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Journal of Research Volume 115

The Journal of Research of NIST reports NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 115

ISSN: 1044-677X

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6





Issue 1 January-February 2010

An Iterative Image Registration Algorithm by Optimizing Similarity Measurement , p. 1
Wei Chu, Li Ma, John Song, and Theodore Vorburger

Comparison Between the NIST and the KEBS for the Determination of Air Kerma Calibration Coefficients for Narrow X-Ray Spectra and 137Cs Gamma-Ray Beams , p. 7
Michelle O'Brien, Ronaldo Minniti, and Stanslaus Alwyn Masinza

Improving Interoperability by Incorporating UnitsML Into Markup Languages , p. 15
Ismet Celebi, Robert A. Dragoset, Karen J. Olsen, Reinhold Schaefer, and Gary W. Kramer

Assessment of Uncertainties for the NIST 1016 mm Guarded-Hot-Plate Apparatus: Extended Analysis for Low-Density Fibrous-Glass Thermal Insulation , p. 23
Robert R. Zarr

Issue 2 March-April 2010

Polyelectrolyte Multilayer-Treated Electrodes for Real-Time Electronic Sensing of Cell Proliferation , p. 61
Geraldine I. Mijares, Darwin R. Reyes, Jon Geist, Michael Gaitan, Brian J. Polk, Don L. DeVoe

Improved Contact X-Ray Microradiographic Method to Measure Mineral Density of Hard Dental Tissues , p. 75
B. D. Schmuck and C. M. Carey

NIST Gas Hydrate Research Database and Web Dissemination Channel , p. 85
K. Kroenlein, C. D. Muzny, A. Kazakov, V. V. Diky, R. D. Chirico, M. Frenkel, and E. D. Sloan

Development and Demonstration of a Method to Evaluate Bio-Sampling Strategies Using Building Simulation and Sample Planning Software , p. 113
W. Stuart Dols, Andrew K. Persily, Jayne B. Morrow, Brett D. Matzke, Landon H. Sego, Lisa L. Nuffer, and Brent A. Pulsipher

Issue 3 May-June 2010

Estimating Volumes of Near-Spherical Molded Artifacts , p. 149
David E. Gilsinn, Bruce R. Borchardt, and Amelia Tebbe

Linking the Results of CIPM and RMO Key Comparisons With Linear Trends , p. 179
Nien Fan Zhang

Precision and Accuracy in Scientific Imaging , p. 195
Russell A. Kirsch

Interim Report on the Examination of Corrosion Damage in Homes Constructed With Imported Wallboard: Examination of Samples Received September 28, 2009 , p. 201
D. J. Pitchure, R. E. Ricker, M. E. Williams, and S. A. Claggett

Software Assurance Using Structured Assurance Case Models , p. 209
Thomas Rhodes, Frederick Boland, Elizabeth Fong, and Michael Kass

Issue 4 July-August 2010

Introduction: Dental Chemistry of Calcium Phosphates , p. iii
Clifton M. Carey

Diffusion of Ions Between Two Solutions Saturated With Respect to Hydroxyapatite: A Possible Mechanism for Subsurface Demineralizatrion of Teeth , p. 217
Laurence C. Chow

Effects of Addition of Mannitol Crystals on the Porosity and Dissolution Rates of a Calcium Phosphate Cement , p. 225
Debra Vazquez, Shozo Takagi, Stan Frukhtbeyn, and Laurence C. Chow

Properties of Injectable Apatite-Forming Premixed Cements , p. 233
Yashushi Shimada, Laurence C. Chow, Shozo Takagi, and Junji Tagami

Preparation and Properties of Nanoparticles of Calcium Phosphates With Various Ca/P Ratios , p. 243
Limin Sun, Laurence C. Chow, Stanislav A. Frukhtbeyn, and John E. Bonevich

An Octacalcium Phosphate Forming Cement , p. 257
M. Markovic and L. C. Chow

In Vitro and in Vivo Characteristics of Fluorapatite-Forming Calcium Phosphate Cements , p. 267
Shozo Takagi, Stan Frukhtbeyn, Laurence C. Chow, Akiyoshi Sugawara, Kenji Fujikawa, Hidehiro Ogata, Makato Hayashi, and Binnai Ogiso

In Vivo Characteristics of Premixed Calcium Phosphate Cements When Implanted in Subcutaneous Tissues and Periodontal Bone Defects , p. 277
Akiyoshi Sugawara, Kenji Fujikawa, Satoshi Hirayama, Shozo Takagi, and Laurence C. Chow

Issue 5 September-October 2010

Measuring Scale Errors in a Laser Tracker's Horizontal Angle Encoder Through Simple Length Measurement and Two-Face System Tests , p. 291
B. Muralikrishnan, C. Blackburn, D. Sawyer, S. Phillips, and R. Bridges

MEMS Young's Modulus and Step Height Measurements With Round Robin Results , p. 303
Janet Marshall, Richard A. Allen, Craig D. McGray, and Jon Geist

Fracture Toughness of Veneering Ceramics for Fused to Metal (PFM) and Zirconia Dental Restorative Materials , p. 343
Janet B. Quinn, George D. Quinn, and Veeraraghaven Sundar

Evaluation of the Propensity of Niobium to Absorb Hydrogen During Fabrication of Superconducting Radio Frequency Cavities for Particle Accelerators , p. 353
R. E. Ricker and G. R. Myneni

Analysis of Pipeline Steel Corrosion Data From NBS (NIST) Studies Conducted Between 1922-1940 and Relevance to Pipeline Management , p. 373
Richard E. Ricker

Issue 6 November-December 2010

A Gas Pressure Scale Based on Primary Standard Piston Gauges , p. 393
Douglas A. Olson, R. Greg Driver, and Walter J. Bowers

An Optical Frequency Comb Tied to GPS for Laser Frequency/Wavelength Calibration , p. 413
Jack A. Stone and Patrick Egan

Optical Fiber Power Meter Comparison Between NIST and NIM , p. 433
I. Vayshenker, D. J. Livigni, X. Li, and J. H. Lehman, J. Li, L. M. Xiong and Z. X. Zhang

A Review of Fatigue Crack Growth for Pipeline Steels Exposed to Hydrogen , p. 437
N. Nanninga, A. Slifka, Y. Levy, and C. White

Assessing Differences Between Results Determined According to the Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement , p. 453
Raghu N. Kacker, Rüdiger Kessel, and Klaus-Dieter Sommer

Variances of Plane Parameters Fitted to Range Data , p. 461
Marek Franaszek

Acid Neutralization Capacity of a Tricalcium Silicate-Containing Calcium Phosphate Cement as an Endodontic Material , p. 471
A. Maria Cherng, Shozo Takagi, and Laurence C. Chow

Overlap-Based Cell Tracker , p. 477
Joe Chalfoun, Antonio Cardone, Alden A. Dima, Daniel P. Allen, and Michael W. Halter,

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