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Journal of Research Volume 21

Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 21

ISSN: 0091-0635

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6

Issue 1 July 1938

Pressure losses for fluid flow in 90° pipe bends, p. 1
Beij, K.H.

Measurement of supervoltage x-rays with the free-air ionization chamber, p. 19
Taylor, Lauriston S.; Singer, George; Charlton, Arvid L.

Preparation and application of chromous solutions for the absorption of oxygen in volumetric gas analysis, p. 45
Branham, Joseph R.

Displacement of nitrogen from and its solution in certain reagents during volumetric gas analysis, p. 63
Branham, Joseph R.; Sucher, Max

Hydrogen-reduction method for the determination of oxygen in steel, p. 79
Thompson, John G.; Holm, Vernon C.F.

Determinations of oxygen in alloy steels, p. 87
Thompson, John G.; Holm, Vernon C.F.

Determination of arsenic, antimony, and tin in lead-, tin-, and copper-base alloys, p. 95
Scherrer, John A.

Improved method for determination of aluminum in certain nonferrous materials by use of ammonium aurintricarboxylate, p. 105
Scherrer, John A.; Mogerman, William D.

Preparation of ammonium aurintricarboxylate, p. 113
Scherrer, John A.; Smith, W.H.

Combination of hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide with hide, tendon, and bone collagen, p. 117
Beek, John

Issue 2 August 1938

Determination of boron in steel and cast iron, p. 125
Hague, John L.; Bright, Harry A.

Studies of heat of solution of calcium and magnesium oxides and hydroxides, p. 133
Taylor, Kenneth; Wells, Lansing S.

Separation of isopropylbenzene from a midcontinent petroleum by adsorption with silica gel and distillation with acetic acid, p. 151
White, Joseph D.; Rose, Jr., Frank W.

Separation, by distillation with acetic acid, of the aromatic hydrocarbons from the fraction of a midcontinent petroleum boiling between 154° and 162° C, p. 167
Rose, Jr., Frank W.; White, Joseph D.

Extension and revision of the arc spectrum of silicon, p. 185
Kiess, Carl C.

Preliminary lists of terms for the arc and spark spectra of tungsten, p. 207
Laun, Donald D.

Electrolytic resistors for direct-current applications in measuring temperatures, p. 225
Craig, D.N.

Effect of glass content upon the heat of hydration of portland cement, p. 235
Lerch, William

Accelerated aging of leather in the oxygen bomb at 100° C, p. 241
Kanagy, Joseph R.

Issue 3 September 1938

Optical and dimensional changes which accompany the freezing and melting of Hevea rubber, p. 257
Smith, W.H.; Saylor, Charles P.

Strength of a riveted steel rigid frame having straight flanges, p. 269
Stang, Ambrose H.; Greenspan, Martin; Osgood, William R.

Phase equilibria studies on mixtures of the compounds 4CaO.Al2O3.Fe2O3-2CaO.Fe2O3-K2O.Al2O3, p. 315
Taylor, William C.

Quantitative formation of furfural from xylose, p. 327
Hughes, Elizabeth E.; Acree, S.F.

Surface tension of vitreous enamel frits at and near firing temperatures, p. 337
Harrison, William N.; Moore, Dwight G.

Stability of the viscose type of ozaphane photographic film, p. 347
Sookne, Arnold M.; Weber, Charles G.

Relation of compositions and heats of solution of portland cement clinker, p. 355
Insley, Herbert; Flint, Einar P.; Newman, Edwin S.; Swenson, J.A.

Production of accurate one-second time intervals, p. 367
George, William D.

Issue 4 October 1938

A determination of the absolute ohm, using an improved self inductor, p. 375
Curtis, Harvey L.; Moon, Charles; Sparks, C.M.

Measurement of relative and true power factors of air capacitors, p. 425
Astin, Allen V.

Heats of combustion of anthracite cokes and of artificial and natural graphites, p. 457
Dewey, Phillip H.; Harper, D.R.

Heats of combustion of diamond and of graphite, p. 475
Jessup, Ralph S.

Heat and free energy of formation of carbon dioxide, and of the transition between graphite and diamond, p. 491
Rossini, Frederick D.; Jessup, Ralph S.

A continuous high-vacuum still and boiling point apparatus, and the systematic distillation of a dewaxed lubricant fraction of petroleum, p. 515
Leslie, Robert T.; Heuer, Wilson W.

Issue 5 November 1938

Exhaustive fractionation of the "extract" portion of the lubricant fraction from a midcontinent petroleum, p. 535
Mair, Beveridge J.; Willingham, Charles B.

Hydrogenation of the "extract" portion of the lubricant fraction from a midcontinent petroleum, p. 565
Mair, Beveridge J.; Willingham, Charles B.; Streiff, Anton J.

Chemical constitution of the "extract" portion of the lubricant fraction from a midcontinent petroleum, p. 581
Mair, Beveridge J.; Willingham, Charles B.; Streiff, Anton J.

Effect of purification treatments on cotton and rayon, p. 609
Worner, Ruby K.; Mease, Ralph T.

Formation of hydrated calcium silicates at elevated temperatures and pressures, p. 617
Flint, Einar P.; McMurdie, Howard F.; Wells, Lansing S.

Calculation of stresses and natural frequencies for a rotating propeller blade vibrating flexurally, p. 639
Ramberg, Walter; Levy, Sam

Effect of filling and sizing materials on stability of book papers, p. 671
Shaw, Merle B.; O'Leary, Martin J.

Cesium discharge under conditions of nearly complete ionization, p. 697
Mohler, Fred L.

Issue 6 December 1938

Laws of turbulent flow in open channels, p. 707
Keulegan, Garbis H.

Observations on crystalline silica in certain devitrified glasses, p. 743
Tool, Arthur Q.; Insley, Herbert

Expansion effects on the inversion of silica crystals in certain devitrified glasses, p. 773
Tool, Arthur Q.; Saunders, James B.

Portable Geiger counter unit, p. 779
Curtiss, Leon F.

Concrete as a protective material against high voltage x-rays, p. 783
Singer, George; Taylor, Lauriston S.; Charlton, Arvid L.

On the accuracy of radio field-intensity measurement at broadcast frequencies, p. 795
Diamond, Harry; Norton, Kenneth A.; Lapham, Evan G.

Correlation of an electrolytic corrosion test with the actual corrosiveness of soils, p. 819
Denison, Irving A.; Darnielle, Robert B.

Method for determining uniformity of temperature in cryostats, p. 831
Sheperd, Martin

Trends of characteristics of the ionosphere for half a sunspot cycle, p. 835
Smith, Newbern; Gilliland, Theodore R.; Kirby, Samuel S.

Properties of purified normal heptane and isooctane (2,2,4-trimethylpentane), p. 847
Brooks, Donald B.

Strength of a riveted steel rigid frame having a curved inner flange, p. 853
Stang, Ambrose H.; Greenspan, Martin; Osgood, William R.

Resistivity and power input in the cesium discharge at high current density, p. 873
Mohler, Fred L.

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