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Journal of Research Volume 29

Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 29

ISSN: 0091-0635

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6

Issue 1 July 1942

A new determination of the constant of gravitation, p. 1
Heyl, Paul R.; Chrzanowski, Peter

Influence of initial structure and rate of heating on the austenitic grain size of 0.5-percent-carbon steels and iron-carbon alloy, p. 33
Digges, Thomas G.; Rosenberg, Samuel J.

Microscopic structure of flax and related bast fibers, p. 41
Hock, Charles W.

Accelerated aging of lace leathers, p. 51
Kanagy, Joseph R.; Tobias, Philip E.

Effect of moderate cold-rolling on the hardness of the surface layer of 0.34-percent-carbon steel plates, p. 57
Herschman, Harry K.

Note on flexural fatigue of textiles, p. 69
Schiefer, Herbert F.; Boyland, Paul M.

Elasticity of wool as related to its chemical structure, p. 73
Harris, Milton; Mizell, Louis R.; Fourt, Lyman

Specific heat of the synthetic rubber Hycar O.R from 15° to 340° K, p. 87
Bekkedahl, Norman; Scott, Russell B.

Equation of motion for the steady mean flow of water in open channels, p. 97
Keulegan, Garbis H.

Issue 2 August 1942

Metallographic study of the formation of austenite from aggregates of ferrite and cementite in an iron-carbon alloy of 0.5 percent carb, p. 113
Digges, Thomas G.; Rosemberg, Samuel J.

Fractionation of cellulose acetate, p. 123
Sookne, Arnold M.; Rutherford, Henry A.; Mark, H.; Harris, Milton

Oxidation of cellulose: The reaction of cellulose with periodic acid, p. 131
Rutherford, Henry A.; Minor, Francis W.; Martin, Albert R.; Harris, Milton

A flow manostat for various purposes, including the candy test, p. 143
Proffitt, Max J.

An equation for the isotherms of pure substances at their critical temperatures, p. 157
Meyers, Cyril H.

X-ray measurement of the thickness of the cold-worked surface layer resulting from metallographic polishing, p. 177
Vacher, Herbert C.

Issue 3 September 1942

Provisional pH values for certain standard buffer solutions, p. 183
Bates, Roger G.; Hamer, Walter J.; Manov, George G.; Acree, S.F.

Surface available to nitrogen on bone black and other carbonaceous adsorbents, p. 191
Deitz, Victor R.; Gleysteen, Leland F.

Preparation of lower aldonic acids by oxidation of sugars in alkaline solution, p. 227
Isbell, Horace S.

Characteristics of wide-angle airplane-camera lenses, p. 233
Washer, Francis E.

Issue 4 October 1942

Heat of combustion of benzoic acid, with special reference to the standardization of bomb calorimeters, p. 247
Jessup, Ralph S.

Dependence of the indigestibility of wool protein upon its polymeric structure, p. 271
Geiger, Walton B.; Harris, Milton

Perforated cover plates for steel columns: Compressive properties of plates having ovaloid perforations and a width-to-thickness ratio of 68, p. 279
Stang, Ambrose H.; Greenspan, Martin

Issue 5 November 1942

A reexamination of the Potsdam absolute determination of gravity, p. 303
Dryden, Hugh L.

Catalyzed hydrolysis of amide and peptide bonds in proteins, p. 315
Steinhardt, Jacinto; Fugitt, Charles H.

Fresnel reflection of diffusely incident light, p. 329
Judd, Deane B.

Wear testing of carpets, p. 333
Schiefer, Herbert F.

Chemically modified wools of enhanced stability, p. 381
Geiger, Walton B.; Kobayashi, F.F.; Harris, Milton

Issue 6 December 1942

Measurement of densities of synthetic rubbers, p. 391
Wood, Lawrence A.; Bekkedahl, Norman; Roth, Frank L.

Ten-year tests of high-early-strength cement concretes, p. 397
Schuman, Louis

Interval selector for random pulses, p. 405
Davis, Francis J.; Curtiss, Leon F.

Combination of wool protein with acids in mixtures, and its relation to the acid dyeing of wool, p. 417
Steinhardt, Jacinto; Fugitt, Charles H.; Harris, Milton

Analysis of the selective combination of wool with acids in mixtures, p. 425
Steinhardt, Jacinto

Further phase-equilibrium studies involving the potash compounds of portland cement, p. 437
Taylor, William C.

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