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Journal of Research Volume 118

Volume 118 (2013)

ISSN: 2165-7254

Measurement of Scattering and Absorption Cross Sections of Microspheres for Wavelengths between 240 nm and 800 nm
Adolfas K. Gaigalas, Lili Wang, and Steven Choquette

Measurement of Scattering and Absorption Cross Sections of Dyed Microspheres
Adolfas K. Gaigalas, Steven Choquette, and Yu-Zhong Zhang

Weathering Patterns of Ignitable Liquids with the Advanced Distillation Curve Method
Thomas J. Bruno, and Samuel Allen

Critically Evaluated Energy Levels and Spectral Lines of Singly Ionized Indium (In II)
A. Kramida

NIST System for Measuring the Directivity Index of Hearing Aids under Simulated Real-Ear Conditions
Randall P. Wagner

Long-Wavelength Beam Steerer Based on a Micro-Electromechanical Mirror
Anthony B. Kos and Eyal Gerecht

Eddy Current Rail Inspection Using AC Bridge Techniques
Ze Liu, Andrew D. Koffman, Bryan C. Waltrip, and Yicheng Wang

Temperature Effect on the Nanostructure of SDS Micelles in Water
Boualem Hammouda

A Critical Compilation of Energy Levels, Spectral Lines, and Transition Probabilities of Singly Ionized Silver, Ag II
A. Kramida

Hazardous Continuation Backward in Time in Nonlinear Parabolic Equations, and an Experiment in Deblurring Nonlinearly Blurred Imagery
Alfred S. Carasso

VASIR: An Open-Source Research Platform for Advanced Iris Recognition Technologies
Yooyoung Lee, Ross J. Micheals, James J. Filliben, and P. Jonathon Phillips

A Case Study of Performance Degradation Attributable to Run-Time Bounds Checks on C++ Vector Access
David Flater, and William F. Guthrie

Recommendations for Improving Consistency in the Radiation Fields Used During Testing of Radiation Detection Instruments for Homeland Security Applications
L. Pibida, M. Mille, and B. Norman

Registration of Six Degrees of Freedom Data with Proper Handling of Positional and Rotational Noise
Marek Franaszek

Calibration of Traceable Solid Mock131I Phantoms Used in an International SPECT Image Quantification Comparison
B. E. Zimmerman, L. Pibida, L. E. King, D. E. Bergeron, J. T. Cessna, and M. M. Mille

Polarization-Entangled Photon Pairs From Periodically-Poled Crystalline Waveguides Over a Range of Frequencies
Dylan A. Heberle and Zachary H. Levine

Kiloampere, Variable-Temperature, Critical-Current Measurements of High-Field Superconductors
L. F. Goodrich, N. Cheggour, T. C. Stauffer, B. J. Filla, and X. F. Lu

The New Kilogram Definition and its Implications for High-Precision Mass Tolerance Classes
Patrick J. Abbott and Zeina J. Kubarych

Ambulance Design Survey 2011: A Summary Report
Y. Tina Lee, Deogratias Kibira, Allison Barnard Feeney, and Jennifer Marshall

Precise Measurement of Lunar Spectral Irradiance at Visible Wavelengths
C. E. Cramer, K. R. Lykke, J. T. Woodward, and A. W. Smith

The Importance of Dosimetry Standardization in Radiobiology
Marc Desrosiers, Larry DeWerd, James Deye, Patricia Lindsay, Mark K. Murphy, Michael Mitch, Francesca Macchiarini, Stahinja Stojadinovic, and Helen Stone

Created March 19, 2014, Updated August 25, 2016