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Journal of Research Volume 116

The Journal of Research of NIST reports NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 116

ISSN: 1044-677X

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6





Issue 1 January-February 2011

A Comparison of Methods for Computing the Residual Resistivity Ratio of High-Purity Niobium , p. 489
J. D. Splett, D. F. Vecchia, and L. F. Goodrich

Workshop on Bridging Satellite Climate Data Gaps , p. 505
Catherine Cooksey and Raju Datla

Measures, Uncertainties, and Significance Test in Operational ROC Analysis , p. 517
Jin Chu Wu, Alvin F. Martin, and Raghu N. Kacker

Maximum Likelihood and Restricted Likelihood Solutions in Multiple-Method Studies , p. 539
Andrew L. Rukhin

Issue 2 March-April 2011

The SIM Time Network , p. 557
Michael A. Lombardi and Andrew N. Novick, et. al.

Geometric Effects When Measuring Small Holes With Micro Contact Probes , p. 573
Jack Stone, Bala Muralikrishnan, and Chittaranjan Sahay

The Role of Lattice Matching Techniques in the Characterization of Polymorphic Forms , p. 589
Alan D. Mighell

Re-Optimized Energy Levels and Ritz Wavelengths of 198Hg I , p. 599
Alexander Kramida

Best Practice Guidelines for Pre-Launch Characterization and Calibration of Instruments for Passive Optical Remote Sensing , p. 621
R. U. Datla, J. P. Rice, K. R. Lykke, B. C. Johnson, J. J. Butler, and X. Xiong

Issue 3 May-June 2011

Selecting Valid Correlation Areas for Automated Bullet Identification System Based on Striation Detection , p. 647
Wei Chu, John Song, Theodore V. Vorburger, Robert Thompson, and Richard Silver

Electromagnetic Metrology on Concrete and Corrosion , p. 655
Sung Kim, Jack Surek, and James Baker-Jarvis

Development of Multicolor Flow Cytometry Calibration Standards: Assignment of Equivalent Reference Fluorophores (ERF) Unit , p. 671
Lili Wang and Adolfas K. Gaigalas

RECIST Applied to Realistic Tumor Models , p. 685
Zachary H. Levine, Benjamin R. Galloway, and Adele P. Peskin

Issue 4 July-August 2011

Vacuum Technology Considerations For Mass Metrology , p. 689
Patrick J. Abbott, and Zeina J. Jabour

Atomic Force Microscope Cantilever Flexural Stiffness Calibration: Toward a Standard Traceable Method , p. 703
Richard S. Gates, Mark G. Reitsma, John A. Kramar, and Jon R. Pratt

Improved First-Principles Calculation of the Third Virial Coefficient of Helium , p. 729
Giovanni Garberoglio, Michael R. Moldover, and Allan H. Harvey
Erratum published June 6, 2020:

Effect of Calcium Hydroxide on the Fracture Resistance of Dentin , p. 743
Evan R. Whitbeck, George D. Quinn, and Janet B. Quinn

Issue 5 September-October 2011

The Use of Filtered Radiometers for Radiance Measurement , p. 751
Albert C. Parr and B. Carol Johnson

New Measurement Service for Determining Pressure Sensitivity of Type LS2aP Microphones by the Reciprocity Method , p. 761
Randall P. Wagner, Victor Nedzelnitsky, and Steven E. Fick

Comparison of Two Dimension-Reduction Methods for Network Simulation Models , p. 771
Kevin L. Mills and James J. Filliben

Improve the Strength of PLA/HA Composite Through the Use of Surface Initiated Polymerization and Phosphonic Acid Coupling Agent , p. 785
Tongxin Wang, Laurence C. Chow, Stanislav A. Frukhtbeyn, Andy Hai Ting, Quanxiao Dong, Mingshu Yang, and James W. Mitchell

Issue 6 November-December 2011

The Current SI Seen From the Perspective of the Proposed New SI , p. 797
Barry N. Taylor

Combining Results From Multiple Evaluations of the Same Measurand , p. 809
Rüdiger Kessel, Raghu N. Kacker, and Klaus-Dieter Sommer

Long-Term Stability of the NIST Conical Reference Transducer , p. 821
Steven E. Fick and Thomas M. Proctor

Microhotplate Temperature Sensor Calibration and BIST , p. 827
M. Afridi, C. Montgomery, E. Cooper-Balis, S. Semancik, K. G. Kreider, and J. Geist

Findings and Recommendations From the Joint NIST—AGA Workshop on Odor Masking , p. 839
Nancy Rawson, Ali Quraishi, and Thomas J. Bruno

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