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Journal of Research Volume 28

Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 28

ISSN: 0091-0635

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6



Issue 1 January 1942

The tee-bend test to compare the welding quality of steels, p. 1
Ellinger, G.A.; Bissell, A.G.; Williams, M.L.

Expansivity of a Vycor brand glass, p. 51
Saunders, J.B.

Soil-corrosion studies, 1939. Coatings for the protection of metals underground, p. 57
Logan, K.H.

Elastic properties of some alloy cast irons, p. 73
Krynitsky, A.I.; Saeger, C.M.

Application of the dropping-mercury electrode to the investigation of the polyhydroxy acids and lactones, p. 95
Matheson, H.; Isbell, H.S.; Smith, E.R.

Issue 2 February 1942

An absolute determination of the ampere, using helical and spiral coils, p. 133
Curtis, R.W.; Driscoll, R.L.; Critchfield, C.L.

Rectangular plate loaded along two adjacent edges by couples in its own plane, p. 159
Osgood, W.R.

Spark spectrographic analysis of commercial tin, p. 165
Scribner, B.F.

Calculation of protein-anion affinity constants from acid titration data, p. 191
Steinhardt, J.

Further investigations of the affinities of anions of strong acids for wool protection, p. 201
Steinhardt, J.; Fugitt, C.H.; Harris, M.

Intercomparison of platinum resistance thermometers between -190 degrees and 445 degrees C, p. 217
Hoge, H.J.; Brickwedde, F.G.

Issue 3 March 1942

An experimental study of beater practice in the manufacture of offset papers, p. 241
Weber, C.G.; Shaw, M.B.; Geib, M.N.; O'Leary, M.J.

Spectrophotometric determination of dysprosium, holmium, erbium, thulium, and ytterbium, p. 265
Rodden, C.J.

Dielectric constant, power factor, and conductivity of the system rubber-calcium carbonate, p. 279
Scott, A.H.; McPherson, A.

Temperature estimates of the planet Mars, 1924 and 1926, p. 297
Coblentz, W.W.

Tensile elastic properties of nickel, copper, open-hearth iron, and typical steels, p. 311
McAdam, D.J.; Mebs, R.W.

Soil-corrosion studies, 1939: ferrous and nonferrous corrosion-resistant materials, p. 379
Logan, K.H.

Issue 4 April 1942

Some properties of the dry air-setting type of refractory bonding mortar, p. 401
Heindl, R.A.; Pendergast, W.L.

Creep rates of cold-drawn nickel-copper alloy (monel metal), p. 417
Bennett, J.A.; McAdam, D.J.

Frictional properties of rubber, p. 439
Roth, F.L.; Driscoll, R.L.; Holt, W.L.

The first spectrum of antimony, p. 463
Meggers, W.F.; Humphreys, C.J.

Structural changes in the bonding layer of soft-soldered joints in copper pipe lines on long-continued heating, p. 479
Swanger, W.H.; Maupin, A.R.

Electrical conduction in the glass insulation of resistance thermometers, p. 489
Hoge, H.J.

Tensile and compressive properties of some stainless-steel sheets, p. 499
Aitchison, C.S.; Ramberg, W.; Tuckerman, L.B.; Whittemore, H.L.

Issue 5 May 1942

Elimination of oxide films on ferrous materials by heating in vacuum, p. 569
Holm, V.C.F.

Measurements of ultraviolet solar- and sky-radiation intensities in high latitudes, p. 581
Coblentz, W.W.; Gracely, F.R.; Stair, R.

Rate of oxidation of typical nonferrous metals as determined by interference colors of oxide films, p. 593
McAdam, D.J.; Geil, G.W.

Improved instrument for measuring the air permeability of fabrics, p. 637
Schiefer, H.F.; Boyland, P.M.

Properties of high-purity iron, p. 643
Cleaves, H.E.; Hiegel, J.M.

Issue 6 June 1942

Perforated cover plates for steel columns: program and test methods, p. 669
Stang, A.H.; Greenspan, M.

Perforated cover plates for steel columns: compressive properties of plates having ovaloid perforations and a width-to-thickness ratio of 40, p. 687
Stang, A.H.; Greenspan, M.

Effect of altitude on knock rating in CFR engines, p. 713
Brooks, D.B.

Weather resistance of porcelain-enameled iron structural units, p. 735
Harrison, W.N.; Moore, D.G.

Relief of residual stress in streamline tierods, p. 755
Pollard, R.E.; Reinhart, F.M.

Measurement of the fading rate of paints, p. 773
Eickhoff, A.J.; Hunter, R.S.

Determination of carbon and hydrogen in bone black and other chars, p. 795
Deitz, V.R.; Gleysteen, L.F.

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