Rossini, F.D.

Structure of difructose anhydride II, p. 423
Mcdonald, E.J.; Turcotte, A.L.

Mangabeira latex and rubber, p. 427
Bekkedahl, N.; Saffioti, W.

Spectrographic determination of minor elements in portland cement, p. 439
Helz, A.W.; Scribner, B.F.

Issue 5 May 1947

Electrical methods for diamond-die production, p. 449
Peters, C.G.; Emerson, W.B.; Nefflen, K.F.; Harris, F.K.; Cooter, I.L.

Effect of artificial aging on tensile properties and resistance to corrosion of 24S-T aluminum alloy, p. 465
Logan, H.L.; Hessing, H.; Francis, H.E.

Cooperative analysis of a standard sample of natural gas with the mass spectrometer, p. 491
Shepherd, M.

Infrared emission spectra of krypton and argon, p. 499
Humphreys, C.J.; Plyler, E.K.

Dipole moments and resonance of some benzein indicators and related compounds, p. 505
Maryott, A.A.; Acree, S.F.

An improved Geiger-counter arrangement for determination of radium content, p. 513
Davis, F.J.

Changes caused in the refractivity and density of glass by annealing, p. 519
Tool, A.Q.; Tilton, L.W.; Saunders, J.B.

Conductimetric titrations of acids and bases in benzene and dioxane, p. 527
Maryott, A.A.

Analyses of alkylates and hydrocodimers, p. 537
Glasgow, A.R.; Streiff, A.J.; Willingham, C.B.; Rossini, F.D.

Issue 6 June 1947

An improved ice calorimeter - the determination of its calibration factor and the density of ice at 0 degrees C, p. 583
Ginnings, D.C.; Corruccini, R.J.

Enthalpy, specific heat, and entropy of aluminum oxide from 0 degrees to 900 degrees C, p. 593
Ginnings, D.C.; Corruccini, R.J.

Transmission measurements with the Beckman quartz spectrophotometer, p. 601
Gibson, K.S.; Balcom, M.M.

Mass-spectrometer study of the rare gases, p. 617
Dibeler, V.H.; Mohler, F.L.; Reese, R.M.

Hydrocarbons in the 102 degrees to 108 degrees C fraction of petroleum, p. 621
Glasgow, A.R.; Willingham, C.B.; Rossini, F.D.

Heats of combustion and solution of liquid styrene and solid polystyrene, and the heat of polymerization of styrene, p. 627
Roberts, D.E.; Walton, W.W.; Jessup, R.S.

Torsion of a rubber cylinder, p. 637
Rivlin, R.S.

Compensation of the aperture ratio markings of a photographic lens for absorption, reflection, and vignetting losses, p. 643
Gardner, I.C.

Heat capacities of gaseous oxygen, isobutane, and 1-butene from -30 degrees to +90 degreesC, p. 651
Wacker, P.F.; Cheney, R.K.; Scott, R.B.

Heats of solution of solid solutions of hexacalcium dialumino ferrite and dicalcium ferrite, p. 661
Newman, E.S.

Relative thickness of lead, concrete, and steel required for protection against narrow beams of x-rays, p. 665
Singer, G.; Wyckoff, H.O.; Day, F.H.

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