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Journal of Research Volume 32

Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 32

ISSN: 0091-0635

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6

Issue 1 January 1944

Dicalcium silicate solid solutions, p. 1
Greene, K.T.

Hydrocarbons in the gasoline fraction of seven representative crudes, including all the distillate to 102 degrees C and the aromatics to 160 degrees C, p. 11
Forziati, A.F.; Willingham, C.B.; Mair, B.J.; Rossini, F.D.

Measurement of the refractive index and dispersion of optical glass for control of product, p. 39
Gurewitz, H.L.; Tilton, L.W.

Issue 2 February 1944

Interpretation of some reactions in the carbohydrate field in terms of consecutive electron displacement, p. 45
Isbell, H.S.

Measuring the rate of wear of tire treads, p. 61
Roth, F.L.; Holt, W.L.

A precision apparatus for the rapid determination of indices of refraction and dispersion by immersion, p. 67
Faick, C.A., Fonoroff, B.

Issue 3 March 1944

Salts of galacturonic acid and their application to the preparation of galacturonic acid from pectic substances, p. 77
Isbell, H.S.; Frush, H.L.

Note on the macroanalysis of carbon and hydrogen by combustion, p. 95
Wagman, D.D.; Rossini, F.D.

Thermal expansion of concrete aggregate materials, p. 101
Johnson, W.H.; Parsons, W.H.

Scale substance of wool, p. 127
Geiger, W.B.

Issue 4 April 1944

Effect of sodium chloride on the pH of p-phenolsulfonate buffers from 0 degrees to 60 degrees C, p. 131
Bates, R.G.; Acree, S.F.

Thermal expansion of high-silicon cast iron, p. 145
Hidnert, P.; Dickson, G.

Analytical determination of aromatic hydrocarbons by adsorption, p. 151
Mair, B.J.; Forziati, A.F.

Separation and recovery of aromatic hydrocarbons from paraffins and naphthenes by adsorption, p. 165
Mair, B.J.; Forziati, A.F.

Issue 5 May 1944

Method for determining individual hydrocar- bons in mixtures of hydrocarbons by measurement of freezing points, p. 185
Streiff, A.J.; Rossini, F.D.

Theoretical analysis of certain time-temperature freezing and melting curves as applied to hydrocarbons, p. 197
Taylor, W.J.; Rossini, F.D.

A method for the determination of the pH of 0.05-molal solutions of acid potassium phthalate with or without potassium chloride, p. 215
Hamer, W.J.; Acree, S.F.

Thermal properties of moist fabrics, p. 229
Hock, C.W.; Sookne, A.M.; Harris, M.

Issue 6 June 1944

Purification of substances by slow fractional freezing, p. 253
Schwab, F.W.; Wichers, E.

A study of the properties of household blankets, p. 261
Schiefer, H.F.; Stevens, H.T.; Mack, P.B.; Boyland, P.M.

Studies of portions of the quaternary system soda-lime-silica-water at 25 degrees C, p. 285
Kalousek, G.L.

Laminar flow at the interface of two liquids, p. 303
Keulegan, G.H.

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