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Journal of Research Volume 31

Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 31

ISSN: 0091-0635

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6

Issue 1 July 1943

Width and spacing of tensile cracks in axially reinforced concrete cylinders, p. 1
Watstein, D.; Parsons, D.E.

Autographic load-elongation apparatus for fibers, p. 25
Sookne, A.M.; Rutherford, H.A.

Ring structures and mutarotations of the modifications of D-galacturonic acid, p. 33
Isbell, H.S.; Frush, H.L.

Ten-year tests on commercial masonry cements, p. 45
Blaine, R.L.

Issue 1 August 1943

Tristimulus specification of the Munsell book of color from spectrophotometric measurements, p. 55
Kelly, K.L.; Gibson, K.S.; Nickerson, D.

Thermal expansion of some industrial copper alloys, p. 77
Hidnert,P.; Dickson, G.

Optical rotation and atomic dimension: the four optically active 2-halogenopentanes, p. 83
Brauns, D.H.

Tensile and other properties of concretes made with various types of cements, p. 107
Schuman, L.; Tucker, J., Jr.

Issue 1 September 1943

Properties of cast red brass as affected by the ambient atmosphere during melting, p. 125
Gardner, H.B.,; Krynitski, A.I.; Saeger, C.M., Jr.

Electrical and mechanical properties of the system Buna S-gilsonite, p. 141
Selker, A.H.; Scott, A.H.; McPherson, A.T.

Calcium chloride compounds of D-alpha-glucoheptose (D-glycero-D-Gulo-aldoheptose), p. 163
Isbell, H.S.; Frush, H.L.

Density of leather and its significance, p. 169
Kanagy, J.R.; Wallace, E.L.

A counting method for the determination of small amounts of radium and of radon, p. 181
Curtiss, L.F.; Davis, F.J.

Issue 4 October 1943

The assay of potassium p-phenolsulfonate, its pH range, and its ultraviolet absorption spectrum, p. 197
Sager, E.E.; Schooley, M.R.; Acree, S.F.

The second dissociation constant of p-phenolsulfonic acid and pH values of phenolsulfonate-chloride buffers from 0 degrees to 60 degrees C, p. 205
Bates, R.G.; Siegel, G.L.; Acree, S.F.

X-ray patterns of hydrated calcium silicates, p. 225
McMurdie, H.F.; Flint, E.P.

Structure of the wool fiber as revealed by the electron microscope, p. 229
Hock, C.W.; McMurdie, H.F.

A friction meter for determining the coefficient of kinetic friction of fabrics, p. 237
Dreby, E.C.

Issue 5 November 1943

Abrasion and solution of teeth, p. 247
Souder, W.; Schoonover, I.C.

Report on the systems lead oxide-alumina and lead oxide-alumina-silica, p. 255
Geller, R.F.; Bunting, E.N.

Color designations for lights, p. 271
Kelly, K.L.

Iron as a tanning agent, p. 279
Kanagy, J.R.; Kronstadt, R.A.

Issue 6 December 1943

pH values of acid-salt mixtures of some aromatic sulfonic acids at various temperatures and a criterion of completeness of dissociation, p. 291
Hamer, WJ; Pinching, GD; Acree, SF

Axial rigidity of perforated structural members, p. 305
Greenspan, M.

Basic ionization constant of metacresolsulfonphthalein; pH values and salt effects, p. 323
Sager, E.E.; Keegan, H.J.; Acree, S.F.

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