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Journal of Research Volume 16

Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 16

ISSN: 0091-0635

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6

Issue 1 January 1936

An absolute determination of the ohm, p. 1
Curtis, H. L.; Moon, C.; Sparks, C. M.

Issue 2 February 1936

A standard source of ultraviolet radiation for calibrating photoelectric dosage intensity meters, p. 83
Coblentz, W. W.; Stair, R.

Treatment of offset papers for optimum register, p. 93
Weber, C. G.; Geib, M. N. V.

A summary of information on the preparation and properties of pure iron, p. 105
Thompson, J. G.; Cleaves, H. E.

Effect of yarn twist on the properties of cloth, p. 131
Schiefer, H. F.; Taft, D. H.

Effect of number of warp and filling yarns per inch and some other elements of construction on the properties of cloth, p. 139
Schiefer, H. F.; Taft, D. H.; Porter, J. W.

Electrical-resistance alloys of copper, manganese, and aluminum, p. 149
Thomas, J. L.

Action of "hypo" solution on stone tanks, p. 161
Kessler, D. W.

Note on the guarded-field x-ray ionization chamber, p. 165
Taylor, L. S.; Singer, G.

Mesle's chord method for measuring the thickness of metal coatings, p. 171
Blum, W.; Brenner, A.

Corrosion-protective value of electrodeposited zinc and cadmium coatings on steel, p. 185
Blum, W.; Strausser, P. W. C.; Brenner, A.

Issue 3 March 1936

Ionosphere studies during partial solar eclipse of February 3, 1935, p. 213
Kirby, S. S.; Gilliland, T. R.; Judson, E. B.

Reversal temperature and population of excited states in the cesium discharge, p. 227
Mohler, F. L.

Absorption of x-rays by lead glasses and lead barium glasses, p. 233
Singer, G.

Distillation and separation of arsenic, antimony, and tin, p. 253
Scherrer, J. A.

Note on the effect of a cover glass in reflectance measurements, p. 261
Judd, D. B.; Gibson, K. S.

Some tests of steel columns incased in concrete, p. 265
Stang, A. H.; Whittemore, H. L.; Parsons, D. E.

Issue 4 April 1936

Radio field-intensity and distance characteristics of a high, vertical broadcast antenna, p. 289
Kirby, S. S.

Oxidation of wool: effect of hydrogen peroxide on wool, p. 301
Smith, A. L.; Harris, M.

Oxidation of wool: the lead acetate test for hydrogen peroxide bleached wool, p. 309
Smith, A. L.; Harris, M.

Evaluation of ultraviolet solar radiation of short wave lengths, p. 315
Coblentz, W. W.; Stair, R.

Simplified apparatus for technical sugar colorimetry, p. 349
Brewster, J. F.

Gloss investigations using reflected images of a target pattern, p. 359
Hunter, R. S.

An improved method for preparing cast-iron transverse test bars, p. 367
Krynitsky, A. I.; Saeger, C. M., Jr.

Issue 5 May 1936

Arc and spark spectra of columbium, p. 385
Meggers, W. F.; King, A. S.

Routine determination of boron in class, p. 421
Glaze, F. W.; Finn, A. N.

Soil-corrosion studies, 1934. Rates of loss of weight and pitting of ferrous specimens, p. 431
Logan, K. H.

Studies on the quarternary system CaO-MgO-2CaO.SiO2-5CaO.3Al2O3, p. 467
McMurdie, H. F.; Insley, H.

Mechanism of the sulfur lability in the alkali degradation of wool protein, p. 475
Crowder, J. A.; Harris, M.

A modified accelerated weathering test for asphalts and other materials, p. 481
Strieter, O. G.; Snoke, H. R.

Effects of partial prehydration and different curing temperatures on some of the properties of cement and concrete, p. 487
Hornibrook, F. B.; Kalousek, G. L.; Jumper, C. H.

A study of the weathering quality of roofing felts made from various fibers, p. 511
Strieter, O. G.

Issue 6 June 1936

Calculation of the concentration and dissociation constant of each acid group in a mixture from the pH titration curve of the mixture, p. 525
Burton, J. O.; Acree, S. F.

Thermal expansion of copper-beryllium alloys, p. 529
Hidnert, P.

A rapid method for the determination of silica in portland cement, p. 549
Maczkowske, E. E.

Note on the thermal mutarotation of d-galactose, l-arabinose, and d-talose, p. 553
Isbell, H. S.; Pigman, W. W.

Determination of sulphuric anhydride in portland cement by means of the Wagner turbidimeter, p. 555
Rudy, R. B.

An alternating-current magnetic comparator, and the testing of tool-resisting prison bars, p. 563
Sanford, R. L.

Dissociation constants of malonic acid in its sodium-salt solutions at 25° C from electrometric titration measurements, p. 575
Burton, J. O.; Hamer, W. J.; Acree, S. F.

Tests of eight large H-shaped columns fabricated from carbon-manganese steel, p. 595
Stang, A. H.; Whittemore, H. L.; Sweetman, L. R.

Tests of steel chord members for the Bayonne bridge, p. 627
Stang, A. H.; Whittemore, H. L.; Sweetman, L. R.

Third spectrum of xenon, p. 639
Humphreys, C. J.

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