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Journal of Research Volume 25

Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 25

ISSN: 0091-0635

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6

Issue 1 July 1940

A dual bridge for the measurement of self inductance in terms of resistance and time, p. 1
Curtis, Harvey L.; Hartman, Leon W.

Length changes of whiteware clays and bodies during initial heating, with supplementary data on mica, p. 15
Geller, R.F.; Bunting, E.N.

A vacuum-tube alternating-voltage compensator, p. 41
Cooter, Irvin L.; Wenner, Frank; Peterson, Chester

Relation of cation exchange to the acidic properties of cotton, p. 47
Sookne, Arnold M.; Harris, Milton

Electrodialytic estimation of ash and of acidic and basic groups in textile fibers, p. 61
Sookne, Arnold M.; Fugitt, Charles H.; Steinhardt, Jacinto

Determination of thickness of acid-resistant portion of vitreous enamel coatings, p. 71
Harrison, William N.; Shartsis, Leo

Corrosion of metals used in aircraft, p. 75
Mutchler, Willard

Description and analysis of the second spectrum of vanadium (V II), p. 83
Meggers, William F.; Moore, Charlotte E.

Issue 2 August 1940

An automatic weather station, p. 133
Diamond, Harry; Hinman, Wilbur S.

Effect of oxygen and moisture on the stability of leather at elevated temperatures, p. 149
Kanagy, Joseph R.

Physical, mineralogical, and durability studies on the building and monumental granites of the United States, p. 161
Kessler, Daniel W.; Insley, Herbert; Sligh, William H.

Effect of speed of pulling jaws on the tensile strength and stretch of leather, p. 207
Hobbs, Robert B.

Effect of rate of heating through the transformation range on austenitic grain size, p. 215
Rosenberg, Samuel J.; Digges, Thomas G.

Methods, apparatus, and procedures for the comparison of precision standard resistors, p. 229
Wenner, Frank

Issue 3 September 1940

Nature of the glass in portland cement clinker, p. 295
Insley, Herbert

Improvements in the preparation of d-galacturonic acid, p. 301
Pigman, William W.

Pectic substance of cotton fibers in relation to growth, p. 305
Whistler, Roy L.; Martin, Albert R.; Conrad, Carl M.

Permeability of elastic polymers to hydrogen, p. 309
Sager, Theron P.

Electrode potential measurements as a means of studying the corrosion characteristics of wrought aluminum alloys of the duralumin type, p. 315
Logan, Hugh L.

An improved radio sonde and its performance, p. 327
Diamond, Harry; Hinman, Wilbur S.; Dunmore, Francis W.; Lapham, Evan G.

Integrating circuit for vapor-type Geiger-Müller counters, p. 369
Curtiss, Leon F.

Decomposition of rocks and ceramic materials with a small amount of sodium carbonate, p. 379
Hoffman, James I.

Thickness of a liquid film adhering to a surface slowly withdrawn from the liquid, p. 385
Morey, Francis C.

Issue 4 October 1940

Determination of nonvolatile matter and the calculation of "cut" of shellac varnish, p. 395
Hartman, Charles C.

Method for determining the moisture condition in hardened concrete, p. 403
Gause, G.R.; Tucker, John

Note on the effects of cobalt and nickel in storage batteries, p. 417
Vinal, George W.; Craig, D.N.; Snyder, Clarence L.

Measurement of electrode potentials and polarization in soil-corrosion cells, p. 421
Darnielle, Robert B.

Effects of drying conditions on properties of textile yarns, p. 435
Wiegerink, James G.

Reaction of silk fibroin with diazomethane, p. 451
Rutherford, Henry A.; Patterson, Wilbur I.; Harris, Milton

Calibration of thermocouples at low temperatures, p. 459
Scott, Russell B.

Studies on the system lime-ferric oxide-silica, p. 475
Burdick, Milton D.

Issue 5 November 1940

Absolute pressure calibrations of microphones, p. 489
Cook, Richard K.

Recombination and electron attachment in the F layers of the ionosphere, p. 507
Mohler, Fred L.

Combination of wool protein with acid and base: The effect of temperature on the titration curve, p. 519
Steinhardt, Jacinto; Fugitt, Charles H.; Harris, Milton

Standard electrodynamic wattmeter and ac-dc transfer instrument, p. 545
Park, John H.; Lewis, Arthur B.

A multipurpose photoelectric reflectometer, p. 581
Hunter, Richard S.

Issue 6 December 1940

Mutual inductance of two helices whose axes are parallel, p. 619
Snow, Chester

Effect of low temperatures on the properties of aircraft metals, p. 673
Rosenberg, Samuel J.

A photometric procedure using barrier-layer photocells, p. 703
Barbrow, Louis E.

Some properties of the pore system in bricks and their relation to frost action, p. 711
Stull, Ray T.; Johnson, Paul V.

Standard electrode potential of sodium, p. 731
Smith, Edgar R.; Taylor, John K.

Preparation of benzoic acid of high purity, p. 747
Schwab, Frank W.; Wichers, Edward

Effect of composition and other factors on the specific refraction and dispersion of glasses, p. 759
Young, John C.; Finn, Alfred N.

Strength and elongation of silk yarns as affected by humidity, p. 783
Schenke, E.M.; Shearer, Howard E.

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