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Journal of Research Volume 2

Bureau of Standards Journal of Research

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 2

ISSN: 0091-1801

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6

Issue 1 January 1929

Fire resistance of hollow load-bearing wall tile, p. 1
Ingberg, S.H.; Foster, H.D.

Issue 2 February 1929

A technical method of using the mercury arc to obtain data at wave length 560 mu in the spectrophotometric analysis of sugar products, p. 335
Peters, H.H.; Phelps, F.P.

Reflecting power of beryllium, chromium, and several other metals, p. 343
Coblentz, W.W.; Stair, R.

Note on a piezo-electric generator for audio-frequencies, p. 355
Hund, A.

Heats of combustion of organic compounds, p. 359
Kharasch, M.S.

Laboratory corrosion tests of mild steel, with special reference to ship plate, p. 431
Rawdon, H.S.

Least retinal illumination by spectral light required to evoke the "blue arcs of the retina", p. 441
Judd, D.B.

The service of refractory blocks in a small experimental glass tank, p. 453
Pendergast, W.L.; Insley, H.

Issue 3 March 1929

Apparatus and methods for the separation, identification, and determination of the chemical constituents of petroleum, p. 467
Washburn, E.W.; Bruun, J.H.; Hicks, M.M.

Recombination spectra of ions and electrons in caesium and helium, p. 489
Mohler, F.L.; Boeckner, C.

The spectral absorption of certain monoazo dyes -1. The effect of position isomerism on the spectral absorption of methyl derivatives of benzeneazophenol, p. 501
Brode, W.R.

Transmission of sound through wall and floor structures, p. 541
Chrisler, V.L.; Snyder, W.F.

Discharge coefficients of square-edged orifices for measuring the flow of air, p. 561
Bean, H.S.; Buckingham, E.; Murphy, P.S.

Issue 4 April 1929

Apparatus for thermomagnetic analysis, p. 659
Sanford, Raymond L.

The analysis of fluorspar, p. 671
Lundell, G.E.F.; Hoffman, J.I.

An interference method for the determination of axial and oblique aberrations, p. 685
Bennett, A.H.

Determination of monecular weights in the vapor state from vapor pressure and evaporation data, p. 703
Washburn, Edward W.

The sulphoaluminates of calcium, p. 715
Lerch, William; Ashton, F.W.; Bogue, R.H.

An analysis of the arc and spark spectra of yttrium (Yt I and Yt II), p. 733
Meggers, William F.; Russell, Henry Norris

The precise measurement of x-ray dosage, p. 771
Taylor, Lauriston S.

Note on an electrical conductance method for determining liquefaction temperatures of solids, p. 787
Washburn, Edward W.; Smith, Edgar R.

Calibration of sixty-five 35-yellow Lovibond glasses, p. 793
Priest, Irwin G.; Judd, Deane B.; Gibson, K.S.; Walker, Geraldine K.

The compressive and transverse strength of brick, p. 821
McBurney, J.W.

Issue 5 May 1929

Continuous spectrum x-rays from thin targets, p. 837
Nicholas, Warren W.

A multiple-strand test for yarns, p. 871
Schoffstall, Charles, W.; Hamm, H.A.

Thermal expansion of tantalum, p. 887
Hidnert, Peter

Soundproofing of airplane cabins, p. 897
Chrisler, V.L.; Snyder, W.F.

Prism refractometry and certain goniometrical requirements for precision, p. 909
Tilton, L.W.

A new determination of the melting point of palladium, p. 931
Fairchild, C.O.; Hoover, W.H.; Peters, M.F.

A new seismometer equipped for electromagnetic damping and electromagnetic and optical magnification (theory, general design, and preliminary results), p. 963
Wenner, Frank

Issue 6 June 1929

Experimental production of roofing felts, p. 1001
Shaw, M.B.; Bicking, G.W.; Strieter, O.G.

Bearing bronzes with and without zinc, p. 1017
French, H.J.; Staples, E.M.

Critical study of methods of measuring the bulk of paper, p. 1039
Carson, F.T.

Some observations of short-period radio fading, p. 1057
Parkinson, T.

Determination of the source and the means of prevention of stones in glass, p. 1077
Insley, H.

The spotting of plated or finished metals, p. 1085
Barrows, W.P.

The arc spectrum of chlorine and its structure, p. 1117
Kiess, C.C.; DeBruin, T.L.

Potential differences across the boundaries between solutions of mixed univalent chlorides, p. 1137
Smith, E.R.

The accurate determination of the gasoline content of natural gas and the analytical separation of natural gases by isothermal fractional distillation, p. 1145
Shepherd, M.

Relation of radio wave propagation to disturbances in terrestrial magnetism, p. 1201
Wymore, I.J.

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