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Journal of Research Volume 13

Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 13

ISSN: 0091-0635

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

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Issue 5

Issue 6



Issue 1 July 1934

Corrections (Volume 13), p. ii

A formula and tables for the pressure of saturated water vapor in the range 0 to 374 °C, p. 1
Osborne, N.S.; Meyers, C.H.

Heats-of-combustion and of formation of the normal paraffin hydrocarbons in the gaseous state, and the energies of their atomic linkages, p. 21
Rossini, F.D.

Thermal expansion of artificial graphite and carbon, p. 37
Hidnert, P.

Equilibrium volatility of motor fuels from the standpoint of their use in internal combustion engines, p. 53
Bridgeman, O.C.

Variations in refractive index of CO2-free dry air and a statistical correlation with solar activity, p. 111
Tilton, L.W.

Corrosion of ferrous metals in acid soils, p. 125
Denison, I.A.; Hobbs, R.B.

Photochemical decomposition of silk, p. 151
Harris, M.

Contribution to the design of compression members in aircraft, p. 157
Osgood, W.R.

Issue 2 August 1934

Derivation of photometric standards for tungsten-filament lamps, p. 161
Wensel, H.T.; Roeser, W.F.; Barbrow, L.E.; Caldwell, F.R.

Dependence of sound absorption upon the area and distribution of the absorbent material, p. 169
Chrisler, V.L.

Heats of combustion and of formation of the normal aliphatic alcohols in the gaseous and liquid states, and the energies of their atomic linkages, p. 189
Rossini, F.D.

A brightness meter for luminous preparations, p. 203
Curtiss, L.F.

Refractive index and dispersion of normal and heavy water, p. 207
Tilton, L.W.; Taylor, J.K.

Equipment for measuring the reflective and transmissive properties of diffusing media, p. 211
McNicholas, H.J.

The system: PbO-SiO2, p. 237
Celler, R.F.; Creamer, A.S.; Bunting, E.N.

Colloidal nature and related properties of clays, p. 245
Meyer, W.W.

Prolonged tempering at 100 °C and aging at room temperature of 0.8 percent carbon steel, p. 259
Ellinger, G.A.; Sanford, R.L.

Influence of oxide films on the wear of steels, p. 267
Rosenberg, S.J.; Jordan, L.

Issue 3 September 1934

Opacity standards, p. 281
Judd, D.B.

Interference measurements in the spectra of noble gases, p. 293
Meggers, W.F.; Humphreys, C.J.

Properties of knit underwear fabrics of various constructions, p. 311
Hamlin, C.H.; Worner, R.K.

Protective value of nickel and chromium plating on steel, p. 331
Blum, W.; Strausser, P.W.C; Brenner, A.

Heats of combustion of rubber and of rubber-sulphur compounds, p. 357
Jessup, R.S.; Cummings, A.D.

Drift of magnetic permeability at low inductions after demagnetization, p. 371
Sanford, R.L.

Critical study of the determination of ethane by explosion with oxygen or air, p. 377
Branham, J.R.; Shepherd, M.

Coil arrangements for producing a uniform magnetic field, p. 391
Harris, F.K.

Forms of rubber as indicated by temperature-volume relationship, p. 411
Bekkedahl, N.

Issue 4 October 1934

Standardization of Lovibond red glasses in combination with Lovibond 35 yellow, p. 433
Gibson, K.S.; Haupt, G.W.

Ether-insoluble or gel rubber hydrocarbon, its solution, crystallization, and properties, p. 453
Smith, W.H.; Saylor, C.P.

Vulcanization and stress-strain behavior of sol, gel, and total rubber hydrocarbon, p. 465
Smith, W.H.; Holt, W.L.

Heat of combustion of standard sample benzoic acid, p. 469
Jessup, R.S.; Green, C.B.

Autographic thermal expansion apparatus, p. 497
Souder, W.; Hidnert, P.; Fox, J.F.

A note on the purification of alpha-d-xylose and its mutarotation, p. 515
Isbell, H.S.

Accelerated tests of nickel and chromium plating on steel, p. 519
Strausser, P.W.C.; Brenner, A.; Blum, W.

Influence of chemically and mechanically formed notches on fatigue of metals, p. 527
McAdam, D.J.; Clyne, R.W.

Properties of gray cast iron as affected by casting conditions, p. 573
Saeger, C.M.; Ash, E.J

Effect of melting conditions on the running quality of aluminum cast in sand molds, p. 579
Krynitsky, A.I.; Saeger, C.M.

Critical solution temperatures of some hydrocarbons in sulphur dioxide, p. 589
Leslie, R.T.

Issue 5 November 1934

Fractionation of the isotopes of hydrogen and of oxygen in a commercial electrolyzer, p. 599
Washburn, E.W.; Smith, E.R.; Smith, F.A.

Relation of paper properties to register in offset lithography, p. 609
Weber, C.G.

Determination of sulphur and sulphate in wool, p. 617
Mease, R.T.

Second spectrum of hafnium (Hf-II), p. 625
Meggers, W.F.; Scribner, B.F.

Ionization of liquid carbon disulphide by X-rays, p. 659
Mohler, F.L.; Taylor, L.S.

Preparation of pure gallium, p. 665
Hoffman, J.I.

Freezing point of gallium, p. 673
Roeser, W.F.; Hoffman, J.I.

A note on bactericidal effects of X-rays, p. 677
Mohler, F.L.; Taylor, L.S.

Gold-chromium resistance alloys, p. 681
Thomas, J.L.

Resistivity of sulphuric-acid solutions and its relation to viscosity and temperature, p. 689
Vinal, G.W.; Craig, D.N.

A temperature-control box for saturated standard cells, p. 699
Mueller, E.F.; Stimson, H.F.

Polymerization of olefins formed by the action of sulphuric acid on methylisopropylcarbinol, p. 705
Kline, G.M.; Drake, N.L.

Compression tests of structural steel at elevated temperatures, p. 713
Sale, P.D.

Effects of cold-rolling on the indentation hardness of copper, p. 745
Thompson, J.G.

Issue 6 December 1934

Calibrations of the line standards of length of the National Bureau of Standards, p. 757
Judson, L.V.; Page, B.L.

Ultraviolet transmission changes in glass as a function of the wave length of the radiation stimulus, p. 773
Coblentz, W.W.; Stair, R.

Isolation of a nonanaphthene from an Oklahoma petroleum, p. 799
White, J.D.; Rose, F.W.

Investigation of commercial masonry cements, p. 811
Rogers, J.S.; Blaine, R.L.

Young's modulus of elasticity at several temperatures for some refractories of varying silica content, p. 851
Heindl, R.A.; Pendergast, W.L.

Comparison of the ground-plane and image methods for the representing ground effect in tests on vehicle models, p. 863
Heald, R.H.

Air forces and yawing moments for three automobile models, p. 871
Heald, R.H.

Permeability of synthetic film-forming material to hydrogen, p. 879
Sager, T.P.

Photoelastic properties of soft, vulcanized rubber, p. 887
Thibodeau, W.E.; McPherson, A.T.

An analysis of continuous records of field intensity at broadcast frequencies, p. 897
Norton, K.A.; Kirby, S.S.; Lester, G.H.

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