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Journal of Research Volume 22

Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 22

ISSN: 0091-0635

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6

Issue 1 January 1939

Heterostatic loading and critical astatic loads - A generalization of Southwell's method for the analysis of experimental observations in problems of elastic instability, p. 1
Tuckerman, L.B.

Second spectrum of xenon, p. 19
Humphreys, C.J.

Solubility of lead sulfate in solutions of sulfuric acid, determined by dithizone with a photronic cell, p. 55
Craig, D.N.; Vinal, G.W.

Permeability of neoprene to gases, p. 71
Sager, T.P.; Sucher, M.

Application of graphs of maximum usable frequency to communication problems, p. 81
Smith, N.; Kirby, S.S.; Gilliland, T.R.

Note on the spectral reflectivity of rhodium, p. 93
Coblentz, W.W.; Stair, R.

An improved radio meteorograph on the Olland Principle, p. 97
Curtiss, L.F.; Astin, A.V.; Stockmann, L.L.; Brown, B.W.

Engineering significance of National Bureau of Standards soil-corrosion data, p. 109
Logan, K.H.

Issue 2 February 1939

Thermal-expansion characteristics of some ground-coat enamel frits, p. 127
Harrison, W.N.; Sweo, B.J.; Shelton, S.M.

Separation of 1,2,4-trimethylcyclohexane and an isononane from a midcontinent petroleum, p. 137
White, J.D.; Glasgow, A.R.

Summary of an investigation of the composition of a midcontinent petroleum distillate, boiling between 100° and 130° C, p. 153
Leslie, R.T.

Gasometric method and apparatus for the analysis of mixtures of ethylene oxide and carbon dioxide, p. 171
Branham, J.R.; Shepherd, M.

Elastic properties of cast iron, p. 191
Krynitsky, A.I.; Saeger, C.M.

Relation of camera error to photogrammetric mapping, p. 209
Gardner, I.C.

Mutual inductance and force between two coaxial helical wires, p. 239
Snow, C.

Issue 3 March 1939

Measurement of the apparent fluidity of dispersions of cellulose in cuprammonium solution, p. 271
Mease, R.T.

Printing tests of experimental book papers, p. 285
Shaw, M.B.; Simmons, R.H.

A precision radio instrument for transmitting measurements of ultraviolet intensities from unmanned balloons to a ground station, p. 295
Stair, R.

Preparation of oxygen of high purity, p. 301
Shepherd, M.; Weaver, E.R.; Pickering, S.F.

Reproducibility of silver-silver halide electrodes, p. 307
Taylor, J.K.; Smith, E.R.

2,6-Dimethylheptane: its synthesis, properties, and comparison with an isononane from petroleum, p. 315
White, J.D.; Rose, F.W.; Calingaert, G.; Soroos, H.

Separation of hydrocarbons of high molecular weight by adsorption on silica gel, p. 321
Willingham, C.B.

Relation between moisture content and flow-point pressure of plastic clay, p. 329
Stull, R.T.; Johnson, P.V.

Effect of the solubility of glass on the behavior of the glass electrode, p. 339
Hubbard, D.; Hamilton, E.H.; Finn, A.N.

Establishment of a temperature scale for the calibration of thermometers between 14° and 83° K, p. 351
Hoge, H.J.; Brickwedde, F.G.

Issue 4 April 1939

International temperature scale and some related physical constants, p. 375
Wensel, H.T.

Preparation and properties of β-d-2-desoxygalactose, p. 397
Isbell, H.S.; Pigman, W.W.

Action of Baker's yeast on d-talose, p. 403
Isbell, H.S.

Heat and free energy of formation of water and of carbon monoxide, p. 407
Rossini, F.D.

Heats of combustion of tetramethylmethane and 2-methylbutane, p. 415
Knowlton, J.W.; Rossini, F.D.

A method of reducing the effect of disturbances in the galvanometer branch of a potentiometer circuit, p. 425
Wenner, F.

A potentiometer for measuring voltages of 10 microvolts to an accuracy of 0.01 microvolt, p. 431
Teele, R.P.; Schuhmann, S.

Solubility of colored glazes in organic acids, p. 441
Geller, R.F.; Creamer, A.S.

Density of some soda-potash-silica glasses as a function of the composition, p. 453
Young, J.C.; Glaze, F.W.; Faick, C.A.; Finn, A.N.

Volatilization of metallic compounds from solutions in perchloric or sulfuric acid, p. 465
Hoffman, J.I.; Lundell, G.E.F.

Determination of pentosans in pulps and papers, p. 471
Launer, H.F.; Wilson, W.K.

Issue 5 May 1939

An absolute determination of the ampere, using improved coils, p. 485
Curtis, H.L.; Curtis, R.W.; Critchfield, C.L.

Efficiency of a rotary distillation column, p. 519
Mair, B.J.; Willingham, C.B.

Behavior of rubber hydrocarbon in a molecular still, p. 529
Smith, W.H.; Wing, H.J.

Base-combining capacity of wool, p. 535
Harris, M.; Rutherford, H.A.

Toggle clamp for rubber tensile specimens, p. 543
Holt, W.L.; McPherson, A.T.

Determination of the pH value of papers, p. 553
Launer, H.F.

Further data on gold-chromium resistance wire, p. 565
Godfrey, T.B.

Distribution of ozone in the stratosphere, p. 573
Coblentz, W.W.; Stair, R.

Torque between concentric single-layer coils, p. 607
Snow, C.

Issue 6 June 1939

Standardization of the luminous-transmission scale used in the specification of railroad signal glasses, p. 627
Gibson, K.S.; Haupt, G.W.

Development of a fibrous texture in coldworked rods of copper, p. 651
Vacher, H.C.

Effects of methionine, djenkolic acid, and benzylcysteine on the estimation of cystine by the dropping mercury cathode, p. 669
Smith, E.R.; Rodden, C.J.

Nature of energy losses in air capacitors at low frequencies, p. 673
Astin, A.V.

Electroanalytical determination of copper and lead in nitric acid solution containing small amounts of hydrochloric acid, p. 697
Scherrer, J.A.; Bell, R.K.; Mogerman, W.D.

Bubbler tip of pyrex glass for difficult absorptions, p. 701
Branham, J.R.; Sperling, E.O.

Effects of aluminum and of antimony on certain properties of cast red brass, p. 707
Gardner, H.B.; Saeger, C.M.

Resolving power and distortion of typical airplane-camera lenses, p. 729
Washer, F.E.

Edge correction in the determination of dielectric constant, p. 747
Scott, A.H.; Curtis, H.L.

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