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Journal of Research Volume 17

Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 17

ISSN: 0091-0635

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6

Issue 1 July 1936

Distribution of the energy in the extreme ultraviolet of the solar spectrum, p. 1
Coblentz, W.W.; Stair, R.

Measurements of flame velocity by a modified burner method, p. 7
Smith, Francis A.; Pickering, S.F.

Intensity distribution in the line emission spectrum of cesium, p. 45
Mohler, Fred L.

Solubility of calcium 2-methylbutyrate in water, p. 55
Houston, David F.

Determination of the Brinell number of metals, p. 59
Petrenko, Serge N.; Ramberg, Walter; Wilson, Bruce

Oxidation of wool: Photochemical oxidation, p. 97
Smith, Arthur L.; Harris, Milton

Drop of potential in the metallic electrodes of certain electrolytic cells, p. 101
Snow, Chester

Term analysis of the first spectrum of vanadium (V I), p. 125
Meggers, William F.; Russell, Henry N.

Issue 2 August 1936

Experimental study of the scour of a sandy river bed by clear and by muddy water, p. 193
Wright, Chilton A.

Joliet reference gas meter, p. 207
Bean, Howard S.; Benesh, M.E.; Witting, Frank C.

Soluble decomposition products in aged vegetable-tanned leathers, p. 247
Kanagy, Joseph R.

Distribution of compounds in portland cement, p. 261
Swenson, J.A.; Flint, E.P.

The system K2O-PbO-SiO2, p. 277
Geller, R.F.; Bunting, E.N.

Load distribution and strength of elevator cable equalizers, p. 291
Stang, Ambrose H.; Sweetman, Leroy R.

Issue 3 September 1936

Comparison of data on the ionosphere, sunspots, and terrestrial magnetisms, p. 323
Judson, Elbert B.

Preparation and properties of calcium lactobionate-calcium bromide, p. 331
Isbell, Horace S.

Empirical relation between the atomic dimensions and the melting and sublimation points of the noble gases, halogens, and elements of the sulphur group, p. 337
Brauns, D.H.

The French Sugar Scale, p. 347
Bates, Frederick; Phelps, Francis P.

Structural characteristics of some constituents of portland cement clinker, p. 353
Insley, Herbert

Electrolytic measurement of the corrosiveness of soils, p. 363
Denison, I.A.

Thermal control in minimum-deviation refractometry and temperature coefficients for a medium flint glass, p. 389
Tilton, Leroy W.

Inspection and tensile tests of some worn wire ropes, p. 401
Fulweiler, Walter H.; Stang, Ambrose H.; Sweetman, Leroy R.

Ebulliometric and tonometric measurements on normal aliphatic hydrocarbons, p. 453
Wojciechowski, Mieczyslaw

Boiling point of ethyl ether and its relation to pressure, p. 459
Wojciechowski, Mieczyslaw

Young's modulus of elasticity, strength, and extensibility of refractories in tension, p. 463
Heindl, R.A.; Mong, L.E.

Ionization of air by Lenard rays, p. 483
Taylor, Lauriston S.

Issue 4 October 1936

Harmonic method of intercomparing the oscillators of the national standard of radio frequency, p. 491
Lapham, Evan G.

Temperature compensation of millivoltmeters, p. 497
Brooks, Herbert B.

Time factors in the ionization of carbon disulphide by x-rays, p. 557
Taylor, Lauriston S.

Oxidation of wool: Alkali-solubility test for determining the extent of oxidation, p. 577
Harris, Milton; Smith, Arthur L.

Calculations of electrical surge-generator circuits, p. 585
Lewis, Arthur B.

Effects of corrections for liquid-junction potentials of saturated calomel electrodes on dissociation constants obtained by electrometric titration, p. 605
Hamer, Walter J.; Acree, S.F.

Dimensions of jerusalem-artichoke cossettes, p. 615
Proffitt, Max J.; Bogan, John A.; Jackson, Richard F.

Difference in atomic weight of oxygen from air and from water, p. 625
Smith, Edgar R.; Matheson, Harry

Issue 5 November 1936

Heat of hydrogenation of ethylene, p. 629
Rossini, Frederick D.

Accurate representation of refractive index of distilled water as a function of wave length, p. 639
Tilton, Leroy W.

Inks for recording instruments, p. 651
Waters, C.E.

Change of volume of rubber on stretching: Effects of time, elongation, and temperature, p. 657
Holt, William L.; McPherson, Archibald T.

Changes in color temperature of tungsten-filament lamps at constant voltage, p. 679
Judd, Deane B.

Thermal expansion of lead-antimony alloys, p. 697
Hidnert, Peter

Solubility of mercurous sulphate in sulphuric-acid solutions, p. 709
Craig, D.N.; Vinal, George W.; Vinal, Francis E.

Ebulliometric and tonometric study of normal aliphatic alcohols, p. 721
Wojciechowski, Mieczyslaw

The system lime-boric oxide-silica, p. 727
Flint, E.P.; Wells, Lansing S.

Care of filmslides and motion-picture films in libraries, p. 753
Weber, Charles G.; Hill, John R.

Hydrocarbons in the fraction of a midcontinent petroleum distilling between 115 and 124° C, p. 761
Leslie, Robert T.

Estimation of chromaticity differences and nearest color temperature on the standard 1931 ICI colorimetric coordinate system, p. 771
Judd, Deane B.

Soil-corrosion studies, 1934. Rates of loss of weight and penetration of nonferrous materials, p. 781
Logan, Kirk H.

Issue 6 December 1936

The value of gravity at Washington, p. 805
Heyl, Paul R.; Cook, Guy S.

Boiling-point-composition diagram for dilute aqueous solutions of deuterium oxide, p. 841
Smith, Edgar R.; Wojciechowski, Mieczyslaw

Electron concentration and spectral intensity distribution in a cesium discharge, p. 849
Mohler, Fred L.

Study of the effect of fiber components on the stability of book papers, p. 859
Shaw, Merle B.; O'Leary, Martin J.

Stability of motion-picture films as determined by accelerated aging, p. 871
Hill, John R.; Weber, Charles G.

Some physical properties of isoprene, p. 883
Bekkedahl, Norman; Wood, Lawrence A.; Wojciechowski, Mieczyslaw

Differences in limes as reflected in certain properties of masonry mortars, p. 895
Wells, Lansing S.; Bishop, Dana L.; Watstein, David

Extraction, with acetone, of substantially constant-boiling fractions of a "water-white" lubricating oil, p. 909
Mair, Beveridge J.; Schicktanz, Sylvester T.

Relationships between physical properties and chemical constitution of lubricating oil fractions, p. 923
Mair, Beveridge J.; Willingham, Charles B.

Isolation of an isononane from petroleum - Its fractionation from naphthenes by distillation with acetic acid, p. 943
White, Joseph D.; Rose, Frank W.

Selection of colors for signal lights, p. 955
McNicholas, Harry J.

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