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Journal of Research Volume 19

Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 19

ISSN: 0091-0635

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6

Issue 1 July 1937

Experiments with underground ultra-high-frequency antennna for airplane landing beam, p. 1
Diamond, H.; Dunmore, F.W.

Some properties and tests of traffic or zone paints, p. 21
Hickson, E.F.

Arc and spark spectra of lutecium, p. 31
Meggers, W.F.; Scribner, B.F.

Calibration of testing machines under dynamic loading, p. 41
Wilson, B.; Johnson, C.

Determination of phosphoric anhydride in phosphate rock, superphosphate, and "metaphosphate", p. 59
Hoffman, J.I.; Lundell, G.E.F.

Substitution domestic for imported clays in whiteware bodies, p. 65
Meyer, W.W.; Klinefelter, T.A.

Nature of the acid-dyeing process, p. 81
Smith, A.L.; Harris, M.

Extension of normal-incidence ionosphere measurements to oblique-incidence radio transmission, p. 89
Smith, N.

Gases in some optical and other glasses, p. 95
Hahner, C.; Voigt, G.Q.; Finn, A.N.

Wick test for efflorescence of building brick, p. 105
McBurney, J.W.; Parsons, D.E.

Issue 2 August 1937

Sudden disturbances of the ionosphere, p. 111
Dellinger, J.H.

Infrared absorption of nineteen hydrocarbons, including ten of high molecular weight, p. 143
Rose, F.W.

Temperature and hysteresis errors in calomel half-cells, p. 163
Wingfield, B.; Acree, S.F.

Device for testing haemacytometers and other pipettes of small capacity, p. 177
Peffer, E.L.

Permeability of organic polysulphide resins to hydrogen, p. 181
Sager, T.P.

β-d-Talose and d-talose acetates and orthoesters, p. 189
Pigman, W.W.; Isbell, H.S.

Hydration of magnesia in dolomitic hydrated limes and putties, p. 215
Wells, L.S.; Taylor, K.

Issue 3 September 1937

Molecular volumes and expansivities of liquid normal hydrogen and parahydrogen, p. 237
Scott, R.B.; Brickwedde, F.G.

Calorimetric determination of the heats of combustion of ethylene and propylene, p. 249
Rossini, F.D.; Knowlton, J.W.

Extraction of jerusalem-artichoke juices in an experimental diffusion battery, p. 263
Proffitt, M.J.; Bogan, J.A.; Jackson, R.F.

Optical specification of light-scattering materials, p. 287
Judd, D.B.

Paraffin hydrocarbons isolated from crude synthetic isooctane (2,2,4-trimethylpentane), p. 319
Brooks, D.B.; Cleaton, R.B.; Carter, F.R.

Heats of combustion and of formation of the normal olefin (alkene-1) hydrocarbons in the gaseous state, p. 339
Rossini, F.D.; Knowlton, J.W.

Measurements of certain physicochemical constants of benzene, p. 347
Wojciechowski, M.

Deformation and Young's modulus of fire-clay brick in flexure at 1,220°C, p. 353
Heindl, R.A.; Pendergast, W.L.

Issue 4 October 1937

Study of transparent plastics for use on aircraft, p. 367
Axilrod, B.M.; Kline, G.M.

Electrical character of the spark discharge of automotive ignition systems, p. 401
Peters, M.F.; Blackburn, G.F.; Hannen, P.T.

Separation of the three methyloctanes from midcontinent petroleum, p. 423
White, J.D.; Glasgow, A.R.

Graphical computation of stresses from strain data, p. 437
Stang, A.H.; Greenspan, M.

Mutarotation of l-sorbose, p. 443
Pigman, W.W.; Isbell, H.S.

Recombination of ions in the afterglow of a cesium discharge, p. 447
Mohler, F.L.

Journal-bearing design as related to maximum loads, speeds, and operating temperatures, p. 457
McKee, S.A.

Estimation of amino nitrogen in insoluble proteins, p. 467
Rutherford, H.A.; Harris, M.; Smith, A.L.

X-ray diffraction patterns of sol, gel, and total rubber when stretched, and when crystallized by freezing and from solutions, p. 479
Clark, G.L.; Wolthuis, E.; Smith, W.H.

Issue 5 November 1937

Improved continuously variable self and mutual inductor, p. 493
Brooks, H.B.; Lewis, A.B.

Effect of wave form upon the performance of current transformers, p. 517
Park, J.H.

Service-test results of titanium-treated and silicon-treated steel rails, p. 531
Quick, G.W.

Stress-strain characteristics of wool as related to its chemical constitution, p. 535
Sookne, A.M.; Harris, M.

Entropy of isoprene from heat-capacity measurements, p. 551
Bekkedahl, N.; Wood, L.A.

Recombination in the afterglow of a mercury discharge, p. 559
Mohler, F.L.

Test of floor coverings for post office workrooms, p. 567
Emley, W.E.; Hofer, C.E.

Evaluation of crush-resistant finishing treatments for fabrics, p. 571
Schiefer, H.F.

Study of vibrated concrete, p. 575
Tucker, J.; Pigman, G.L.; Pisapia, E.A.; Rogers, J.S.

Study of ball packings for laboratory rectifying columns, p. 593
Glasgow, A.R..; Schicktanz, S.T.

Issue 6 December 1937

Method and apparatus for the rapid conversion of deuterium oxide into deuterium, p. 605
Knowlton, J.W.; Rossini, F.D.

Dimensional changes in aerial photographic films and papers, p. 613
Davis, R.; Stovall, E.J.

Guloheptonic acids and α-d-α-guloheptose, p. 639
Isbell, H.S.

Arc and spark spectra of ytterbium, p. 651
Meggers, W.F.; Scribner, B.F.

New test for dimensional changes in offset papers, p. 665
Weber, C.G.; Geib, M.N.V.

An improved apparatus for measuring the thermal transmission of textiles, p. 675
Cleveland, R.S.

Effect of yaw on vane anemometers, p. 685
Heald, R.H.; Ballif, P.S.

Use of arsenious oxide in the standardization of solutions of potassium permanganate, p. 691
Bright, H.A.

Soil-corrosion studies, 1934. Bituminous coatings for underground service, p. 695
Logan, K.H.

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