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Journal of Research Volume 12

Bureau of Standards Journal of Research

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 12

ISSN: 0091-1801

Issue 1

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Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6

Issue 1 January 1934

Corrections (Volume 12), p. ii

Development of standard-frequency transmitting sets, p. 1
Mickey, L.; Martin, A.D.

Data on the spectral erythemic reaction of the untanned human skin to ultraviolet radiation, p. 13
Coblentz, W.W.; Stair, R.

Studies of the ionosphere and their application to radio transmission, p. 15
Kirby, S.S.; Berkner, L.V.; Stuart, D.M.

Reactions of lithographic papers to variations in humidity and temperature, p. 53
Weber, C.G.; Snyder, L.W.

A glass electrode potentiometer system for the determination of the pH values of weakly buffered solutions such as natural and treated waters, p. 67
Burton, J.O.; Matheson, H.; Acree, S.F.

Analysis of wool-cotton textiles, p. 75
Mease, R.T.; Jessup, D.A.

A new cathode-ray oscillograph and its application to the study of power loss in dielectric materials, p. 87
Harris, F.K.

Influence of neighboring structures on the wind pressure on tall buildings, p. 103
Harris, C.L.

Soil-corrosion studies, 1932. Rates of loss of weight and pitting of ferrous and non-ferrous specimens and metallic protective coatings, p. 119
Logan, K.H; Taylor, R.H.

Issue 2 February 1934

A method of adjusting the temperature coefficient and resistance of low-valued resistance standards, p. 147
Wenner, F.; Thomas, J.L.

Wear of carpets, p. 155
Schiefer, B.F.; Cleveland, R.S.

A gamma-ray ionization chamber for use with a direct current amplifier, p. 167
Curtiss, L.F.

A sedimentation method for the determination of the particle size of finely divided materials (such as hydrated lime), p. 173
Bishop, D.L.

A critical test for the purity of gases, p. 185
Shepherd, M.

Flow in roof gutters, p. 193
Beij, K.H.

Olivine as a refractory, p. 215
Heindl, R.A.; Pendergast, W.L.

The photographic emulsion: Notes on stability of finished plates, p. 223
Carroll, B.H.; Hubbard, D.; Kretchman, C.M.

A portable ultraviolet intensity meter, consisting of a balanced amplifier, photoelectric cell; and microammeter, p. 231
Coblentz, W.W.; Stair, R.

Note on phase equilibria in the system Na2O-TiO2, p. 239
Washburn, E.W.; Bunting, E.N.

Comparative efficiencies of various dehydrating agents used for drying gases (A survey of commercial drying agents), p. 241
Bower, J.H.

Some physical properties of platinum-rhodium alloys, p. 249
Acken, J.S.

A fractionating column with fritted glass plates, p. 259
Schicktanz, S.T.

Filters for producing the color of the equal-energy stimulus, p. 263
Davis, R.; Gibson, K.S.

Issue 3 March 1934

Statistical investigation of the uniformity of grades of 1,000 Lovibond red glasses, p. 269
Walker, G.K.

A method for the separation of ruthenium from platinum, palladium, rhodium, and iridium, p. 283
Gilchrist, R.

Methods for the separation of platinum, palladium, rhodium, and iridium from one another and for their gravimetric determination, p. 291
Gilchrist, R.

An examination of water from various natural sources for variations in isotopic composition, p. 305
Washburn, E.W.; Smith, E.R.

Some experiments with pure-metal resistance standards, p. 313
Thomas, J.L.

Reproducibility of the ice point, p. 323
Thomas, J.L.

Kinetics of reaction between silver bromide and photographic sensitizers, p. 329
Carroll, B.H.; Hubbard, D.

Sources of error in measuring opacity of paper by the contrast-ratio method, p. 345
Judd, D.B.

Errors in gas analysis arising from loss of gas by solution in rubber connections and stopcock lubricant, p. 353
Branham, J.R.

Test of a flat steel-plate floor under loads, p. 363
Tuckerman, L.B.; Stang, A.H.; Osgood, W.R.

Portable detector for radium, p. 379
Curtiss, L.F.

Determination of small amounts of zinc in steels and irons, p. 383
Bright, H.A.

Thermal expansion of bearing bronzes, p. 391
Hidnert, P.

Issue 4 April 1934

Standard absorption curves for specifying the quality of X-radiation, p. 401
Taylor, L.S.; Singer, G.

Thermal expansions of some soda-lime-silica glasses as functions of the composition, p. 421
Schmid, B.C.; Finn, A.N.; Young, J.C.

Apparatus for measuring thermal conductivity of metals up to 600 °C, p. 429
Van Dusen, M.S.; Shelton, S.M.

Thermal conductivity of some irons and steels over the temperature range 100 to 500 °C, p. 441
Shelton, S.M.

Comparative performance of watches with elinvar and with steel hairsprings, p. 451
Gould, R.E.

First spectrum of tantalum, p. 459
Kiess, C.C.; Stowell, E.Z.

Some optical and crystallographical properties of the alkali zinc uranyl acetates, p. 471
Insley, H.; Glaze, F.W.

The carbonization process: A study of the system wool--sulphuric-acid--water, p. 475
Harris, M.

Compression cutting test for rubber, p. 489
Holt, W.L.

Wear of dies for extruding plastic clay, p. 501
Stull, R.T.

Issue 5 May 1934

Freezing point of rhodium, p. 519
Roeser, W.F.; Wensel, H.T.

Establishment of a scale of color temperature, p. 527
Wensel, H.T., Judd, D.B., Roeser, W.F.

A propeller-vibration indicator, p. 537
Dryden, H.L.; Tuckerman, L.B.

Hosiery testing machine, p. 543
Schiefer, H.F.; Appel, W.D.

Significant vapor pressure considerations of the Van Slyke manometric method of gas analysis, p. 551
Shepherd, M.

A sensitive instrument for measuring the air permeability of paper and other sheet materials, p. 567
Carson, F.T.

Effect of experimental conditions on the measurement of air permeability of paper, p. 587
Carson, F.T.

A study of the properties of mortars and bricks and their relation to bond, p. 609
Palmer, L.A.; Parsons, D.A.

Heat of hydration of portland cement pastes, p. 645
Lerch, W.; Bogue, R.H.

Issue 6 June 1934

An absolute determination of the ampere, p. 665
Curtis, H.L.; Curbs, R.W.

Calorimetric determination of the heats of combustion of ethane, propane, normal butane, and normal pentane, p. 735
Rossini, F.D.

Study of the system CaO-SiO2-H2O at 30 °C and of the reaction of water on the anhydrous calcium silicates, p. 751
Flint, E.P.; Wells, L.S.

Preece test (copper-sulphate dip) for zinc coatings, p. 785
Groesbeck, E.C.; Walkup, H.H.

Iodine number of wool: A method for determining the action of various chemical reagents on wool and other proteins, p. 803
Hariss, M.; Neville, H.A.; Fritz, W.C.

Properties of white Braille papers for Library of Congress Publications, p. 811
Weber, C.G.

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