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Journal of Research Volume 3

Bureau of Standards Journal of Research

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 3

ISSN: 0091-1801

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6

Issue 1 July 1929

A course-shift indicator for the double-modulation type radiobeacon, p. 1
Diamond, H.; Dunmore, F. W.

Relative visibility of luminous flashes from neon lamps and from incandescent lamps with and without red filters, p. 11
Breckenridge, F. C.; Nolan, J. E.

A crystalline difructose anhydride from hydrolyzed inulin, p. 27
Jackson, R. F.; Goergen, S. M.

Fastness of dyed fabrics to dry cleaning, p. 39
Eichlin, A. S.

Note on a mercury spark gap for instantaneous photography, p. 53
Curtiss, L. F.

Improvements in the preparation of aldonic acids, p. 57
Hudson, C. S.; Isbell, H. S.

Note on the ratio of the electromagnetic to the electrostatic unit of electricity as compared to the velocity of light, p. 63
Curtis, H. L.

Bunsen flames of unusual structure, p. 65
Smith, F. A.; Pickering, S. F.

A study of sheathing papers, p. 75
Carson, F. T.; Worthington, F. V.

Use of 8-hydroxyquinoline in separations of aluminum, p. 91
Lundell, G. E. F.; Knowles, H. B.

Removal of dissolved gases from liquids by vacuum sublimation, p. 97
Hibben, J. H.

Some absorption properties of clay bricks, p. 105
Palmer, L. A.

The first spectrum of krypton, p. 129
Meggers, W. F.; de Bruin, T. L.; Humphreys, C. J.

A comparison of the formulas for the calculation of the inductance of coils and spirals wound with wire of large cross section, p. 163
Grover, F. W.

Issue 2 July 1929

Efficiency of machinists' vises, p. 191
Whittemore, H. L.; Sweetman, L. R.

Effect of service on the endurance properties of rail steels, p. 205
Freeman, J. R.; Solakian, H. N.

The structure of (?) methylxyloside, p. 247
Phelps, F. P.; Purves, C. B.

The mutual inductance of two parallel circles, p. 255
Snow, C.

Soil-corrosion studies, 1927-28, p. 275
Logan, K. H.

Photoionization of some alkali vapors, p. 303
Mohler, F. L.; Boeckner, C.

Making the glass disk for a 70-inch telescope reflector, p. 315
Finn, A. N.

Effect of water on expansions of ceramic bodies of different composition, p. 331
Schurecht, H. G.; Pole, G. R.

Issue 3 July 1929

Thermoelectric temperature scales, p. 343
Roeser, W.

Light fastness or lithographic ink pigments, p. 359
Appel, W. D.; Reed, R. F.

Effect of oxidizing conditions on accelerated electrolytic corrosion tests, p. 375
Rawdon, H. S.; Tucker, W. A.

Representation of aberration diffraction effects by means of rotating sectors, p. 391
Bennett, A. H.

Hot aqueous solutions for the quenching of steels, p. 399
French, H. J.; Hamill, T. E.

Preparation of experimental sagger bodies according to fundamental properties, p. 419
Heindl, R. A.; Mong, L. E.

A suppressed-zero electrodynamic voltmeter, p. 445
Harris, F. K.

Two isomeric crystalline compounds of d-mannose with calcium chloride, p. 459
Dale, J. K.

A study of purified wood fibers as a papermaking material, p. 469
Rasch, R. H.

Issue 4 October 1929

Compressive strength of clay brick walls, p. 507
Stang, A. H.; Parsons, D. E.; McBurney, J. W.

Determination of manganese in steel and iron by the persulphate-arsenite method, p. 573
Bright, H. A.; Larrabee, C. P.

Determination of fluorine and of silica in glasses and enamels containing fluorine, p. 581
Hoffman, J. I.; Lundell, G. E. F.

The heat of formation of sulphur dioxide, p. 597
Eckman, J. R.; Rossini, F. D.

Issue 5 November 1929

Optical heterogeneity of a fused quartz disk, p. 619
Tilton, L. W.; Tool, A. Q.

Data on ultra-violet solar radiation and the solarization of window materials, p. 629
Coblentz, W. W.; Stair, R.

Progress report on investigation of fire-clay bricks and the clays used in their preparation, p. 691
Heindl, R. A.; Pendergast, W. L.

The first spectrum of xenon, p. 731
Meggers, W. F.; deBruin, T. L.; Humphreys, C. J.

The arc spectrum of arsenic, p. 765
Meggers, W.F.; deBruin, T. L.

Metallographic polishing. I. Automatic metallographic polishing machine, p. 783
Epstein, S.; Buckley, J. P.

Correcting engine tests for humidity, p. 795
Brooks, D. B.

Analysis of diaphragm system for the x-ray standard ionization chamber, p. 807
Taylor, L. S.

Issue 6 December 1929

Turning with shallow cuts at high speeds, p. 829
French, H. J.; Digges, T. G.

Further experimental production of currency paper in the Bureau of Standards paper mill, p. 899
Shaw, M. B.; Bicking, G. W.

A method of measuring the stress-strain relations of wet textiles with application to wet rayons, p. 927
Hamm, H. A.; Stevens, R. E.

Corrosion of open-valley flashings, p. 937
Beij, K. H.

Comparative properties of wrought iron made by hand puddling and by the Aston process, p. 953
Rawdon, H. S.; Knight, O. A.

A gravimetric method for the determination of ruthenium, p. 993
Gilchrist, R.

Observations on the iron-nitrogen system, p. 1005
Epstein, S.; Cross, H. C.; Groesbeck, E. C.; Wymore, I. J.

Melting, mechanical working, and some physical properties of rhodium, p. 1029
Swanger, W. H.

Optical rotation and ring structure in the sugar group - The optical rotation of the various asymmetric carbon atoms in the hexose and pentose sugars, p. 1041
Isbell, H. S.

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